Can You Drink Lemonade With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Lemonade is beneficial, but if you wear braces, it can also harm you because the citric acid in lemon can stain your braces.

Can you drink lemonade with braces? Yes, you can drink lemonade with braces, but it is always necessary to keep a balance. Although, try not to consume it daily because of the presence of citric acid that can damage your braces, and it is better to avoid it as much as possible for your oral health.

What to do if you are a big fan of lemonade but also have braces? To find the solution, keep reading this article to get the desired answers.

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Can I drink lemonade with braces?

If you want to enjoy lemonade with braces occasionally, it’s completely fine. But our recommendation is to limit the amount of lemonade. Although lemon is diluted, it is still a citrus fruit and can be harmful to the metal and the teeth’ enamel. So it is better not to drink lemonade daily.

How to drink lemonade with braces?

The best way is to add one lemon to 250ml water and try to add sugar to it. It is better to drink lemonade with salt as it helps you in oral hygiene.

Sugar is also bad for your teeth and can destroy them. Adding water helps in diluting the citric acid present in lemon and prevents you from further damage.

Tips for drinking lemonade with braces

Tip 1

Using a straw is a safe option, as the lemonade will not come in direct contact with your braces, and it lessens the chances of damage to them.

Tip 2

Always mix the lemon juice in water to dilute the citric acid that can cause damage to your braces. After drinking your lemonade, always rinse your mouth with water.

How often can you drink lemonade with braces?

Lemon contains citric acid that can be dangerous for your teeth. The acid can erode the teeth’s enamel, so it is better to drink it once or twice a week. In addition, it will help your braces get less damage and prevent them from getting stained.

Does lemonade get stuck in your braces?

It does not get stuck in your braces, but drinking lemonade damages the metal of braces and the chemicals used to make them work. Also, it is a highly acidic fruit, and even if you are drinking it in a diluted form, it is better not to consume it more often.

What happens if you drink lemonade with braces?

Lemons are one of the most acidic fruits, and they can damage your teeth and your braces badly. It can erode the teeth’s enamel, as well as it can stain your braces in a bad way. Therefore, it is better for your health to avoid this citrus fruit as much as possible.

How to fix lemonade on braces?

If you have lemonade more often, it will damage your braces. To fix your braces, the first tip is not to drink it, and still, if you want to drink lemonade, it is better to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water twice to avoid more damage.

Can I drink lemonade in the first week of braces?

It is not good to drink lemonade in the first week of braces. The primary reason is the acid present in lemon can destroy all the chemicals used, and it will also harm your teeth.

During the first week, you already have a lot of pain and soreness, and lemonade can make it worse due to its tanginess. So it would be better not to have such things in the first week of braces.

Is lemonade good to drink with braces?

Lemonade is good for one’s health as it keeps you hydrated and has many other benefits, but lemon contains a good amount of citric acid. Even if it is diluted, it still has traces of citrus, so it is better to drink it in a certain amount just to freshen up your mood. Avoid drinking it daily.

Can lemonade damage and break your braces?

Acidic foods like lemon are not good for your braces as the amount of acid present in them can destroy the metal of your braces even if you are consuming it in a diluted form.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid such things. In addition, drinking excessive amounts of lemonade will stain your braces. It cannot break your braces but will lessen their benefits by making them useless.

Can I drink lemonade through a straw with braces?

Drinking lemonade with a straw can be a safe option with your braces on. This is because it prevents the direct contact of lemonade with your braces, but still, it is better to keep a balance while drinking lemonade to avoid any problems in the future.

Frequently asked questions

Can you drink strawberry lemonade with braces?

Yes, you can drink strawberry lemonade with braces, but right after drinking, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and always brush your teeth because of the sugars.


Although lemonade is a healthy drink and the lemon is diluted, traces of citric acid are present, which causes damage to your braces. Consuming it in the form of lemonade can also stain your braces and affect the metal of your braces.

Citric acid is a highly concentrated acid that can erode your teeth’s enamel, so it is better to avoid lemonade if you have braces. It is better to brush your teeth after drinking lemonade because of the sugars and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water right after drinking.

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