Why Is My Nutella Watery? (Is It Bad? All You Need to Know!)

Opening your Nutella and seeing it being watery on top isn’t the best thing that can happen to you. However, is it really as bad as it seems? What are the reasons that can happen? Let’s find out!

Why is my Nutella watery? The most common reason your Nutella is watery is that the oil has separated from other ingredients in the spread. And although it may seem disgusting, it is actually natural and doesn’t mean anything bad.

This answer was just a brief one, though, so we’ll now take a more in-depth look at this issue to really understand it.

What are we waiting for then? Let’s just get started; there’s much to uncover!

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Is Nutella supposed to be watery? 

While it can’t be precisely said that Nutella is supposed to be watery, it usually doesn’t mean anything bad when it is. The most common reason for Nutella being watery is oil separating from other ingredients, and that’s nothing bad.

You can tell that this is the case by the fact the liquid in your Nutella is indeed watery, maybe a bit oily, but clear. On the other hand, when it is cloudy and plainly disgusting, you should rather throw the Nutella away.

Why does my Nutella have liquid? 

As we have explained in the previous answer, most likely, your Nutella has liquid because the oil it contains has separated from other ingredients. That sometimes happens to old Nutella, but it doesn’t mean anything bad; the Nutella can still be consumed.

Why is my Nutella thin? 

And the presence of oil is also the most probable reason why your Nutella is thin – when the oil separates from the rest of the Nutella, it becomes thin. Don’t worry, though; it is not a problem at all, and it can be easily fixed; more about that in the following answer, though.

How do you make Nutella less runny? 

If your Nutella has gotten too thin, it most likely doesn’t mean that there would be something wrong with it. But if you for any reason need to thicken it, there’s an easy way to do so – to make Nutella less runny, just put the powdered sugar in there!

Since powdered sugar contains cornstarch, a well-known thickener, this simple trick is enough to make your Nutella thick again.

How do you know when Nutella goes bad? 

Believe it or not, telling bad Nutella from the good one is a pretty straightforward task – to know when Nutella goes bad, just check its texture and appearance. When Nutella turns bad, it becomes hard and dry, so if you notice any changes like that, you’d better toss that bottle of Nutella away.

Can expired Nutella make you sick? 

That is because otherwise, you could face some health problems since eating expired Nutella can make you sick. But with that in mind, remember that this is the case only as long as the Nutella is spoiled and that usually doesn’t happen immediately after the expiration date passes.


Even though opening a bottle of Nutella and finding a liquid on the surface is far away from a pleasant experience, in most cases, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the Nutella.

Why? Well, most commonly, Nutella is watery on the top because of oil separating from other ingredients, which is not bad. Hence, you can most likely still eat your Nutella even if there’s a liquid.

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