Can You Eat Skittles With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Everyone loves skittles, right? And this goes obviously even for people that have to wear braces – however, can your love for skittles still be heard with braces, or will you have to say goodbye to this treat for a while? Let’s find out!

Can you eat Skittles with braces? No, you cannot eat Skittles with braces because this treat is exceptionally chewy and could break the brackets. Additionally, small pieces of the Skittles could also get stuck in your braces, which means that you shouldn’t even suck on them.

This answer was just an exceptionally brief one, though, so if we really want to understand this topic, we’re going to have to dive a bit deeper into it.

Let’s not waste any more of our precious time then and just get started!

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Can I eat skittles with braces?

Unfortunately, you can’t eat skittles with braces. The main reason for that is skittles are an exceptionally chewy candy, which means that eating them can easily break the brackets of your braces. And besides that, there are also tiny pieces of sugar that could get stuck in your braces.

How to eat skittles with braces?

And because of all of that, there are, frankly, basically no ways how to eat skittles with braces. You can try to just suck on it and then throw it out, but that isn’t very convenient either; not only would a more significant part of the experience vanish, but the small pieces of sugar could still get stuck in your braces as well.

Tips for eating skittles with braces

But if you’re craving skittles so much that eating them with braces can’t be avoided, please, at least remember to do these three things afterward to minimalize the damage done:

Tip 1

The first thing you should do after eating skittles with braces is to drink a lot of water. The reason for that is that water helps to get sugar remains out of your teeth, which is going to be very helpful.

Tip 2

That’s because the next step is to brush your teeth carefully – however since sugar softens your teeth, you should wait at least half an hour before doing so. And drinking water in the meantime can only help!

Tip 3

But what if brushing your teeth still isn’t enough? Well, then it’s time to use dental floss! To do so, first, tie a knot in it, and just then use this knot to actually pull the remains out of your braces.

Do skittles get stuck in your braces?

Yes, skittles do get stuck in your braces, as we have already explained above. However, that isn’t the biggest problem – what matters more regarding eating skittles with braces is that they’re tough, meaning one of your brackets could easily get broken by chewing them.

How to fix skittles on braces?

We have already explained this one thoroughly in the three tips above, so let’s now take it quickly. To fix skittles on braces, you should first carefully brush your teeth, and if that isn’t enough, then use dental floss to pull the remains out as well.

Are skittles considered a sticky food?

Although skittles are considered a sticky food, they’re not that sticky, to be honest. However, that doesn’t mean that you can eat them with braces because the problem with skittles doesn’t lie in ther stickiness but in the fact that they’re so chewy.

Can I eat skittles in the first week of braces?

And since you should avoid skittles altogether while wearing braces, it is evident that you cannot eat skittles in the first week of braces. The first week is when the braces are most prone to being damaged, so you should stay away from skittles, at least in this part of your procedure.

Are skittles good to eat with braces?

No, skittles are not good to eat with braces, as we have been trying to explain to you this whole article. The first and most important reason for that is they’re exceptionally chewy, meaning eating them could very easily damage your brace’s brackets.


Since skittles are a chewy treat, eating them with braces is unfortunately not possible. And the reason for that isn’t just the fact that otherwise, you could very easily damage your brackets, but also that it’s more than likely that some parts of the skittles will get stuck in your braces.



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