Can You Eat Chocolate With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

If it were considered a drug, chocolate would probably be the one most people are addicted to – there’s simply an enormous amount of people who love chocolate so much that they can’t imagine a day without it. But what if those people have to start wearing braces? Can they still enjoy their favorite treat? Let’s find out!

Can you eat chocolate with braces? Yes, you can eat chocolate with braces; however, you must be aware of many things while doing so. Most importantly, that means to remember that you should always eat it only during meal times and pick the lower sugar kinds.

But this answer was just a rapid one, so if we really want to understand this topic, we’re going to have to dive a bit deeper into it.

Let’s not waste any more time then and just jump right into it!

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Can I eat chocolate with braces?

Yes, you can eat chocolate with braces; however, it isn’t just that simple. To put it simply, ideally, eating chocolate should be avoided entirely when having braces, which means that when you simply can’t resist it, you at least have to consume it in strict moderation.

How to eat chocolate with braces?

That isn’t the only thing you should keep an eye on, though, because to eat chocolate with braces, you must also remember which kinds you can pick. Firstly, you should always aim for some dark chocolate or simply any kind of chocolate that is low in sugar.

But what is maybe even more important is to stay away from any kinds of chocolate that have nuts, toffees, caramel, or things of that kind in it, because those are well-known no-nos when wearing braces.

Tips to eat chocolate with braces

But picking just the right kind of chocolate isn’t everything you should keep an eye on – here come our best tips to eat chocolate with braces:

Tip 1

The first thing regarding eating chocolate with braces we would like to share with you is very simple yet crucial advice – don’t ever eat chocolate right after you take it out of the fridge because its solidity could otherwise damage your braces pretty easily.

Tip 2

Another thing we can recommend you when you crave chocolate unbearably while having to wear braces is to remember to consume it only during mealtime. Although this might seem completely irrelevant at first glance, you’ll soon realize it’ll come in very handy.

Tip 3

That’s because the last tip we will give you is to carefully brush your teeth and use dental floss to pull the remains out of your braces after eating the chocolate. And since you should do this after every meal with braces, consuming chocolate only during mealtime will save you a lot of work!

Does chocolate get stuck in your braces?

Generally speaking, chocolate doesn’t get stuck in your braces; however, this changes instantly when you pick some kind containing nuts or caramel. Additionally, every exceptionally sweet kind of chocolate can get stuck in your braces, so you should stay away from those as well.

How to fix chocolate on braces?

But what if some bit of chocolate gets stuck in your braces anyways? Don’t worry; this can be easily solved! To fix chocolate on braces, you should first carefully brush your teeth, but remember to wait at least half an hour before that because sugar softens your teeth.

In many cases, this will be enough, but if it isn’t, you’re going to have to use dental floss. To clean your braces with it, first tie a knot in it and then just pull the remains out using this knot.

Is chocolate considered a sticky food?

Typically, chocolate isn’t considered a sticky food, but with that in mind, you have to remember that some kinds of it could be. Those can be, for example, the ones containing a lot of caramel or nuts, or also simply any extremely sweet chocolate.

Can I eat chocolate in the first week of braces?

Although we have explained above that eating chocolate with braces isn’t forbidden, you, unfortunately, cannot eat chocolate in the first week of braces. That is because chocolate still isn’t anything good for your braces, so eating it in the first week of the procedure, when the braces are most prone to damage, really isn’t a smart thing to do.

Is chocolate good to eat with braces?

No, chocolate is not good to eat with braces because it is still a sweet candy, which is also fairly hard to chew on. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat chocolate with braces completely, it just means you can’t precisely consume tons of it.

Frequently asked questions

So now that we answered the most important general questions regarding eating chocolate with braces, let’s also take a look at a few more specific issues:

What kind of chocolate can you eat with braces?

As we have explained above, the kinds of chocolate you can eat with braces are those that are low in sugar and don’t contain things like caramel. Hence, the best kind of chocolate to eat while wearing braces would be some dark chocolate with no filling.

Can chocolate break braces?

Yes, chocolate can break braces; however, this happens only if you either pick some kind containing things like nuts or when you don’t let it thaw out after picking it out of the fridge. So if you remember to keep an eye on these things, there’s no need to worry about chocolate breaking your braces!

Can you eat chocolate cake with braces?

Yes, you can eat chocolate cake with braces, provided it doesn’t contain any things like caramel or nuts, which are very bad for your braces. However, remember that chocolate cake is a dessert, which means you can eat just a tiny bit of it while wearing braces.

Can you eat chocolate chips with braces?

Unfortunately, you cannot eat chocolate chips with braces, and there are even plenty of reasons for that. Most importantly, though, it’s because chocolate chips are crispy, which could damage your braces immediately, and also because it’s nearly assured a lot of crunches will get stuck in your braces while eating them.

Can you eat melted chocolate with braces?

Yes, you can eat melted chocolate with braces; however, you have to remember the same things we have mentioned regarding eating it in its normal state. That means not picking any kinds exceptionally high in sugar or containing sticky things like caramel and nuts.

Can you eat milk chocolate with braces?

Although you theoretically can eat milk chocolate with braces, we recommend you rather stay away from it. That’s because milk chocolate usually contains a lot of sugar, and picking some dark kind of chocolate seems like a much smarter choice.


Even though you can eat chocolate with braces, you should always keep your consumption in strict moderation. And additionally, you also have to stay away from the kinds of chocolate that contain things like caramel or nuts and the kinds that are exceptionally high in sugar.



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