Can You Eat Corn With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Seeing that bright yellow corn on the cob on your tabletop, could you resist eating that? Of course, not. So you’re going to get and eat it. However, that would be a problem if you are one of those people with braces.

I am sure that your orthodontist already discussed the list of foods that are best to avoid while having braces. We are 100% sure that it includes corn.

Can you eat corn with braces? Yes, you can. However, eating corn while you have your braces can be tricky. The corn kernel has a pericarp which is its outer layer. It is one of the pieces that can easily get stuck in between your teeth, bracket, and wires.

Continue reading as we will discuss more why corn can be a problem for your braces.

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Can I eat corn with braces?

Yes, you can eat corn with braces. Even so, it would be best if you avoid it. It is because it can get stuck easily in between your teeth, as well as in your braces. Those pieces of corn are hard to remove.

How to eat corn with braces?

If you want to eat corn so bad, there are several ways to lessen the risk of it being problematic to your braces afterward. The tips mentioned below can surely help you.

Tips to eat corn with braces

Boil the corn until it is overcooked

There is a way to make the corn kernels more soft and manageable to eat with braces. Boil the corn for more than 5 minutes. It will make the corn soft, as well as its outer layer. You may be able to chew the corn kernel better with this tip.

Separate the corn kernel from the cob

For people with braces, the key to eating solid food is to break it into smaller pieces. As for the corn, it is wise to separate the corn kernel from the cob. By doing that, eating corn with braces can be easy.

Does corn get stuck in your braces?

Yes, corn gets stuck in between your teeth and braces pretty easily. The outer layer and the other parts of the corn kernel are tiny. Sometimes, even if you chew, there are still some pieces that were not broken down.

What happens if you eat corn with braces?

There were several tips for eating corn with braces discussed above to avoid having more problems with it. Still, with or without braces, over-boiled corn or not, corns really separate into pieces that get stuck easily in your teeth and braces. You will still have to remove some stuck pieces with your toothbrush or teeth floss.

How to fix corn on braces?

As mentioned above, you can brush your teeth to remove the bits of corn stuck in between your teeth and braces. If brushing your teeth is not enough, we suggest using floss properly to remove plaques and other food particles, such as pieces of corn, in your teeth.

Is corn considered a sticky food?

There are kinds of corn that are considered sticky. Waxy corn is an example. It is sticky when cooked because it has a large amount of amylopectin (a component of starch). The amylopectin makes the corn kernels waxy and sticky.

Can I eat corn in the first week of braces?

It is probably best to avoid eating corn in the first week of getting your braces. Since corn can easily get stuck in between your teeth even if you don’t have braces, it is more likely to get stuck when you have braces. Moreover, avoiding corn can save you from damaging your braces.

Is corn good to eat with braces?

Even though corn is loaded with fiber and several vitamins and minerals, it would be better to avoid eating it. Avoiding corn can give you more peace of mind because you will not be bothered with the pieces stuck in your teeth, and you will only have a shorter period of orthodontic treatment.

Can corn damage and break your braces?

If you try biting the corn kernel while it is on the cob, it will probably damage your braces. The worst is that the brackets might come off. When biting the corn on the cob, your teeth rub on the cob, and we all know that the cob is hard. The created pressure can cause damage to your braces.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat corn on the cob with braces?

No. It is not bright to eat corn on the cob with braces. It might damage and cause your brackets to come off. That will cause you to go to your orthodontist for re-adjustments and a longer treatment period.

Can you eat corn chips with braces?

Corn chips are relatively thin and easy to bite. You will have no problem eating those.

Can you eat cornflakes with braces?

Similar to corn chips, cornflakes are small and thin. It will not damage your braces. Moreover, you can eat cornflakes with milk. Doing this will make it soft and very easy to chew.


While corn is delicious, you are doing yourself a favor by avoiding eating it. Although there are ways to make the corn more manageable to eat with braces, eating it, mainly when it is still on the cob, can cause problems. It can make your brackets fall off or the wire to be loose. It can also get stuck in your teeth and braces quickly.

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