Can You Eat Waffles With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

When you use enough imagination, it can be said that waffles and braces look somehow similar – okay, maybe not completely, but somehow it’s there. However, does that mean waffles can be eaten with braces on? Let’s find out!

Can you eat waffles with braces? Yes, you can eat waffles with braces because waffles are a very soft kind of dessert. However, make sure that there are no toppings like caramel or nuts on top of the waffles because that could result in trouble.

This was just a quick answer, though, and if we actually want to understand this topic, we’re going to have to dive deeper.

So without any further delay, let’s just jump right into it!

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Can I eat waffles with braces?

Waffles are an incredibly soft desert, making them just like made for eating with braces. However, remember that some crumbles will probably get stuck in your teeth, especially with some cheaper waffles.

And it also has to be said that sticky things like caramel or even things like nuts are sometimes used as topping on the waffles, which might be a problem. But as long as you can keep an eye on this, there’s nothing you should be worried about.

How to eat waffles with braces?

As we have already mentioned, waffles themselves can be eaten with braces, but there are some toppings you should avoid. Hence, to eat waffles with braces, don’t use any caramel, nuts, and other sticky and crispy things.

Tips for eating waffles with braces

But if you’re looking for some more specific advice to eat waffles with braces, we’ve still got you covered! Here are our three tips for eating waffles while having braces:

Tip 1

After eating the waffles, drink a lot of water or bland tea to get rid of sugar and remains. Although this obviously won’t do it by itself, it is vital before doing the next thing – but more about that’s coming in the next paragraph.

Tip 2

So what are we talking about? Brushing your teeth! But that’s simple, isn’t it? It isn’t; since sugary food will soften your teeth, you should wait a bit before brushing your teeth. And as you see, due to that, drinking a lot of water is smart because it will furthermore help the teeth get back in the right shape again.

Tip 3

But what should you do if there are some stuck waffles in your braces even after brushing your teeth? To get rid of all of it, you just have to use the dental floss – tie a knot in it, and then use this knot to remove the remains.

Do waffles get stuck in your braces?

To be completely honest, waffles get stuck in your braces; however, it usually means only a few small crumbles, which can be easily fixed (just follow the tips mentioned above). 

However, even bigger pieces of waffles can sometimes get stuck in your braces sometimes – that happens when you use sticky toppings like caramel, so try to avoid that.

How to fix waffles on braces?

As we have explained thoroughly above, fixing waffles stuck on a brace is nothing complicated! Just drink a lot of water, brush your teeth (and remember to wait for at least half an hour before doing this), and use dental floss if necessary, and everything will be alright.

Are waffles considered a sticky food?

While waffles themselves are not considered a sticky food, many things commonly used as waffle toppings are. Those can be nuts, caramel, or Nutella, so don’t use them, and everything will be alright.

Can I eat waffles in the first week of braces?

Yes, you can eat waffles in the first week of braces, but you have to stay away from toppings like caramel or nuts because those are assured to make a mess. Otherwise, there is nothing you should be worried about, though.

Are waffles good to eat with braces?

Even though it can’t be exactly said that waffles are good to eat with braces, it can’t be said that they are bad either. That’s mainly because they’re soft and easy to chew, but things like sugar content mean there are still better things to choose from. 

Frequently asked questions

So now that we have covered the issue from a general point of view, it is time to take a quick look at some concrete questions regarding it before we finish:

Can you eat frozen waffles with braces?

While it is somehow possible to eat frozen waffles with braces, it doesn’t work quite as well as with the regular kind. That’s because frozen waffles tend to be more crispy or hard if you will, which can result in your braces getting broken.

Can you eat waffle cones with braces?

Above, we have mentioned that waffles can be eaten with braces since they’re soft. And that obviously means that you cannot eat waffle cones with braces because they are, on the other hand, crispy.

Can you eat waffle fries with braces?

And the same goes for another popular snack known as waffle fries – since they are crispy, eating them while having braces may result in trouble. Therefore, you cannot eat waffles fries with braces.

Can I eat Eggo waffles with braces?

Eggo is one of the most popular frozen waffles brands, and as we have mentioned above, frozen waffles aren’t precisely the best thing to eat when having braces. Hence, although you can eat Eggo waffles with braces, doing so isn’t recommended.

Can you eat waffles with syrup with braces?

No, you definitely cannot eat waffles with syrup with braces! Why? Well, sticky food is a big no-no when having braces, and syrups are usually highly sticky. So even though waffles themselves can be eaten when having braces, you should rather avoid waffles with syrup.


Since waffles are a very soft sweet dish, eating them while having braces is plausible. However, you have to remember that due to the fact they’re a bit crumbly and things like high sugar content, small pieces of them can still get stuck in your braces.

But don’t worry; this can be fixed very easily by brushing your teeth or using dental floss if necessary. However, trouble may occur when you use sticky or chewy toppings like caramel and nuts, so try to avoid that, and everything will be just good!



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