Snacks That Start With K (Every Snack Under the Sun!)

Regarding snacks, we can think of almost any food available. For instance, we can order some delicious treats from fast-food chains, and they make great snacks. We can also take out vegetables and fruits from the fridge and have snacks. For some, even meat and other dishes can be snacks.

If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s our love for diversity and our openness to try every food. Thus, you are in this post because you’re looking for new snacks to enjoy, especially if you always have the same snacks. Lucky for you because we have it all here.

Below, you’ll see a list of all the popular snacks that start with K, and we included descriptions for each. This information should help you find other snacks to try and remind you of some snacks you once enjoyed. These snacks are accessible, and you can get them anywhere in local stores, supermarkets, or even groceries.

Without further ado, let’s start snacking!

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Snacks that Start with K

We have gathered 15 snacks that start with the letter K, and we included a brief description for each one to give you an idea. Read further below to see each one!

Klondike Bar – Klondike Bars are vanilla ice cream bars made with milk chocolate encasing a layer of vanilla ice cream. There is a well-known slogan that appears on the packaging that says: “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”

Kit Kat – Kit Kat is a chocolate snack with three layers of wafers stacked on each other. There is a layer of chocolate in the middle and outside of the wafers. A Kit Kat is considered to be a finger when it is whole. Usually, one, two, or four fingers are on a Kit Kats package.

Kettle Potato Chips – Kettle Potato Chips are popular snacks fried in a separate fryer rather than by conveyor belt, as regular chips are. As a result, kettle chips are crunchier and more flavorful.

Kool-Aid – Kool-Aid is a sweet beverage made with artificial flavors in the U.S. It contains no carbonation and is a popular drink, especially during summer.

Krackel Bar – Krackel Bar consists of peanuts, popped rice, and milk chocolate coated with a tasty coating of peanuts and popped rice. The Hershey Company makes the Krackel chocolate bar textured with crispy rice pieces.

Key Lime Pie – Key Lime Pie combines Key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk to make a traditional American dessert pie. The pie may be topped with whipped cream, meringue made from egg whites, or served without topping; you may make it with pie crust, graham cracker crust, or no crust.

Konbini Snacks – You can find Konbini Snacks at most convenience stores in Japan. The three most prominent players in Japanese grocery stores are 7/11, Family Mart, and Lawson.

Kentucky Derby Pie – Kentucky Derby Pie is a popular pie snack topped with chocolate chips and walnuts. This snack is one of the most classic Kentucky Derby Pies.

Karo Pecan Pie – Karo Syrup Pecan Pie is the original pecan pie recipe passed down through generations.

Kentucky Butter Cake – Kentucky Butter Cake consists of a dense, moist pound cake drenched in a sugary, buttery sauce that soaks into every crevice of the cake. 

Kite Cookies – Kite Cookies are a fun dessert in the shape of a kite, perfect for celebrating springtime or an otherwise uplifting event. This snack is topped with sprinkles and frosting for an enjoyable and satisfying snack.

Kransekake – Kransekake is a traditional Danish and Norwegian dessert that is often consumed on special occasions in Scandinavian countries. Kransekake translates to wreath cake in English. 

Kuchen – Kuchen, a German term for cake refers to various savory and sweet desserts, pastries, and gateaux in other languages.

Kalathappam – Kalathappam resembles a baked rice cake or a sweet made from rice flour, water, coconut oil, brown sugar, fried onions or shallots, coconut pieces, and and cardamom powder. 

Knoppers Candy – Knoppers Candy is one of the world’s most popular wafer candy brands, filled with hazelnut and milk creme, which August Storck manufactures. The Knoppers candy is manufactured in Germany at Storck’s production sites.

Korean Patbingsu – Korean Patbingsu is a dessert made from red bean ice flakes, which is very popular in South Korea. It is a dessert consisting of shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk, and azuki bean paste.

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