Can You Eat Apples With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Having dental braces come with “Do’s and Don’ts” to guide you in taking care of them. These include food rules, and yes, you got it right!

Apples are no exceptions to these food rules. Keep on reading to fully know if you can still enjoy apples even though you have braces.

Can you eat apples with braces? Yes, you can eat apples with braces. However, you should never bite into the whole apple as this can damage the wires on your braces. It is better to cut the apple into small pieces.

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Can I eat apples with braces?

Yes, you are allowed to eat apples even though you have braces. However, there are some food preparations to be done so that you will not have a problem eating them.

How to eat apples with braces?

It is recommended to slice your apples before eating them. It is better to eat thin slices so that no pressure will be put onto your braces when you bite.

Tips to eat apples with braces

Here are some tips for eating your apples even if you have braces.

Try applesauce instead of a whole apple

You can still enjoy apples even if you just got your braces or are hurting due to the adjustments made. Trying applesauce instead of a whole apple would be the best option.

Try cutting your apples into small cubes

If you find eating thin slices of apples boring, then try another type of cut. Cutting your apples into small cubes could also be an option for you.

Use lemon juice to stop apple slices from getting brown

When you have braces, you should cut your apples into small pieces. However, there is a problem.

The surface of apple slices gets brown easily due to oxidation. You can avoid that by adding drops of lemon juice to water, then submerging your apple slices in the mixture. This mixture will hasten the browning of the surface.

Do apples get stuck in your braces?

Definitely! Small pieces of apples can still get stuck in your braces. It is especially true with the peels since they are slightly firm. You should remove the peels to make sure they would not get stuck.

What happens if you eat apples with braces?

As mentioned above, the pieces of apple peel may get stuck in your braces. Peeling and slicing the apples into thin or bite-sized pieces would be better for you. Of course, you should always brush your teeth after eating.

How to fix apples on braces?

Brushing your teeth will help remove the stuck apple pieces on your braces. Flossing is also good practice so that no food debris is left.

Are apples considered a sticky food?

No, apples are not considered sticky food. In fact, they are juicy.

Can I eat apples in the first week of braces?

We all know that the first week and even the succeeding weeks of having your braces are like hell. You can feel pain by chewing. This makes it hard to eat. To still get your everyday nutrients by eating fruits, you can have your applesauce instead. You won’t have to chew and bite for this food.

Are apples good to eat with braces?

Apples are a good source of vitamin C and also have vitamin A. They are a better alternative to sugary treats.

Can apples damage and break your braces?

Yes, apples can damage and break your braces if you do not follow the tips mentioned above. Eating a whole apple can apply pressure onto your brackets and wires. It would then result in adjustments or loosening.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat sliced apples with braces?

Yes, you can eat sliced apples with braces. You just have to make sure that they are in thin slices or bite-sized cubes.

Can you eat caramel apples with braces?

Dipping your sliced apples into caramel sauce is better than having a whole caramel apple.

Can you eat candy apples with braces?

No, you cannot eat candy apples because those can be sticky and hard. It might damage your braces.

Can you eat whole apples with braces?

No, you cannot eat whole apples with braces. Eating whole apples might make your brackets removed and loosen your wires.

Can you eat apple pie with braces?

Yes, you can eat apple pies with braces. Apple pies are generally soft because the apples used to make the pies are already cooked.

Can you eat apple jacks with braces?

Apple jacks are hard and crunchy. As much as possible, you should avoid them.

Can you eat apple crumble with braces?

Yes, you can eat apple crumble since it is soft and juicy.

Can you eat apple chips with braces?

Apple chips are light, thin, and crunchy. It will not do any damage to your braces.


You can still eat apples even after having your braces. There are several ways to eat apples, such as cutting them into thin slices or cubes. You can also try applesauce instead. However, you should remember to remove the peels and never eat the apple as a whole.

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