Can You Eat Candy Corn With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Candy corn is a very popular snack that comes in the form of small pyramid-shaped candies, usually consisting of three sections of different colors. Hence, it is obvious candy corns are most beloved by little kids. Unfortunately, though, kids that wear braces will need to say goodbye to them for a while:

Can you eat candy corn with braces? No, you can’t eat candy corn with braces, mainly because it is too chewy. But even besides that, it simply contains so much of sugar it would be highly damaging for any teeth, let alone those with braces. Hence, stay away from candy corn while wearing braces.

But this was just to put it briefly, and if we really want to understand this topic, we’ll surely have to dive into it a bit deeper.

What are we waiting for then? Let’s just get started!

Can You Eat Candy Corn With Braces

Can I eat candy corn with braces?

Unfortunately, you cannot eat candy corn with braces, and there are several reasons for that. What are those, do you wonder? Well, mainly the highly high sugar content or the fact candy corn is very chewy, which are both unpleasant things for both your teeth and your braces.

How to eat candy corn with braces?

In the previous answer, we explained thoroughly that candy corn cannot be eaten while you’re wearing braces. And because of that, it is more than evident that there are zero to none ways on how to eat candy corn with braces.

Tips to eat candy corn with braces

So by now, you should understand perfectly why eating candy corn with braces is not a precisely good idea.

Tip 1

The first thing we can recommend you while eating candy corn with braces is always to let it melt on your tongue for a while before actually biting into it. That way, the candy corn will get softer, so the chance of breaking your braces will be much smaller.

Tip 2

However, it will also make it even more sticky, so you must brush your teeth after consuming it. But with that being said, rather wait a couple of minutes before doing so because sugar tends to soften your teeth a lot.

Tip 3

But to be completely honest, just brushing your teeth on its own probably won’t make it. Because of that, you will probably also have to get some dental floss. When you do that, tie a knot in it and pull all of the still stuck remains out of the braces using this knot.

Does candy corn get stuck in your braces?

Yes, candy corn does get stuck in your braces, which is partly due to the fact it is a reasonably sticky snack and partly thanks to their huge sugar content. Because of that, you should always avoid candy corn if you wear braces.

How to fix candy corn on braces?

Since we have discussed this one carefully in the previous answer, we will now take it just quickly – to fix candy corn on braces, you should first carefully brush your teeth. Then, when that isn’t enough, also use some dental floss.

Is candy corn considered a sticky food?

Yes, candy corn is considered a sticky food, which is exactly the reason you should rather not touch this snack while wearing braces. Well, at least as long as you obviously don’t want the braces to get broken!

Can I eat candy corn in the first week of braces?

Since we have already mentioned a couple of times that candy corn should never be eaten while wearing braces, it is obvious that you, unfortunately, cannot eat it in the first week of braces because that’s exactly when the braces are most prone to getting damaged.

Is candy corn good to eat with braces?

No, candy corn is definitely not good to eat with braces – quite the contrary, candy corn belongs to the worst snacks you could choose while wearing braces. Hence, always stay away from them to keep your braces safe.

Can candy corn damage and break your braces?

As we have been trying to explain to you this whole article, yes, of course, candy corn can damage and break your braces, and the chance this will happen is even huge. Because of that, don’t touch candy corn while wearing braces unless you want them to get broken.


Candy corn is a very chewy and sticky kind of candy, which means only one thing – they’re not precisely the best thing to eat while wearing braces. Or, to be more precise, it can be said that candy corns are one of the worst things you can choose with braces, which means you should always rather stay away from them altogether.

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