Desserts That Start With A (Every Dessert You Can Think Of!)

Our world contains a wide range of desserts, and as someone who’s a fan of sweet things, learning more about desserts is a dream. So if you’re running out of dessert ideas or searching for new desserts to try, this article is for you.

Due to the long list of dessert names, we decided to break it down by names. Below, you’ll see a list of desserts that start with the letter A, along with short descriptions. We also included sections for Italian, French, German, and Mexican desserts, so you can see them better if you’re a fan of these cuisines. 

This list should help you reminisce about old desserts you once enjoyed and give you an idea about other desserts to discover and try.

Ready your sweet tooth, and let’s get started!

Desserts That Start With APin

Desserts that start with A

Below, we found a list of 52 desserts that start with the letter A and their descriptions. Start discovering all of them below!

Angel Food Cake – Angel Food Cake comes in a light and airy texture. This cake is made from egg whites, flour, and sugar. It has an aerated texture due to the whipped egg whites. This dessert gives a piece of heaven every time.

Apple Pie – Apple Pie tastes best when it is eaten warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Every American loves apple pie, whether made at home or in a restaurant.

American Trifle – American Trifle is usually made by layering fresh fruit with cake and covering it with pudding. There are so many kinds of cake and pudding that you can use for it, which makes it ideal for almost any occasion. You can also adjust the layers to your preference. A hot summer day is perfect for serving them chilled.

Amish Friendship Cake – Amish Friendship Bread tastes great during the holidays. If you have a starter sample, you can give it to your friends! Once your friends have made their own, they can pass it along to their friends, hence the name “friendship bread.”

Applesauce Cake – Applesauce cake consists of apple sauce, flour, sugar, and spices. You can serve this dessert warm or at room temperature with ice cream or whipped cream. This delicious cake also contains a lot of fiber.

Ambrosia – Ambrosia consists of a fruit salad with miniature marshmallows, heavy cream, and coconut. As citrus fruit became more widely available in U.S. markets in the late 1800s, ambrosia started appearing in cookbooks.

Apple Dumplings – Apple Dumplings are baked or boiled encased in pastry. It is sometimes filled with raisins, cinnamon, butter, and sugar to fill the hole from the core. This dessert is often enjoyed as a breakfast item in Amish recipes.

Apple Strudel – Apple strudel is one of the most evocative dessert names. Vienna and its apple-filled pastries immediately come to mind. Strudels are also filled with apricots, cherries, peaches, and pears. Additionally, there are savory versions.

Anmitsu – Anmitsu is a traditional cold dessert enjoyed by the Japanese for centuries. In Mitsu, there are fruits, condensed milk, Dango, and azuki bean paste added to a dark brown-colored syrup. Agar jelly is a translucent white jelly derived from red algae. The cubes are made. Water is dissolved in agar to make it.

Alabama Lane Cake – Alabama Lane Cake earned its reputation as a famous Southern treat that originates from Alabama. There are 3-4 layers in Lane cake, which has a thick raisin filling made with bourbon. The vanilla layer cake is made with egg whites, while the custard filling is made with egg yolks.

Acorn Squash Pie – Acorn Squash Pie offers an alternative to pumpkin pie, filled with acorn squash, an underused vegetable. In the Americas, squash had been cultivated by indigenous people for a long time before it became popular in the Old World.

Anko – Anko is one of Japan’s traditional sweets made from azuki beans. In addition, Japanese sweets often contain red bean paste as a filling. Pastries and desserts made with sweet bean paste are also typical in Asian cultures.

Apricot Crisp – Apricot Crisp consists of a streusel topping. It is a dessert made with chopped apples and rolled oats topped with brown sugar. Usually consisting of a type of fruit, a crisp is a type of American dessert baked with a crispy topping. 

Apricot Crumble – Apricot Crumble consists of stewed apricots topped with crumbles made from fat, flour, and sugar. Fall is when crumbles are popular in America and in the U.K., when apples are abundant. The dessert originated in Britain after World War II.

Aseedah – Aseedah is a popular dessert and traditional dish in many Arab countries. The Aseedah dish is a staple in Yemen and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether it be for lunch or dinner. This recipe has three ingredients: wholemeal wheat, boiling water, and salt. 

Avocado Cheesecake – Avocado Cheesecake uses avocado’s smooth, creamy texture to create a stiff, custard-like base without gelatin required. To add a festive touch, you can top it with red fruits like strawberries, cherries, or raspberries.

Arrowroot Cookies – Arrowroot Cookies contain arrowroot flour instead of regular flour in the cookies. The health benefits of arrowroot can be attributed to its richness in B vitamins and iron. The stomach is also said to be soothed by them.

Ashure – Ashure is also known as Noah’s pudding or Ashura. This dessert is similar to porridge and is famous throughout the Middle East. Further, there are various types of grains, dried fruits, nuts, and fresh fruit in the dish.

Almond Cookies – The Almond Cookies are buttery, soft, and chewy since they contain almond flour, extract, and toasted almond slices.

Angel Wings – Traditionally, angel wings are made by twisting dough into thin ribbons, deep-frying them, and then dusting them with powdered sugar.

Arctic Roll – Arctic Rolls are ice cream cakes with vanilla ice cream and sponge cake, layered with cranberry sauce between the layers.

Anzac Biscuit – Anzac biscuits are desserts consisting of rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water, and desiccated coconut. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps is associated with Anzac cookies during World War I.

Australian Pavlova – Australian Pavlovas has a fluffy interior and a crunchy crust. Meringue-based desserts such as pavlovas are popular. An Australian or New Zealander original, Pavlovas, is named after a Russian ballerina of the early 20th century. 

