Does Nutella Expire? (All You Need to Know)

Nutella is one of the things that you can hold onto for quite a while, especially if you haven’t yet opened it. However, that still doesn’t mean that Nutella would be able to stay good forever:

Does Nutella expire? Yes, Nutella does expire, even though it takes a long time before that happens. When talking about an unopened bottle of Nutella, it can stay good for a few years, while an opened one will last for even as long as a year when stored properly.

But this is not everything that can be said about this topic, and a bit more in-depth look is undoubtedly needed to actually understand it.

So let’s not waste any more time and just jump right into it!

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Does Nutella go bad?

Although it could seem that it can last forever, even Nutella goes bad; however, it indeed takes quite some time before that happens. Believe it or not, an unopened pack of Nutella can stay good for a few years, and an opened one will still last for at least a year.

Well, at least when you store it properly. And what does that mean? Nutella should always be stored somewhere away from the direct sunlight, like in the pantry, but it is essential to remember that it doesn’t belong in the fridge!

Is Nutella OK after the expiry date?

Yes, Nutella usually is OK after the expiry date because it can, in fact, last for a few years when stored correctly. However, remember that Nutella won’t last for any longer than a year once opened.

How do you know if Nutella is expired?

So how can you tell that the Nutella has spoiled? You can know if Nutella is expired because it starts to lose its smooth and tender texture and instead becomes hard. Another thing that happens very often is that this rock-solid mass will begin to break apart.

Where is the expiration date on Nutella?

The expiration date on Nutella can be found on the label – it’s quite apparent, and finding it is nothing hard; however, the information it provides isn’t precisely useful, to be completely honest.

Does Nutella go bad once opened?

Yes, Nutella goes bad once opened, but it doesn’t happen very fast. Believe it or not, Nutella can stay good for up to a year after opening, provided it was stored in the pantry (and not in the fridge) as it should be.

Can you eat expired Nutella unopened?

A bit above, we explained that usually, Nutella is often good after the expiration date, even after it was once opened, because it has a reasonably long lifespan. Because of that, you usually can eat unopened expired Nutella.

Then, the only thing you should be worried about is when the Nutella is spoiled. And how can you tell that? You can know that Nutella has gone bad when it is hard, and its texture begins to break apart, but we’ve already talked about this a bit above.

Can expired Nutella make you sick?

As we hope you all already know, eating spoiled food is nearly assured to result in food poisoning, and Nutella isn’t excluded from this. So yes, expired Nutella can make you sick, and because of that, you should always rather throw it out if you see any of the things mentioned above.

However, remember that as we have also explained in the previous answer, in many cases, Nutella is still good even after the expiration date, which means eating expired Nutella usually doesn’t have a bad ending.


Even though Nutella is one of those things that can last for a pretty long time, it doesn’t mean it could last for infinity. When stored in the pantry as it should be (remember, Nutella doesn’t belong in the fridge!), an unopened Nutella will last for a few years, and an opened one for something about twelve months.

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