Is Nutella Good for Weight Loss? (Myth Busted!)

Through its smart and aggressive advertisement, Nutella’s somehow managed to convince (at least part of) the world that its product is a healthy snack no breakfast can do without. However, that can’t be far away from the truth:

Is Nutella good for weight loss? Unfortunately, no, Nutella is not good for weight loss because it contains an enormous amount of sugar and palm oil, making it extremely high in calories. Hence, Nutella should be consumed in moderation and ideally avoided completely when trying to lose some weight.

But this answer was just a brief one, so let’s now take a more in-depth look at this issue to actually understand it, shall we?

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Is Nutella good for weight loss?

No, Nutella is not food for weight loss, quite the contrary, Nutella is extremely fattening. However, due to the way the brand presented itself for a long time, many people tend to think that it is a healthy and nutritious snack; that couldn’t be far from the truth, though.

What’s the myth about Nutella being good for you?

The myth about Nutella being good for you originated from Ferrero’s marketing to promote their product. They tried to use the fact that Nutella contains hazelnuts to make people think Nutella is healthy.

The point was to make people believe that since hazelnuts are nutritious, Nutella is too, making it a healthy breakfast staple. However, this can’t be far away from the truth, as basically this whole article reveals to you.

Can I eat Nutella while on a diet?

While you can eat Nutella while on a diet, you should definitely try to avoid it if possible, so if you’re craving it, getting just a tiny bit of it won’t do any harm, however, eating four spoons of it in two minutes isn’t precisely the smartest thing you could do.

What are the benefits of eating Nutella?

To be honest, there are actually no real benefits of eating Nutella. The only thing Nutella can be good for is as a big calory supply when people are struggling with low weight, but otherwise, it is nothing more than a tasty snack.

Is Nutella a keto?

No, Nutella is not a keto. Why? Well, because keto means that it contains no carbohydrates, and to be honest, Nutella consists only of sugar. Because of that, Nutella is the last thing you should eat while being on the keto diet, and even just a tiny bit of it could reset your ketosis.

Is Nutella high in carbs?

Yes, as we have explained above, Nutella is exceptionally high in carbs because it is made primarily out of sugar. Due to that, Nutella is a very fattening and unhealthy treat, even though you may have thought it is a healthy spread.

Is Nutella very fattening?

Yes, Nutella is very fattening – since it contains an enormous amount of sugar (and also palm oil and chocolate), Nutella is exceptionally high in energy, making it as fattening as a spread can get.

Is Nutella worse than peanut butter?

And yes, that means that Nutella is even worse than peanut butter in nearly every aspect. Hence, peanut butter is only healthier than Nutella when you have a peanut allergy since Nutella contains only hazelnuts.


Through their advertisement, manufacturers of Nutella have somehow managed to convince a big part of the world that their product is healthy; however, that really isn’t the case. Although hazelnuts are good for you, Nutella doesn’t contain that much of them and is rather made mainly out of sugar, making it extremely fattening.

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