Why Is Nutella So Expensive? (All You Need to Know)

Did you know that Nutella was invented by an Italian baker named Pietro Ferrero in Italy during World War II? Due to the cocoa shortage, Pietro thought of adding Hazelnuts, and Nutella saw the world. But how the hell can it now be so expensive then? Let’s find out!

Why is Nutella so expensive? One of the main reasons Nutella is so expensive is that high-quality products are used to prepare it. However, a big part of its price comes also from the cost of heavy advertising of a famous worldwide brand.

This was just to put it very fast, though, so we’ll now take a bit closer look.

Without any further hesitation, let’s just jump right into it then!

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What makes Nutella so expensive? 

To put it simply, there are two most essential things hiding behind Nutella’s price. The first thing that makes Nutella so expensive is simply the cost of ingredients – Nutella is prepared from (at least somehow) high-quality products, and making hazelnut spread is no cheap thing, as we’ll talk about in a while.

But let’s face it, what’s also making Nutella so expensive is the marketing cost of such a big brand. The main reason Nutella is so popular is its advertisement, and that isn’t cheap either.

How much does it cost to make Nutella? 

Although it can’t be exactly said how much it costs Nutella to make one bottle of their product, we can look at how much making homemade Nutella costs.

Believe it or not, the cost to make Nutella at home is relatively higher than just buying a bottle of it at your supermarket – while a 26.5 oz bottle of store-bought Nutella would cost something around 7 dollars, making it at home could cost anywhere between 15 to 25 dollars (depending primarily on the hazelnut’s price).

And even though that doesn’t mean Nutella would subside the manufacturing of their product, it somehow breaks the idea that they’re, on the contrary, ripping us off, and Nutella’s extremely expensive.

Is the price of Nutella the same everywhere? 

No, the price of Nutella is not the same everywhere, which makes sense due to different purchasing powers in each country. And although it may seem there’s also a change in the recipe hidden behind the different prices, that’s not the case.

The ingredients used to make Nutella are always the same (sugar, fat, hazelnuts, and chocolate). Although slight differences in ratios have been reported, it surprisingly is not such a big deal as one may think!

What is the lowest price of Nutella? 

If you want to know where Nutella is the cheapest in the world, there’s, unfortunately, not much info that could help you. But with that being said, you don’t have to be sad because the price of Nutella doesn’t vary that much around the globe.


Nutella is a pretty expensive snack, and there are two main reasons why it is so. First, Nutella is made using high-quality products, but there’s also the cost of the brand’s marketing hiding behind the price.

But believe it or not, Nutella isn’t as overpriced as it may seem at first glance – even though we can’t tell how much does it cost the manufacturers to make one bottle of Nutella, it can indeed be said that making your own at home would cost roughly twice as much!

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