Best Flavorless Oils (All You Need to Know)

When you’re frying something, you usually don’t want it to taste like oil – food soaking in oil is not only usually very unhealthy but most often not very tasty. Because of that, you should mainly always use a highly moderated amount of oil; besides that, to avoid oily taste in the final product, it is wise to use some flavorless oil as well. 

That’s why In this article, we will explain to you everything you need to know about them – what’s the tastiest one, what’s the healthiest one, and even much more. So without any further ado, let’s just jump right into it!

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Which oils are flavorless?

First things first, when we’re talking about flavorless oils, we must obviously mention what those are. So here is our table of some of the most commonly used flavorless oils:

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is one of the most commonly used kinds of oil in general, which means that many of you have probably noticed this oil is tasteless quite a while ago. Because of this fact and its other generally good qualities, sunflower oil can be used in nearly every occasion you could imagine, baking and frying not excluded.

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Refined soybean oil

Another very well-known kind of oil on this table is soybean oil – this oil is widely considered to be the second most used vegetable oil throughout the whole globe, and just like sunflower oil, soybean oil is flavorless. This is especially the case when talking about refined soybean oil.

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Canola (rapeseed) oil

Canola oil (also known as rapeseed oil) is another kind of vegetable oil considered tasteless. This oil has recently risen to popularity, mainly due to its low erucic acid content, so if you’re looking for some of the trendiest kinds of tasteless oils, it is canola oil.

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Corn oil

And now, back to the more traditional kinds of oil – did you know that even corn oil is basically flavorless? However, corn oil is known to have a high smoke point, so it is probably the ideal candidate for being your tasteless oil for cooking.

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Peanut oil

And the same can be said about peanut oil – even this kind of oil is generally considered to be flavorless, and it is, mainly due to its high content of monounsaturated fat, just perfect for cooking. Of course, you can also try baking with it, but to be honest, there are probably better oils for this occasion.

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What is flavorless vegetable oil?

Even though many people tend to think vegetable oils always taste like the vegetable they were made out of, this doesn’t really have to be the case that often. In fact, there are many flavorless vegetable oils, including some of the most popular kinds of oil in general, sunflower and soybean oil, or canola and peanut oil, beside many others.

What is the healthiest tasteless oil?

To be honest, this is a tricky question since deciding on what makes one kind of oil healthier or less healthy than another is a complicated challenge. With that being said, though, it is generally agreed that the healthiest kind of oil is the extra virgin olive one. 

But as we all know, extra virgin olive oil is far away from having no taste, which means this doesn’t really help us here. However, what might, is what kind of oil gets often mentioned right after the EVOO – sunflower oil. And since we have already declared this kind of oil to be flavorless, it can be said that sunflower oil is the healthiest tasteless oil. 

Best flavorless oil for baking

Getting actually tasteless oil is arguably the most important while baking. So what oil would we recommend to you? Well, we think that the best flavorless oil for baking is definitely canola oil.

It’s most definitely tasteless, easy to use, and also use not very expensive; simply an excellent choice! If you don’t wish to use it for any reason, though, we can also recommend peanut oil. 

Best flavorless oil for fondant

When making fondant at home, oil is often used as a shortening, and for obvious reasons – it’s cheap, and most often, you even already have it in the pantry. In addition, many people specifically like to use coconut oil because it gives the fondant a specific taste; however, what if you didn’t want to do that?

Well, it is time to use some flavorless oil because that will obviously not alter the final taste. And believe us, the best flavorless oil for fondant is simply the good old sunflower one.

Best flavorless oil for frying

Another occasion when you really don’t want the taste of oil to mess with the taste of your food (well, at least usually) is frying. And just like with making fondant, the best flavorless oil for frying is once again sunflower oil. Many other kinds can be used as well, though, including corn or canola oil.


Even though some people think nearly all kinds of oil have some of their own specific tastes, there are actually many flavorless kinds of oil. For starters, this includes the very well-known and commonly used sunflower oil. And if you belong to the group of people that don’t really like this kind of oil, soybean, corn, or canola oil are just a few examples of other kinds of tasteless oil you could choose instead.


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