Why Is Nutella So Popular? (All You Need to Know)

Did you know that Nutella has its International day? An American blogger named Sara Rossoestablished as World Nutella Day on February 5, 2007, further proving that Nutella is a legend. But why? Let’s find out!

Why is Nutella so popular? The main reason Nutella is so popular, besides its addictive taste itself, is its marketing. Although Nutella is actually a very unhealthy snack, its manufacturers somehow managed to convince many people that it is a healthy and nutritious breakfast staple.

But this was just to put it briefly, so let’s now take a closer look, shall we?

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Why is Nutella so good and addictive? 

Many things make Nutella so popular – one of the main reasons Nutella is so good and addictive is the extensive sugar and fat content. Another important thing is that in Nutella, there’s also chocolate that contains a lot of addictive substances like tryptophan.

Aside from the reasons making Nutella itself addictive mentioned above, there are many other reasons Nutella is beloved worldwide. But, to be honest, the main reason Nutella became popular is its marketing.

One of the things Nutella did in its marketing is that it made Nutella look like a crucial part of breakfast. Nutella tries to use the fact that their product contains nuts (although it mainly consists of sugar): “nuts are nutritious; hence Nutella must be too.”

Saying when Nutella became popular exactly is kind of hard because it was a gradual process. Roughly speaking, though, it can be said that Nutella saw its first real big rise in popularity in the early 80s.

Somewhen around 1982, Nutella started to get big in the USA, and from there the popularity of this spread short after spread into nearly the whole world; more about that coming in the following paragraphs, though.

Yes, Nutella is popular basically everywhere in the world. Actually, the OECD used Nutella as a case study in one of its reports due to its popularity. According to that report, Nutella is sold across 75 countries throughout the world – and these data are from 2013, so it’s more than likely that this number is much more significant now.


There are two main reasons Nutella is so extremely popular around the whole globe – first, Nutella has, mainly thanks to its extensive sugar content, an extremely addictive taste. However, that alone wouldn’t be enough.

The most crucial thing regarding Nutella’s worldwide success is undeniably the way this brand presents itself. Thanks to its smart and aggressive marketing, many people believe that Nutella is a healthy and nutritious spread instead of a junk food snack. And that, in turn, resulted in Nutella being as successful as it is.

Nowadays, Nutella is sold in more than 75 countries throughout the whole world and it can’t be denied that this is the worldwide number one hazelnut spread.

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