Arroz Con Dulce – Arroz con dulce is a holiday favorite in Puerto Rico and other tropical island countries. Flavorful spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and cloves are added to the mix.

Affogato – Affogato is an Italian dessert with a coffee base. This dessert consists of scoops of ice cream or gelato topped with a hot espresso or “drowned.”

Almond Shortbread Cookies – Almond Shortbread Cookies are a dessert that forms part of the Christmas tradition of greeks.

Allahabadi Fruit Cake – Allahabadi cakes are rum cakes prepared for consumption by the Christian community of India and Pakistan during the Christmas season.

Apfelkuchen – Apfelkuchen is a type of apple cake made in Germany. For a festive flavor, use Christmas spices instead of raisins, and swap out the raisins for fresh cranberries.

Allerheiligenstriezel – Allerheiligenstriezel, or Stietzel, is a braided yeast pastry. The English term for it is “All Saints’ braid.” The ingredients include flour, eggs, yeast, shortening, butter, raisins, milk, salt, poppy seeds, or decorating sugar. Some regional variations use rum and lemon juice as well.

Apas – Apas is a sugary cookie that originates in the Philippines. It has an oblong shape. In Tagalog, Apa means wafer as well.

Arany Galuska – Arany Galushka comes from Hungary and is considered a traditional dessert. Sugar and nuts are rolled into butter-rolled balls, assembled into layers, and baked until golden.

Açaí Na Tigela – Açaí na tigela refers to a Brazilian dessert. The fruit of the palm is frozen and mashed. There is a creaminess or earthiness to the taste of acai berries.

Alexandertorte – An Alexandertorte is a traditional dessert served for lunch or dinner made from pastry strips, raspberry preserves, or jam. Icing should be hard before serving the torte, so you should make it a few days in advance.  

Armenian Bakhlava (Pakhlava) – Armenian Bakhlava is simple and delicious. The cinnamon-spiced chopped walnuts are layered between flaky layers of phyllo dough, and a syrup infused with cloves is served on the side. A centerpiece of Armenian Christmas tables, Armenian Bakhlava differs from Greek baklava in how it is sweetened.

American-Style Pudding – English colonists introduced pudding to the American colonies. American puddings are sweet and similar in texture to custards and mousses.

Angel Delight – Angel Delight is a powdered dessert manufactured in the United Kingdom. To make a mousse-like dessert, mix it with milk and whisk it until smooth. 

Australian Frog Cake – Australian Frog Cake resembles a frog’s head and consists of sponge cake and cream covered with fondant. This popular South Australian treat was created in 1922 by the Balfours bakery.

Algerian Khobz Mbesses – Algerian Khobz Mbesses usually consists of Farina or Semolina. 

Apple Dumplings – An apple dumpling contains a pastry wrap baked or boiled around an apple. Dumplings are prepared by peeling, coring, and sometimes quartering apples, then placing them on a portion of dough. There are many ways to fill the core, including cinnamon, butter, sugar, raisins, and sultanas.

Amandine – Amandine, also known as almondine, is a culinary term for garnished almonds. Such dishes are usually cooked with butter, seasoned with spices, then sprinkled with flaked or whole almonds. American cookbooks often spell the term almondine. 

Abnabat – Ābnabāt consists of sugar that has been boiled with additional flavors. Various kinds of Abnabat exist, such as Abnabat Gheichi.

Ammonia cookie – An ammonia cookie is made with baking ammonia as a leavening agent. These desserts are primarily associated with Scandinavian-American cooking in the United States. The dish is also known as Ciasteczka Amoniaczki in Polish cuisine.

Akanés – Akanes resembles loukoumi, except it is flavored with goat’s milk butter rather than fruit essences. This product is exclusive to the town of Serres in northern Greece. In Ottoman Greece, the name Akanes or royal halva dates back to the time of Ottoman rule. 

Annin tofu – Annin tofu is a jelly made from apricot kernel milk, agar, and sugar. It is a traditional dessert in Beijing, Cantonese, and Japanese cuisines. Rather than soybeans, the main ingredient in tofu, here we speak of a “tofu-like solid.”

Italian desserts that start with A

Affogato – Affogato, meaning “drowned in coffee” in Italian, is a coffee-based dessert. An espresso shot is usually topped or “drowned” with a scoop of plain milk-flavored gelato or ice cream. In some variations, you may also include a shot of amaretto, Bicerin, Kahlua, or another liqueur.

Angel wings – Angel wings consist of twisted ribbons of dough that are deep-fried and dusted with powdered sugar.

German desserts that start with A

Aachener Printe – Aachener Printe, a type of Lebkuchen, originates from Aachener, Germany. Due to the protected origin designation, all manufacturers are located in or near Aachen.

Mexican desserts that start with A

Alegrías – Alegría consists of seeds of amaranth and honey or sugar, and it is mainly produced in the town of Santiago Tulyehualco in the Xochimilco borough of Mexico City.

Alfajor – The Alfajor or Alajú is a traditional confection made of flour, honey, and nuts. 

Amaranto – Amaranth is a grain similar to quinoa. Small and light in color, the seed is cooked and eaten like rice and oats. In gluten-free recipes, amaranth flour can also be ground into flour and used in baking.

Arroz con Leche – Arroz con Leche consists of rice mixed with milk or water and other ingredients, such as cinnamon and raisins. Variations are available for desserts as well as dinners. However, it is typically combined with sugar when used as a dessert.

French desserts that start with A

Angel wings – Angel wings are a classic sweet, crisp dessert made from dough twisted into thin ribbons, fried, and then covered in powdered sugar.

Desserts that start with a different letter of the alphabet



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