Can You Eat Oranges With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

We all know that fruits have lots of nutrients. Orange, in particular, is a highly nutritious citrus fruit. There are also several health benefits that we can get from them as it boosts your immune system and helps give you smoother skin.

Can you eat oranges with braces? The answer is definitely yes! Oranges are soft and juicy. It is a perfect snack that is healthy and delicious. You can eat oranges as long as you brush and floss your teeth and properly clean your brackets and wires after.

Keep on reading as we will discuss how oranges are allowed to be eaten but can still harm your teeth and braces. 

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Can I eat oranges with braces?

Of course! Oranges are on the list of soft fruits allowed to be eaten by people with braces. Since oranges are already divided into segments, they can be easily consumed.

How to eat oranges with braces?

First, peel the oranges. Biting the peel of an orange can dislodge or loosen the brackets and wires. More tips on how to eat oranges are provided below.

Tips to eat oranges with braces

Remove the pith of the orange

You may notice the white stringy and spongy white stuff after you peel the orange. These are called piths, and they are edible. However, it can get stuck on your brackets and wires. So, it is better to remove that extra pith before eating the orange.

Cut the orange into smaller pieces

Even though orange is already divided into segments, you can still cut them into smaller sizes. This method will help you consume oranges with ease.

Do oranges get stuck in your braces?

Yes, oranges do get stuck in your braces. Especially the skin of the Actually, any food that you consume can get stuck in between your teeth and braces.

What happens if you eat oranges with braces?

It will be easy for you to eat oranges since it is soft and do not cause much discomfort when chewed. However, pieces of the oranges that you eat can still get stuck in between your teeth, brackets, and wires. Moreover, you will notice that your lips have dried up due to eating this citrus fruit.

How to fix oranges on braces?

One hour after eating, you should brush your teeth thoroughly. Flossing also tremendously helps when cleaning your teeth and braces.

Are oranges considered a sticky food?

No, an orange is not considered a sticky food. Instead, it is a citrus fruit with pulps that makes oranges juicy. The pulps can be seen when a piece of an orange segment is opened up.

Can I eat oranges in the first week of braces?

During your first week with braces, you will feel pain. Orange can be eaten easily since it is already soft and will only cause slight discomfort.

Are oranges good to eat with braces?

Oranges are generally allowed to eat when you have braces. The only downside is that it can still get stuck between your teeth and braces. Also, oranges are acidic.

Can oranges damage and break your braces?

As mentioned above, oranges are acidic. The acid from oranges can cause your teeth’ enamel (thin outer covering of teeth) to soften for up to an hour. Therefore, the protective layer of the teeth weakens. It is best not to brush your teeth immediately after eating oranges as this will damage your teeth’ enamel. In addition, peel the orange before eating it.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat mandarin oranges with braces?

Mandarin oranges are smaller than your average orange. It is okay to eat it as long as you peel the mandarin oranges and eat them in pieces. Eating it whole may give you discomfort and may leave more debris in your teeth and braces.

Can you eat orange slices with braces?

Eating orange slices is allowed for people with braces. Since segments of orange are already small, it is manageable to be eaten and will not cause much discomfort.


Oranges are okay to eat for people with braces. Since it is soft, it may be easily consumed, especially in your first week of getting braces. Peel your oranges, and you can cut the segments of oranges into smaller pieces. Do not brush your teeth immediately after eating oranges so that your teeth’ enamel will not be damaged.

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