Can You Eat Cotton Candy With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

If there is one thing every kid love, it is definitely cotton candy. But what if your kid needs to start wearing braces? Will they still be able to enjoy it, or will they have to say goodbye to it? Let’s take a look at this interesting issue!

Can you eat cotton candy with braces? Although you can eat cotton candy with braces, it isn’t really recommended. The reason is that it contains a lot of sugar that could get stuck in your braces. Hence, when you decide to get some, at least carefully brush your teeth afterward.

But this answer was just a brief one, and if we really want to understand this topic, we’re going to have to dive a bit deeper.

So without any further ado, let’s just jump right into it!

Can You Eat Cotton Candy With Braces

Can I eat cotton candy with braces? 

Yes, you can eat cotton candy with braces, however, remember that it’s at your own risk since the sugar can get stuck under your braces, which could ache a lot. However, that won’t happen as long as you follow some basic rules we’re going to talk about later, so keep reading, and everything will be okay!

How to eat cotton candy with braces? 

The first rule you should remember is pretty simple – to eat cotton candy with braces, we would highly recommend putting just tiny pieces of cotton candy on your tongue and letting them dissolve here, instead of chewing the cotton candy as usual, because that could do a lot of damage.

Tips to eat cotton candy with braces

But that isn’t even the most important thing to keep an eye on since those come only after you actually eat the cotton candy. Here are our tips about what to do after eating cotton candy with braces:

Tip 1

After eating some cotton candy with braces, the first thing you should do is drink a lot of water. Even though it may seem pointless, water helps in getting sugar out of your teeth, which is crucial, especially before the second thing you’ll have to do.

Tip 2

That’s because then, you should carefully brush your teeth. However, since sugar softens them, it is highly recommended to wait at least half an hour before doing so, especially while wearing braces. So first drink the water for a while and just then brush your teeth; if it is needed, you can also use dental floss.

Does cotton candy get stuck in your braces? 

No, cotton candy by itself does not get stuck in your braces. However, since it dissolves in your mouth, the sugar it contains and even is turning into it can get stuck there, so ideally, you should stay as far away from cotton candy as possible while wearing braces.

How to fix cotton candy on braces? 

We have already talked about this one above, so now we’ll take it just quickly – to fix cotton candy on braces, you simply need to brush your teeth. However, remember to wait at least half an hour before doing so!

Is cotton candy considered a sticky food? 

Yes, cotton candy is considered a sticky food because it sticks on basically everything it touches. But with that being said, this is no longer true after it once touches some water because then, the cotton candy dissolves exceptionally fast. 

Can I eat cotton candy in the first week of braces? 

But even though cotton candy is considered a sticky food, precisely the fact it dissolves as soon as it touches some water means that it actually doesn’t cause that harm to your braces or you. However, you still cannot eat cotton candy in the first week of braces because that’s precisely when they’re most prone to damage.

Is cotton candy good to eat with braces? 

Although you can get a bit of it if you crave it unbearably, cotton candy is definitely not good to eat with braces. It is a bit sticky and also contains a lot of sugar, which is simply bad for your braces. Hence, cotton candy should simply be avoided if you’re wearing braces.


Even though cotton candy is normally extremely sticky, it dissolves the moment it touches some water, which means even our saliva. Because of that, cotton candy doesn’t precisely get stuck in your braces; however, the sugar it turns into does. Hence, you should always wash your teeth carefully after eating some cotton candy to prevent a severe ache the sugar would soon bring to you.



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