Can You Drink Coffee With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Coffee might have many benefits for people, but it’s better to avoid it while wearing braces. Coffee has the tendency to damage your braces, especially when they are new!

Can I drink tea with braces? Yes, you can drink coffee with braces, but you must be very careful. Coffee is a dark-colored beverage that can stain your braces and weaken them. It’s best to use coffee in a moderate amount, and you can have 1 cup of coffee daily, especially when braces are new.

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Can I drink coffee with braces?

As discussed earlier, coffee is a dark beverage that can stain your braces. You can drink coffee. Just limit your consumption to at least 1 cup daily to protect your braces from stains or other harm.

Try not to add extra sugars to your coffee as sugar is not suitable for braces. To keep braces clean and in good shape, avoid coffee as much as possible.

How to drink coffee with braces?

The best way is to use a straw, as drinking with straw limits the contact of liquid with braces. Try to drink coffee with less caffeine as caffeine is harmful to teeth. Make sure you rinse your mouth with mouthwash after drinking in case any stains are left behind.

Tips for drinking coffee with braces

Tip 1

If limiting or excluding coffee from your diet is impossible, you can choose another way. Dilute your coffee with milk, as milk can reduce the impact of tannins in coffee. Make sure you don’t use any sugar as sugar is sticky and not suitable for braces.

Tip 2

The most important and helpful tip here is to use a straw for drinking coffee. Straw helps keep the acids and sugars away from your teeth every time you take a sip. By using a straw, caffeine doesn’t make direct contact with your teeth which is much safer.

Tip 3

The last thing you need to do after drinking coffee is to brush your teeth and wash your mouth very carefully. This is because the stains and sugars can be left behind on braces which can cause tooth decay and can be harmful to braces, so make sure to brush.

How often can you drink coffee with braces?

It’s way better to limit the consumption of coffee to 1 or a maximum of 2 cups a day to protect your braces and teeth.

Coffee causes severe stains on braces and teeth, which are harmful and can erode the braces. Coffee, no doubt, is a healthy drink too, so to keep that thing alike, it would be acceptable to have 1 cup daily.

Does coffee get stuck in your braces?

No, coffee cannot get stuck in your braces, but it surely does stain your braces. The stains cannot be removed easily if not taken care of, and it’s best to drink coffee in a limited amount per day.

Coffee contains caffeine and tannins, which harm braces and oral health. Make sure to wash your mouth with some mouthwash and brush your teeth. 

What happens if you drink coffee with braces?

Suppose you regularly drink coffee 2-3 times a day, then it’s bad for your braces. As discussed earlier, coffee contains added colors, sugars, caffeine, and tannins, which are harmful to braces and can stain your braces.

The braces are usually bonded to your teeth, the straightening process would not work, and the bonding will not come in contact with a lot of consumption of coffee or other beverages. Drinking a lot of coffee with braces can erode the tooth enamel and cause harmful stains.

How to fix coffee on braces?

The first thing is to drink less coffee with braces. One cup of coffee daily is enough; more consumption can be harmful. Make sure to brush your teeth and wash your mouth with some mouthwash.

Then, gargle with salt water to help remove stains or other substances left behind. Then, if you are still facing issues, It’s better to consult your dentist.

Can I drink coffee in the first week of braces?

It’s better to avoid drinking coffee during the first week of braces. During the first week, you will already face pressure and soreness on your teeth as the braces gradually align with jaw bones, so avoiding such beverages is better. If required, take half a cup with added milk and no sugar.

Is coffee good to drink with braces?

Coffee is not said to be a harmful drink with braces, but too much consumption can harm your braces. It’s better to consume moderate amounts and take care of your braces.

Make sure not to stain your braces with coffee, as it can worsen. Always drink in diluted form and never add extra sugars to it.

Can coffee damage and break your braces?

No, coffee cannot damage or break your braces, but if you consume too much and do not take care of them, it can be a reason. As coffee is a dark-colored beverage, it can leave stains on braces and teeth, which are not good.

The stains and left behind caffeine tannins substances on braces can cause your braces to weaken and can damage them. It’s better to use some safety measures for good oral health. Always wash your mouth after drinking coffee.

Can I drink coffee through a straw with braces?

Yes, you can drink coffee with braces with a straw; it keeps the liquid and sugars away from your teeth every time you take a sip. In addition, using straw coffee doesn’t make direct contact with your teeth which is much safer.

Frequently asked questions

Can I drink Starbucks with braces?

You can drink Starbucks coffee with braces, but you must be careful. These coffees are highly pigmented so that they can stain your brace’s brackets.

The stains can cause demineralization of your teeth, which in turn can cause tooth decay. Make sure you drink coffees from different outlets; do not drink too much. Avoid sugars and other toppings.

Can I have iced coffee with braces?

Cold beverages like iced coffee will stain your braces less than hot coffee. Cold beverages take longer to get stuck anywhere, and iced coffee doesn’t get that much in contact with braces.

It’s best to drink it with a straw. Still, it is a dark beverage and can stain your braces. So limit your daily consumption.

Can you drink coffee with ceramic braces?

It’s best to avoid drinking too hot or dark-colored beverages with ceramic braces. Ceramic braces require much more maintenance and care as they are sensitive.

Make sure you are consuming coffee with them, so brush your teeth and wash your mouth thoroughly.

Can you drink coffee with clear braces?

Yes, you can drink coffee with clear braces as today’s clear braces brackets resist stains, but it can cause a bit of discoloration of the transparent elastic of braces. Just make sure after drinking, you wash your mouth, or it’s best to use a straw.

Does coffee stain braces?

Yes, coffee does stain your braces as it’s a dark-colored beverage containing tannins. It can stain your braces as well as your teeth. Make sure your drink is in a moderate amount. Always wash your mouth thoroughly after drinking.


No doubt coffee is a drug to many, and it’s good for health, whether hot or cold coffee. While wearing braces, you need to be very careful as there are different types of coffees available, and all have different substances harmful to braces.

Including caffeine, sugars, and tannins, it can also stain your braces and cause damage. Just drink a moderate amount and 1 cup a day. Always brush your teeth and wash your mouth with mouthwash or salt water after drinking.

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