Does Nutella Have Nuts? (Which Ones and How Much? Explained)

Although Nutella is obviously associated with nuts, to be frank, there are not many traces of nuts in Nutella’s taste. And that may lead many people into wondering whether there actually are nuts somewhere in Nutella besides in its name. So are there any? And if so, how many and which ones are there?

Does Nutella have nuts? Yes, Nutella has nuts – more precisely, Nutella contains hazelnuts. However, there are not that many of them since Nutella mainly consists of sugar and palm oil. And unlike with peanut or almond butter, the fat in Nutella comes primarily from the palm oil rather than the hazelnuts.

But this was just to put it exceptionally fast – if we want to understand this topic, a more in-depth look is undoubtedly needed.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it! 

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Are there nuts in Nutella?

As the name suggests, there are nuts in Nutella – to be more specific, there are hazelnuts in Nutella. Besides that, Nutella consists of palm oil, cocoa, skimmed milk powder, and sugar – however, these ingredients make a vast majority of the spread. In contrast, hazelnuts make up only roughly 13 % of it.

What kind of nuts are in Nutella?

Even though some people tend to think that there are things like peanuts in Nutella, the only kind of nuts that can be found in Nutella are hazelnuts. 

And nevertheless, how it may seem because of the name, there’s not a crazy amount of them since Nutella consists mainly of sugar and palm oil.

What is the main nut ingredient in Nutella?

As explained in the previous answer, just one kind of nut can be found in Nutella. And that means that the main (and also only) nut ingredient in Nutella is hazelnuts.

Does Nutella have peanuts?

No, Nutella doesn’t have peanuts, even though many people think that – the only nuts in Nutella are hazelnuts, and the manufacturers don’t forget to mention that. 

Can someone with a peanut allergy eat Nutella?

And not only do they say there are no peanuts in there, they even explicitly mention that no part of Nutella does ever come in contact with them either. 

And because of all of that, it is evident that someone with a peanut allergy can eat Nutella!

How many peanuts are in Nutella?

This is very easy – there are precisely no peanuts in Nutella. Hence, you can enjoy this spread even if you’re suffering from a peanut allergy!

Does Nutella have peanut butter in it?

No, Nutella doesn’t have peanut butter in it – the only nut ingredient used to make Nutella is hazelnuts, so you don’t have to worry about eating it if you have a peanut allergy. 

Does Nutella have peanut oil?

No, Nutella doesn’t use peanut oil. However, the oil in the cream doesn’t come from the hazelnuts used to make it either – there aren’t that many hazelnuts, and because of that, Nutella contains a fair amount of palm oil.

Does Nutella have cashews?

No, Nutella doesn’t have cashews since the name refers to hazelnuts, the only nut ingredient used to make this worldwide famous spread.

Can someone with a cashews allergy eat Nutella?

In the previous answer, we have explained that there are no cashews in Nutella, and that means only one thing – yes, someone with a cashews allergy can eat Nutella!

How many cashews are in Nutella?

As we hope you can guess by now, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward – there are precisely no cashews in Nutella. Hence, even someone suffering from a cashew allergy can eat it!

Does Nutella have almonds?

No, Nutella doesn’t have almonds since there is only one nut ingredient in Nutella – hazelnuts. And there are not even as many of them as one may think because Nutella consists primarily of sugar and palm oil.

Can someone with an almonds allergy eat Nutella?

In the last paragraph, we explained that Nutella contains only hazelnuts, meaning there are no traces of almonds in there. Therefore, someone with an almond allergy can eat Nutella without any worries!

How many almonds are in Nutella?

Even though this question may seem a bit tricky at first glance, the answer is, in fact, pretty simple. Nutella has no almonds because it consists only of five ingredients (palm oil, cocoa, hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder, and sugar).

Does Nutella have hazelnuts?

Yes, as the name suggests, Nutella is made using hazelnuts. However, there are not as many of them as one may think – Nutella contains only roughly 13 % of hazelnuts. That’s mainly because there’s much more sugar in there!

Does Nutella have real hazelnuts?

Yes, Nutella uses real hazelnuts because, believe it or not, this spread is made using pretty high-quality ingredients. What’s interesting, though, is that due to that, Nutella uses roughly 25 % of the world’s hazelnuts supply each year!

Is there non-hazelnut Nutella?

Unfortunately, if you have a hazelnut allergy, you can’t eat Nutella because there’s no non-hazelnut Nutella. However, you can try to prepare a similar product at home using things like sunflower or sesame seeds.

Why does Nutella use hazelnuts?

The idea to combine cocoa with hazelnuts to make a spread came to life during World War II in Italy. There, a baker named Ferrero used hazelnuts since he was facing a cocoa shortage, and one of the most iconic products in the world came to life!

Can someone with a hazelnuts allergy eat Nutella?

As we have mentioned a hundred times already in this article, Nutella contains hazelnuts. Due to that, it is evident that someone with a hazelnuts allergy, unfortunately, cannot eat Nutella.

How many hazelnuts are in Nutella?

Although there’s no precise answer to this question because it varies by the bottle, the company itself claims approximately 50 hazelnuts can be found in a bottle of Nutella.


As the name evidently suggests, Nutella is made out of nuts, more precisely hazelnuts – and since no other nuts can be found in there, it means that if you’re suffering from, for instance, peanuts allergy, you can still enjoy Nutella!

And although eating it with a hazelnuts allergy is, unfortunately, not possible, it doesn’t mean that there would be precisely a ton of them in Nutella – this spread mainly consists of sugar and palm oil. Hazelnuts make only roughly 13 % of it.

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