Can You Freeze Nutella? (All You Need to Know)

As we all know, Nutella can stay good for a really long time, usually something around a year after opening. However, when not even that is enough for you, you might start thinking about putting it into the freezer.

Well, everyone knows freezing your food extends its lifespan, right? But can you actually do it with Nutella? Let’s take a look!

Can you freeze Nutella? Yes, you can freeze Nutella, but with that being said, it must be pointed out that it definitely isn’t recommended. Even the company itself warns against putting Nutella in the freezer since it dramatically changes its texture and flavor.

But this answer was just a really brief one, and if we actually want to understand this topic, we’re going to have to dive a bit deeper into it.

What are we waiting for then? Let’s just get started!

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Can you freeze Nutella?

Although you hypothetically can freeze Nutella, doing so is highly recommended against, even by the manufacturer itself. That’s because by freezing Nutella, you dramatically change its structure and flavor, making it nearly unusable for many people.

But if that is still better for you than having to throw it out, you can freeze your Nutella to extend its lifespan a bit; just be prepared that the product won’t be in the same shape after you unfreeze it again.

What happens if you freeze Nutella?

So as we have already touched a bit, two things happen if you freeze Nutella – firstly, and that’s the good thing, you slightly extend the Nutella’s lifespan; more about that’s coming in the following answer, though.

But what also happens if you freeze Nutella is that its texture and flavor instantly start to change. Therefore, your Nutella won’t be longer spreadable or that tasty after you once again unfreeze it. And because of that, we would recommend you not put it into the freezer at all.

How long can you freeze Nutella for?

As we have mentioned above, freezing your Nutella will extend its lifespan, but by how much precisely? To be honest, not that much. While it would last for about a year, even on its own, you can freeze Nutella for something around 18 months.

So as you can plainly see, the difference isn’t that crucial. Hence, we must once again mention that freezing your Nutella isn’t precisely the wisest thing to do.

How to freeze Nutella?

But if you still decide to do so, don’t worry, we won’t let you down – to freeze an unopened bottle of Nutella, you actually don’t have to do anything besides put it into the freezer.

However, when we’re talking about an opened pack of Nutella, you first have to make sure that the packaging is carefully sealed, and if it is possible, maybe rather put the Nutella into an entirely different airtight container or some plastic bags if you don’t have that much of it left.

How to unfreeze Nutella?

That was simple, right? But don’t get carried away, the trickier part’s coming just now – while freezing your Nutella is relatively straightforward, unfreezing it is not that much. To unfreeze Nutella, you have to be patient – don’t even think about putting it into the microwave, you simply have to let it thaw out slowly at room temperature.

Can you eat frozen Nutella?

Yes, you can eat frozen Nutella, however, trust us, that experience won’t be any good – frozen Nutella is rock-solid and tastes like spoiled cheap chocolate. Because of that, you should always unfreeze your Nutella before eating it; how to do so is explained in the previous answer.

Can you freeze Nutella on strawberries?

Yes, you can freeze Nutella on strawberries, and believe us or not, that is actually somehow recommended as well! When you melt Nutella and then use it as a topping on fruit desserts like strawberries, freezing it may come in handy because it’ll make the dessert last longer and taste better!

Can you freeze Nutella sandwiches?

Even though you can freeze Nutella sandwiches, we definitely wouldn’t recommend you do so. First, bread is not a good thing to be frozen on its own, and since the same applies to Nutella, freezing Nutella sandwiches doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Can you freeze Nutella cheesecake?

Yes, you can freeze Nutella cheesecake, but with that being said, remember that the manufacturers of Nutella themselves highly recommend against putting Nutella into the freezer. Because of that, it might be wise to think about other ways to store your Nutella cheesecake.

Can you freeze Nutella donuts?

Although you theoretically can freeze Nutella donuts, if there is any other way, you instead shouldn’t do it. That is simply the fact that Nutella shouldn’t be frozen, as is mentioned even by its manufacturers.

Can you freeze Nutella cookies?

As you can probably guess by now, you can freeze Nutella cookies; however, it isn’t the best thing you could do. Since it is usually highly recommended against freezing Nutella, it seems like a bright idea to think about other ways to store your Nutella cookies.

Can you freeze Nutella buttercream?

Yes, you can freeze Nutella buttercream, and you will, in fact, extend its lifespan a lot by it – while Nutella buttercream lasts for only something like a week in the fridge, in the freezer, it can stay good for up to three months!

But with that being said, remember that freezing Nutella isn’t precisely recommended, and you should, therefore, maybe rather avoid it. But if you still choose to freeze your Nutella buttercream, remember that you have to leave it to thaw out at room temperature before using it again!

Can you freeze Nutella brownies?

If you have some leftover brownies, you don’t want to throw out, putting them into the freezer may be a good idea since it extends their lifespan to even as long as three months. However, remember that you cannot freeze Nutella brownies since Nutella shouldn’t be stored in the freezer; otherwise, its qualities will change significantly.

Can you freeze Nutella cake?

Even though freezing Nutella cake is possible, we still wouldn’t do it if it was up to us. Why? Well, there’s no problem with freezing cake, but there is a problem with freezing Nutella since it may drastically change both its taste and texture.


Under normal circumstances, Nutella lasts for something around a year after opening. If this amount of time isn’t enough for you, though, you can think about putting it into the freezer. There, your Nutella will stay good for about 18 months.

But as you can see, the difference isn’t that big – the reason for that is that Nutella, in fact, shouldn’t be stored in the freezer because the environment in there is far away from anything good for Nutella.

Because of all of that, freezing your Nutella not only doesn’t extend its lifespan that drastically but can also damage its qualities. Hence, putting your Nutella into the freezer is not a smart thing to do.

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