Can You Microwave Nutella? (Is It Safe? Explained)

When you think of Nutella, putting it into the microwave isn’t precisely the first thing that would pop up in your mind. However, if you’ve for any reason thought about it, don’t worry; we’ve got the answers you’re looking for:

Can you microwave Nutella? Yes, you can microwave Nutella, but you have to do so in short intervals that can’t take any longer than 15 seconds. While just one of those intervals is enough to make hard Nutella spreadable again, something like three or four of them will make it pourable!

But this isn’t everything that can be said about this weird topic, so we’ll now dive deeper into it.

Let’s not waste any more time then and just get started.

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Is it safe to microwave Nutella?

Even though it is safe to microwave Nutella, you have to follow one basic rule: let it be microwaved only for a short interval and then rest for a while. Otherwise, it could explode, and that’s not good, especially for Chef Mike.

Can you microwave the Nutella jar?

While the manufacturer says Nutella shouldn’t be microwaved in its original plastic packaging, you can microwave the Nutella jar made out of glass. However, it still isn’t very recommended and if you need to microwave Nutella, putting it into an additional container is probably the best option.

How long to microwave Nutella?

A bit above, we have mentioned that Nutella should be microwaved in short intervals, but what precisely does that mean? First, you should microwave Nutella for no more than 15 seconds at once.

And believe it or not, just by this one period, you will soften hard Nutella enough to be spreadable again. If you’re aiming for making your Nutella pourable, let it go for four of these intervals, and your goals should be achieved!

Why can’t you microwave Nutella for long?

You can’t microwave Nutella for longer than the mentioned 15 seconds because microwaves don’t heat food evenly, which can result in hot pockets exploding inside of the spread, which is not a good thing.

How to melt Nutella to drizzle?

In order to melt Nutella to drizzle, you will have to be a little be patient – as we have mentioned above, Nutella can be melted only in short intervals that can’t take longer than 15 seconds. And since it takes something like a minute and a half in the microwave for Nutella to drizzle, you will need to let it stay there for at least six of these intervals.

How to melt Nutella for strawberries?

To melt Nutella for strawberries, you need it to become pourable. As we have mentioned above, it takes something around a minute in the microwave for Nutella to be pourable. Hence, let your Nutella microwave for four 15-second intervals to melt it for strawberries.

How to melt Nutella without a microwave?

But what if you don’t have a microwave? You can also melt Nutella by using a so-called water bath – to do so, just pour some water into a big pot and put a smaller pot into the water, put Nutella into the smaller pot, and it will be melted soon!


Even though Nutella can be microwaved, you have to follow one crucial rule: you can let it microwave for only up to 15 seconds at once, let it rest, and then let it go for another 15 seconds, so on and so on. The reason for that is that otherwise, pockets of hot air could appear inside the spread, resulting even in a small explosion!

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