Snacks That Start With I (Every Snack Under the Sun!)

You can apply the term snack to almost any food that is consumed. For example, if you ordered a burger, it could qualify as a snack. You could even make a snack from your refrigerator using fruit and vegetables. Some people might even enjoy eating meat as a snack. 

Because we love diversity, we’re always looking for new ideas. Consequently, if you cannot find any snacks to satisfy your hunger, you may end up in this post looking for snacks.

Here you will find a list of popular snacks that start with the letter I and their descriptions in this article. By having this list, you will never run out of snack choices again. Also, you can easily purchase these snacks from local stores, supermarkets, and even grocery stores.

Let’s get snacking!

Snacks That Start With IPin

Snacks that start with I

During our research, we found 31 snacks that begin with the letter I, and we have added some information about them! Check out all of them below!

Ice Cream – Ice cream is a sweetened frozen food usually consumed as a snack or dessert. Dairy milk or cream is used to make it. It is flavored with either sugar or an alternative sweetener. It comes with spice and fruit, such as strawberries or peaches, or a mix of the two.

Instant Pudding – Instant pudding comes from Jell-O and doesn’t need to be cooked. Instead, these products contain sugar, flavorings, and thickeners as their main ingredients.

ICEE – ICEE is a snack most commonly known as Slurpee. There is only one problem with that, and that is that 7-Eleven has a licensing deal to use the term “Slurpee.”

Idaho Spud – Idaho Spud is a snack with a mouthwatering combination of cocoa-flavored marshmallows coated in dark chocolate and sprinkled with coconut.

Ice Cream Bars – Ice cream bars are either frozen desserts on sticks or a candy bar that contains a small amount of ice cream inside. Ice cream is usually covered with a thin layer of chocolate to prevent the melting and dripping of the ice cream.

Iced Donuts – Iced donuts are baked donuts topped with a drizzle of icing on them. It’s a popular snack available on the streets and in stores.

Instant Noodles – Instant noodles are precooked and dried with seasoning oil and flavoring powder. There will usually be a packet of flavoring in addition to the noodles. 

Ice Cream Cake – An ice cream cake is a cake made of layers of ice cream that people often eat on their birthdays.

Izze Sparkling Juices – Izze Sparkling Juices are sweetened carbonated beverages with 70% fruit juice and a dash of sparkling water.

Irish Coffee Soda Bread Pudding – Irish Coffee Soda Bread Pudding is a type of pudding dessert and snack that includes coffee and Irish soda bread.

Italian Tiramisu – Italian Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored Italian snack and dessert. Ladyfingers are dipped in coffee, then layered with whipped eggs, sugar, and mascarpone, flavored with cocoa and topped with ice cream. 

Imagawayaki – Imagawayaki is a Japanese dessert and snack that resembles a stuffed pancake. Using a special cast-iron round griddle pan, you can pour the batter onto the griddle and grill until crisp.

Italian Rainbow Cookies –Italian Rainbow Cookies, also called Venetian Cookies, Seven Layer Cookies, and Neapolitan Cookies, are layer cakes made with almond sponge cake, jam, and melted chocolate.

Indigo Cake – Indigo cake is a type of cake traditionally made with indigo pigment. It is commonly known as indigo blocks or indigo rocks. The purple pigment indigo comes from the leaves of the plant.

Instant Oatmeal – Instant oatmeal, commonly known as quick oats, is a sugary breakfast product usually microwaved or prepared in a cup with boiling water.

Italian Ices – Italian Ices contain fruit or other natural or artificial ingredients and are frozen or semi-frozen sweets. Despite its similarity to sorbet and snow cones, Italian ice is distinguished from the American version because it does not contain dairy or egg products.

IBC Root Beer – The IBC Root Beer brand is an American root beer now owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper. Initially, the root beer was owned by IBC in the early 1980s until that company went out of business.

Ice Breakers – Ice Breakers manufactures mints and chewing gum under the Hershey Company brand name. The company’s line of chewing gum, shaped like a cube, is called Ice Cubes.

Italian Tiramisu – Italian Tiramisu contains coffee flavors and is a dessert from Italy. The cake consists of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with mascarpone cheese, egg whites, sugar, and cocoa.

Icebox Pie – Icebox pie is a pie made with lemon juice, eggs, and condensed milk in a buttery crust made from graham crackers. It’s a variation of key lime pie; both cakes have citric acid as the setting agent for the egg yolks. Additionally, there are no-bake versions available as well.

Island Pecan Pie – Island Pecan Pie is a snack filled with pineapple, coconut, and pecans that is deliciously creamy. It is a tropical twist on the classic pecan pie!

Ice Cream Sandwich – Ice Cream Sandwich is a frozen dessert and snack consisting of ice cream sandwiched between two biscuits, skins, or cookies.

Indiana Sugar Cream Pie – Indiana Sugar Cream Pie, commonly referred to as Hoosier Pie, is a single-crust pie filled with a smooth mixture of sugar, flour, butter, vanilla, and cream.

Instant Pot Cheesecake – Instant Pot Cheesecake is a snack you can bake in an Instant Pot or the oven. The fact that this dessert contains only three ingredients (eggs, cream cheese, and milk chocolate) makes it impossible for you to go wrong.

Icebox Cakes – An icebox cake, also known as chocolate ripple cake or log, contains cream, fruits, nuts, and wafers and is placed in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Italian Holiday Cookies – Italian Holiday Cookies, also known as Strufoli, is a popular snack that will make you nostalgic for Christmas.

Imagawayaki – Imagawayaki is a Japanese dessert and snack that resembles a stuffed pancake. Cast-iron round grill pans with unique cast-iron bottoms are used for cooking the batter.

Italian Pignoli Cookies – Italian Pignoli Cookies have a light golden color. This cookie is also covered with golden pine nuts that give more flavor and texture.

Ichigo Daifuku – Ichigo Daifuku is a traditional spring dessert with a soft and chewy mochi stuffed with juicy strawberries and sweet red beans.

Iced Coffee – Iced coffee is coffee that has been chilled. You can prepare it by brewing the coffee typically and then serving it over ice or in cold milk or you can prepare it by brewing it cold.

Inca Kola – Inca Kola is a soft drink that originated in Peru that has a pleasant taste. Americans compare it to bubblegum or cream soda because of its sweet and fruity taste.

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