Desserts That Start With W (Every Dessert You Can Think Of!)

The perfect way to finish off a meal is with dessert. A sweet finish is always something to look forward to when we eat. It will be a pleasure for almost everyone to learn new dessert ideas! Throughout the world, we have access to an array of dessert ideas. Those of you who feel the same way might find this helpful article.

All desserts that begin with the letter W and their descriptions can be found here. For your convenience, we’ve listed the desserts by their names. In addition to the general list, there are sections on Italian, German, Mexican, and French desserts.

You can find these desserts (or their ingredients) in local stores, grocery stores, and markets. So, you can quickly try all of them if you want!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Desserts that start with W

The following list contains 19 desserts that start with V and a brief description of each! However, if you want to know more, check them out below!

Wagashi – Wagashi is one of the oldest traditional Japanese desserts, and the main ingredient is grains and azuki beans. This dessert pairs well with tea and is a satisfying treat after a hearty meal.

Washington Cake – Washington Cake is a cake inspired by Mary Washington or Mary Simpson. She is claimed to be one of George Washington’s servants he freed upon leaving New York City for Philadelphia. She prepared a Washington cake to commemorate her former master’s birthday (February 22, 1732). This dessert is usually enjoyed with a glass of punch juice or a cup of coffee.

Whoopie Pies – Whoopie Pies are an American baked product that may be considered a cookie, a pie, a sandwich, or a cake. The cake consists of two pieces of round mound-shaped cake, usually chocolate. It can be pumpkin, gingerbread, or any other flavor cake, sandwiched together with a sweet, creamy filling or frosting in the middle of them.

White Boxed Cake – White Boxed Cake is a dessert debuted by Betty Crocker in 1952. Betty Crocker is a known brand that makes cake mixes and is packaged in white boxes.

Wacky Cake – Wacky cake is a spongy, cocoa-based cake known as World War II. To give it its uniqueness, the batter for this cake is made without the use of eggs, butter, or milk, which is not true of most pastries or desserts.

“Worms and Dirt” Poke Box Cake – “Worms and Dirt” Poke Box Cake is a moist chocolate cake filled with a creamy frosting loaded with Oreo cookies and layered with more Oreo crumbs! You can even find gummy worms in it.

Watergate Cake – Watergate Cake is a delicious cake that combines pistachios, coconut, and pudding into a delicious layer cake! There is also a light whipped frosting and pecans on top.

Walnut Cupcakes – Walnut cupcakes are dessert cupcakes made with freshly chopped walnuts that have been sweetened with maple syrup. Amelia Simmons invented the cupcake. In addition, she became the first American cookbook author when she published her first cookbook in 1796.

White Chocolate Cake – White Chocolate Cake is a dessert that is rich and delicious! White chocolate is incorporated into the cake layers, the frosting, and drip for a stunning monochrome effect. There is a consensus that Nestle began producing white chocolate commercially in 1936 when it entered the market.

Whiskey Glazed Brownies – Whiskey Glazed Brownies are a dessert made with a decadent frosted brownie. It also comes with a glaze made of whiskey. It is said that brownies were invented at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago. 

White Chocolate Mousse – White Chocolate Mousse is one dessert that is simply elegant and smooth. This easy dessert in a cup combines whipped cream and white chocolate. The white chocolate mousse was created in 1977 by Michel Fitoussi, a New York chef.

Waffles – A waffle is a dessert or snack made from leavened batter, dough, or other ingredients. It is placed between two patterned plates to give the waffle shape, size, and distinct surface impression. You can discover many variations based on the type of waffle iron and the recipe.

War Cake – War Cake consists of a cake batter with no eggs, butter, or milk, unlike most pastries and desserts. They are known as “War Cakes” since they do not contain ingredients that are scarce or that are being conserved to be used by soldiers.

Walnut Brownies – Walnut Brownies are a classic dessert that is rich, decadent, and dense. Unlike boxed mixes, they are quick and easy to make. The Palmer House Hotel was owned by a prominent Chicago socialite whose husband invented brownies. 

Wendy’s Frosty Cookie Sundae – Wendy’s Frosty Cookie Sundae is a staple you can find at Wendy’s fast-food chain. It includes vanilla and chocolate Frosties topped with chocolate chunk cookie bites and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce. It is believed that Ed Berners, the owner of the soda fountain in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, made the first sundae in 1881.

Wheat Muffins – Wheat Muffins are also called “American muffins” in the United Kingdom. The sweet muffin is a one-serving quick bread that uses baking soda or baking powder instead of yeast to rise. Compared to a cake or cupcake, they are a little sweet and somewhat moist but tend to be heavier.

Italian desserts that start with W

Our search for Italian desserts starting with W has not yielded any results. Please let us know about a dessert you know so we can include it on the list.

German desserts that start with W

Welf pudding – Welf pudding, also known as Hock Pudding, is a type of two-layered pudding that originates from Germany. First, the white bottom layer is made using cooked milk and vanilla sauce on top of a stiff egg white base. Next, an egg yolk, white wine, and a little lemon juice combine to make a yellow layer of wine sauce after it has been chilled.

Wibele – Wibele originated in the German Franconian city of Langenburg but is now considered a Swabian specialty. Several ingredients are used in the dough, including egg white, icing sugar, flour, and vanilla sugar. German biscuits are similar to Russian bread but are only slightly browned, unlike Russian bread. Their standard dimensions are 22 millimeters long by 12 millimeters wide and shaped like figure 8.

Windbeutel – Windbeutels are French choux pastry balls filled with whipped cream, custard, pastry cream, or ice cream. You can decorate or leave the puffs plain or garnish them with chocolate sauce, caramel, or powdered sugar. It is also possible to make savory profiteroles filled with pureed meats, cheese, etc. The garnishes were once common in soups. It is possible to associate the various names with different variants of filling or sauce based on the region.

Mexican desserts that start with W

We cannot find any Mexican dessert that begins with the letter W either, so if you know of any that begin with the letter W.

French desserts that start with W

We cannot find French desserts starting with the letter W on this list. Let us know if you know of French desserts that begin with the letter W, and we’ll include them here.

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