Desserts That Start With R (Every Dessert You Can Think Of!)

Regarding desserts, there is a wide variety to choose from around the world. Therefore, it is a wish come true for any sweet-toothed person to learn about all their options. If you’re one of us, you’re in the right place.

We have broken them down by names since there are so many desserts. Check out these popular desserts that start with R. This list includes short descriptions and the most popular desserts in each country. In the sections below, you will find desserts from Italy, France, Germany, and Mexico.

There are some desserts you’ll discover for the first time, while others will bring back childhood memories. You can also find the ingredients for the desserts below at local convenience stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies.

Here are some desserts for you to try!

Desserts That Start With RPin

Desserts that start with R

The following is a list of 12 popular desserts that start with the letter R and a short description of each one! Check them out below!

Red Velvet Cake – Red Velvet Cake is a classic, scarlet-hued cake that has stood the test for a reason. The smooth cream cheese icing and rich red velvet cake layers will impress even the pickiest guests. After a chef invented the recipe, red velvet cake became a popular dessert at the Waldorf Astoria.

Raisin Bread – Raisin bread is a sweet bread that is often served as part of a dessert. Throughout his life, Thoreau experimented with bread frequently. Raisin bread was said to have been invented by him when he added raisins to the dough. 

Robert Redford Pie – Robert Redford Pie resembles a rich, creamy pudding pie. This dessert is topped with whipped cream and thick chocolate and cream cheese fillings. 

Rhubarb Pie – Rhubarb Pie is one of the traditional desserts in the United States. It is a staple of New England cuisine. During the 1820s, Europeans brought rhubarb to New England for the first time. Southerners became very fond of it sometime in the nineteenth century when it made its way south.

Rocky Road Ice Cream – The Rocky Road ice cream flavor is a chocolate one. While variations from the original flavor, it typically consists of chocolate ice cream, nuts, and marshmallows. 

Rainbow Cookies – Rainbow cookies typically consist of layers of brightly colored, almond-based sponge cake, with apricot jam and raspberry jam on the bottom layer and a chocolate coating. Italian-American bakeries introduced rainbow cookies in the late 19th or early 20th century. Christmas is a prevalent time for them.

Rice Krispies Treats – Rice Krispies Treats are a confection based on Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal. They were created in 1939 as a fundraiser for the Camp Fire Girls.

Italian desserts that start with R

Ricciarelli – Ricciarelli is a traditional Italian biscuit. In particular, it is a type of macaroon that originated in Siena during the 14th century. In addition to panforte, Cenci, and Cantucci, it is considered one of Siena’s signature sweets.

German desserts that start with R

Rødgrød – Rødgrød consists of sweet fruits and is popular in Denmark and Northern Germany. However, Danish pronunciation of this dish can be difficult for non-native speakers, so “red porridge with cream” has been a common shibboleth since the early 1900s.

Rumtopf – Rumtopf, meaning rum pot, is a fruit and alcohol dessert traditional in Austria, Germany, and Denmark around Christmas. This dessert is also made in northern Italy, especially in Trentino’s valleys, where it is a traditional dish.

Mexican desserts that start with R

Rosca de Reyes – Rosca de Reyes, also known as Three Kings Cake, is often associated with Epiphany. Despite the variety of its form and ingredients, it usually contains a fève (lit. ‘fava bean’) inside, like a figurine, sometimes referred to as the Christ Child. A prize is awarded to whoever gets the fève after cutting the cake. You can use other materials to create fèves to represent different objects and people.

French desserts that start with R

Riz à l’impératrice – Riz à l’impératrice refers to an elaborately molded rice pudding in French haute cuisine. With rice pudding, Bavarian cream is mixed, baked in a charlotte mold, then topped with candied fruit macerated in alcohol, such as kirsch or maraschino.

Desserts that start with a different letter of the alphabet



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