Does Minced Garlic Need to Be Refrigerated? (Explained!)

To be fair, it doesn’t happen very often that you would have some leftover minced garlic; however, the option still exists. And due to that, you should undoubtedly know the answer to this question:

Does minced garlic need to be refrigerated? Yes, minced garlic needs to be refrigerated, and this is especially the case after you have once opened it. When stored properly in the fridge, your minced garlic will stay good for up to two years.

This answer was just a really brief one, though – if we actually want to understand this issue, a more in-depth look is undoubtedly needed.

So let’s not waste any more time and just get started!

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Does minced garlic need to be refrigerated?

Believe it or not, minced garlic needs to be refrigerated even when bottled or jarred. And while this is the case, especially after you have opened it, minced garlic should be kept in the fridge even before that.

Does fresh minced garlic need to be refrigerated?

And nothing changes when talking about fresh minced garlic; quite the contrary, refrigerating is even more crucial with that one. So yes, fresh minced garlic needs to be refrigerated if you don’t want to have to throw it out. 

Does minced garlic in olive oil need to be refrigerated?

Yes, minced garlic in olive needs to be refrigerated because leaving it at room temperature might not unlikely result in rapid bacteria growth, making the garlic spoil exceptionally fast.

Does minced garlic in water need to be refrigerated?

And even minced garlic in water needs to be refrigerated if you’re not planning on using it immediately. When left unrefrigerated, minced garlic in water can turn bad even as fast as after two hours. 

How long does minced garlic last in the fridge?

Unfortunately, coming up with a generally valid answer to this question is nearly impossible because it varies a lot by each case. But generally speaking, it can be said that minced garlic lasts in the fridge for something about three months. 

How to store minced garlic in the fridge?

The best way to store minced garlic in the fridge consists firstly of making sure that it is tightly covered, which means putting it into some airtight containers if the original packaging won’t do any good anymore. Then, just put it into the fridge, and voila, you’re done!

Can unopened minced garlic be unrefrigerated?

No, not even unopened minced garlic can be unrefrigerated. That is because when it sits out, minced garlic starts to spoil extremely fast, and the fact it hasn’t been opened yet doesn’t help much.

Does minced garlic need to be refrigerated after opening?

Since we explained in the last paragraph that minced garlic must be refrigerated even before opening, it is evident that it needs to be refrigerated after opening. Otherwise, it could turn bad just after a few hours.

How to store minced garlic without refrigeration?

Unfortunately, there is basically no way to store minced garlic without refrigeration – since minced garlic requires refrigeration 24/7, the only thing you can try to do besides refrigerating it putting into the coldest place you can think of; however,,, the results are not guaranteed.

How long can minced garlic stay unrefrigerated?

Unfortunately, leaving minced garlic outside the fridge is usually not recommended, and that means that minced garlic can stay unrefrigerated for just a few hours. However, there are some kinds of, for instance, canned minced garlic that doesn’t need to be refrigerated; you can tell those by the fact they’re sold in the refrigerated section.

Is it safe to leave minced garlic at room temperature?

As the United States Department of Agriculture warns, there is a botulism risk, besides others, associated with leaving minced garlic to sit out, so no, it is not safe to leave minced garlic at room temperature.

What happens if you leave minced garlic unrefrigerated?

As we have explained above, minced garlic should always be refrigerated, and that means the only thing – if you leave minced garlic unrefrigerated, it will quickly turn bad. Therefore, you should always keep it in the fridge.

How do you know if minced garlic has gone bad?

When you want to know whether or not has your minced garlic gone bad, just take a good look at it. And if you’re still unsure, you can try to smell it as well. If you notice any weird changes, you’d better toss that minced garlic out, but otherwise, it should be good to go.


Minced garlic is precisely one of the things that need to be refrigerated all the time because otherwise, it could turn bad even just after two hours. Hence, it doesn’t matter what kind of minced garlic we’re talking about or whether or not you have opened it yet; it simply always belongs in the fridge. Period.

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