Can You Eat Pretzels With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Pretzels are definitely one of the most globally famous bakery products, especially when we’re talking about the ones originating in Germany. That being said, the ones made nowadays are often very different from the traditional ones, not rarely looking more like a snack than baked bread. 

But no matter what kind of pretzels we’re talking about specifically, you should know that when you start to wear braces, you must stay away from them:

Can you eat pretzels with braces? No, you can’t eat pretzels with braces, which is mainly because chances are very high that biting into them might result in one of the braces’ brackets getting broken. Additionally, pretzels are also very crumbly and contain a lot of salt, which are both terrible things for your braces.

This was just a fast way to put it, though – if we really want to understand this topic, we’ll have to dive deeper into it.

So without any further ado, let’s just get started!

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Can I eat pretzels with braces?

Unfortunately, you cannot eat pretzels with braces, and there are even multiple reasons for that. First, biting into them could not unlikely break one of the braces’ brackets, which is a very unpleasant thing. And even if that didn’t happen, you can bet the tiny crumbles from the pretzels will surely get stuck in the braces, and that can cause a lot of trouble as well.

How to eat pretzels with braces?

So as we have touched on in the previous answer, pretzels and braces don’t go together well, which means there are basically no ways to eat pretzels with braces – the only thing we can recommend you is to stay away from them because they’re simply far too risky.

Tips to eat pretzels with braces

So now you should have a decent picture of why eating pretzels with braces isn’t precisely the most innovative idea. However, if you for any reason decide not to listen to us and still eat them, please, at least follow these essential tips while doing so:

Tip 1

First things first, when you crave your pretzels so unbearably you simply can’t make it without them while wearing braces, you should at least always choose some softer, less salty kinds of them to minimalize the potential damage.

Tip 2

The second thing is beneficial when talking about smaller kinds of pretzels but will definitely come in handy even in other cases – before actually biting into the pretzels, you should always pre-cut them into smaller pieces.

Tip 3

And the last thing we will speak about comes just after you finish the pretzels – after eating pretzels (or any food for that matter), you should always brush your teeth very carefully. When that isn’t enough, go get some dental floss as well.

Do pretzels get stuck in your braces?

Yes, pretzels get stuck in your braces, and often, it isn’t even the pretzels themselves but rather the grains of salt! And since that can cause a lot of damage, you should rather avoid pretzels while wearing braces, at least provided you don’t want to go through a lot of pain.

How to fix pretzels on braces?

To fix toast on braces, it is most crucial to brush your teeth very carefully. But with that being said, since that most likely won’t be enough, you’ll then also have to use dental floss – to do so, first tie a knot in it and then use this knot to pull all of the remains out of the braces.

Are pretzels considered a sticky food?

No, pretzels are not considered a sticky food, but with that in mind, they’re still very harmful to your braces. So what is the reason for that, then? Well, mainly the fact they’re extraordinarily crispy and salty.

Can I eat pretzels in the first week of braces?

Since we have already explained thoroughly that you should actually avoid pretzels entirely while wearing braces, it is evident that you can’t eat pretzels in the first week of braces because that is precisely when they’re most prone to getting damaged.

Are pretzels good to eat with braces?

As we have been trying to explain to you this whole article, pretzels are definitely not good to eat with braces; quite the contrary, they’re one of the worst things you could choose, and eating them might likely result in a lot of mess. Hence, rather stay always away from pretzels while wearing braces.

Can pretzels damage and break your braces?

Yes, of course, pretzels can damage and break your braces; in fact, they’re nearly guaranteed to do so! Because of that, you should always stay as far away from pretzels as possible while wearing braces, at least provided you don’t want them to get broken.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat mini pretzels with braces?

No, you can’t eat mini pretzels with braces. The reason for that is even though they’re smaller, they’re still just as crispy.

Can you eat thin pretzels with braces?

Yes, you can eat thin pretzels with braces because, unlike with the regular kinds, biting into thin pretzels isn’t that damaging for your braces.

Can you eat pretzel bites with braces?

Unfortunately, you cannot eat pretzel bites with braces because they’re usually even more crispy and hard to bite on than regular pretzels.

Can you eat chocolate-covered pretzels with braces?

No, you most definitely can’t eat chocolate-covered pretzels with braces because they’re incredibly harmful to them!

Can you eat Snyder’s pretzels with braces?

And you can’t eat even Snyder’s pretzels with braces – since this brand’s pretzels are even well-known for being heavily seasoned, you should avoid them even more seriously than the regular ones.

Can you eat pretzel sticks with braces?

And as you can probably guess by now, the same goes even for pretzel sticks – since they’re just as crispy and salty as regular pretzels, pretzel sticks and braces don’t go together well.


Since they’re usually highly crispy, hard-to-chew-on, and salty, pretzels, unfortunately, cannot be eaten while you have to wear braces. And even though this is the case, especially when talking about the small snack kind of pretzels, ideally, even the bakery product sold in much bigger shapes should be avoided for similar reasons.

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