Can You Eat Bread With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Bread, a bakery product usually made out of mixing flour dough and water, is a staple of every cuisine worldwide, which means that there are tons of different kinds of bread. And precisely due to that, it isn’t surprising that the answer to this question varies in specific cases:

Can you eat bread with braces? Yes, you can eat bread with braces; however, always make sure to pre-cut the crust and also to stay away from things like wholemeal bread. That’s because biting into these crispy things might very easily break one of your braces’ brackets.

But this was just to put it very briefly, and a more in-depth look is without a doubt needed to actually understand this topic.

Why are we wasting any more time then? Let’s just get started!

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Can I eat bread with braces?

Although usually, you can eat bread with braces, there are some cases in which you should rather stay as far away from it as possible. What are those? Well, for instance, when we’re talking about the wholemeal kind of bread or similar ones – since the little pieces in those could likely lead to your braces getting damaged, avoiding them is simply the brightest idea.

How to eat bread with braces?

Since you should avoid anything crispy while wearing braces, in order to eat bread with braces, you should always first cut off the crust. Otherwise, biting into it could break the braces easily. For the same reasons, cutting the bread into smaller pieces before consuming it might also be a smart idea.

Tips to eat bread with braces

But that is not the only thing we could recommend to you – here come our two other tips for eating bread with braces:

Tip 1

First, after eating bread (or for that matter any food, to be completely honest) with braces, you should brush your teeth very carefully. Since stuck pieces of food can quickly start to rot in the braces, this is simply a necessity.

Tip 2

However, to be honest, just brushing your teeth won’t completely prevent this. So what do you have to do next? Go get some dental floss, tie a knot in it, and then use this knot as a weird kind of spoon to pull all of the remains out of the braces. 

Does bread get stuck in your braces?

Yes, bread gets stuck in your braces, which is exactly why you should pay a lot of attention to dental hygiene after eating it. In addition to that, you should also always cut the bread into smaller pieces before putting it into your mouth. Thanks to that, fewer bread crumbles should get stuck in the braces.

How to fix bread on braces?

As we have already mentioned, to fix bread on braces, you most importantly have to brush your teeth exceptionally carefully. But since it is likely this won’t be enough, you’ll then probably have to get some dental floss as well.

Is bread considered a sticky food?

No, bread is not considered a sticky food, at least as long as you don’t put sticky things on it. However, that doesn’t mean bread couldn’t damage your braces – this can happen, for instance, when the bread is far too crispy. Or when the braces are more prone to getting damaged; more about that’s coming in the next answer, though.

Can I eat bread in the first week of braces?

As we hope you all know, braces are more prone to getting damaged at the beginning of the procedure when your mouth’s still getting used to them being in there. And because of that, you should rather not eat bread in the first week of braces.

Is bread good to eat with braces?

Even though bread isn’t precisely good to eat with braces, it isn’t horrible either. Well, at least when you make sure that the bread you’re about to eat is not far too crispy and also when you remember to rather avoid the crust. The reason for both is the chance of one of your braces’ brackets breaking.

Can bread damage and break your braces?

So yes, bread can damage and break your braces, but it happens only when you don’t listen to our tips and, for instance, bite into it even with the crust. So as long as you make sure to avoid these stupid mistakes, it should be alright.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat garlic bread with braces?

Even though you can eat garlic bread with braces, we would recommend you to consume as little of it as possible. Additionally, always cut the bread into smaller pieces before actually biting into it.

Can you eat toasted bread with braces?

No, you most definitely cannot eat toasted bread with braces because by toasting it, you make the bread much more crispy, which is not a good thing for your braces. Hence, don’t ever toast your bread when you’re wearing braces.

Can you eat naan bread with braces?

While you can eat naan bread with braces, you should always make sure that it is the soft kind. Besides that, you should always pre-cut it into smaller pieces and eliminate the crust.

Can you eat bread crust with braces?

No, you can’t eat bread crust with braces – because of that, you always have to cut the crust off the bread before biting into it. While you’re doing that, it may also be wise to cut the bread into smaller pieces.

Can you eat soft bread with braces?

Yes, you can eat soft bread with braces; in fact, that is precisely the kind of bread you should be looking for because the softer the bread, the lesser the chance of it breaking one of your braces’ brackets!


Bread is a staple bakery product, which means it will probably please a lot of you hearing that it can be eaten even while you’re wearing braces. But with that being said, remember that when you eat bread with braces, you should always get rid of the crust, and if possible, also pre-cut it into smaller pieces.

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