Can You Drink Sprite With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

If you occasionally want to enjoy having cold drinks with braces, then it’s completely fine. But consuming too many cold beverages like Sprite while wearing braces can be harmful. Sprite contains high levels of acidic acid, soda, and sugar, which is unsuitable for oral health.

Can you drink Sprite with braces? Yes, you can drink Sprite with braces, but it is always necessary to keep a balance. Although, try not to consume it daily because of the presence of acidic acid, soda, and high sugars that can cause damage to your braces, and it is better to avoid it for your oral health.

What to do if you are a big fan of Sprite but also have braces? To find the solution, keep reading this article to get the desired answers.

Can You Drink Sprite With Braces

Can I drink Sprite with braces?

One crucial rule every person needs to follow while having braces is to avoid drinking soda or fizzy drinks like Sprite. You may drink them occasionally but not too often as they have a high level of acidity.

Sprite contains a lot of sugar and acids, which can eat away your enamel. Later it can result in tooth sensitivity and staining braces and cause significant oral health issues.

How to drink Sprite with braces?

The best way is to add water to the Sprite, which dissolves acidity and sugars to a much lower level. You can even drink Sprite with added salt as salt helps in oral health.

Sugar and high acids are bad for braces and can stain and erode your underpinnings. It’s better to avoid drinking Sprite during braces, but if you still want to, then use a straw.

Tips for drinking Sprite with braces

Tip 1

Using a straw is a safe option, as the Sprite will not come in direct contact with your braces and lessens the chances of damage to them.

Tip 2

Always mix the half cup of Sprite with water to dilute the acidic acid that can cause damage to your braces. Waters lessens the added sugars and acidity.

Tip 3

The last thing you need to do after drinking Sprite is to brush your teeth and wash your mouth very carefully. This is because the acids and sugars can be left behind on braces which can cause tooth decay and can be harmful to braces, so make sure to brush.

How often can you drink Sprite with braces?

Sprite contains many sugars, acidic and citric acid, which are harmful to braces; it’s best to avoid drinking it with braces.

The acidity of a Sprite can cause stains and erode your braces, but you can enjoy it occasionally; moderation is the real key here.

Does Sprite get stuck in your braces?

It does not get stuck in your braces, but drinking Sprite damages the metal of braces and the chemicals used to make them work.

Also, it is a highly acidic drink, and even if you drink it diluted, it is better not to consume it more often.

What happens if you drink Sprite with braces?

Sprite is a drink with high acidity; it contains many acids like acidic acid, carbonic acid, and sugars that are harmful to teeth. In addition, the carbonation can stain the metal of braces and cause teeth erosion when braces come off.

The braces are usually bonded to your teeth, the straightening process would not work, and the bonding will not come in contact with a lot of consumption of Sprite. Drinking many acidic drinks with braces can erode the tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.

How to fix Sprite on braces?

The first thing is to avoid drinking Sprite or drink less with braces. It’s best to avoid such acidic drinks with braces as they can be more harmful to braces as well as your teeth.

Make sure to brush your teeth and wash your mouth with some mouthwash. Then, gargle with salt water as it can help remove acidic solutions.

Can I drink Sprite in the first week of braces?

You should avoid drinking Sprite in the first week of braces as Sprite contains many harmful acids to teeth, grows bacteria, and causes a breakdown of tooth enamel.

Drinking too many cold drinks, like Sprite, or soda, at this time can reverse the process and harm your teeth.

During the first week, you will already face pressure and soreness on your teeth as the braces gradually align with jaw bones, so avoiding acidic foods is best.

Is Sprite good to drink with braces? 

No, it’s not good to drink Sprite with braces; it’s better if you avoid it. As mentioned above, cold drinks like Sprite, Coca-Cola, and sodas contain acids and sugars that are harmful to teeth and can reduce the effect of braces. If you are hoping for better results in a short time, try to reduce your soda-drinking habit.

Can Sprite damage and break your braces?

Acidic drinks like Sprite are not suitable for your braces as the amount of acid present in them can destroy the metal of your braces even if you are consuming it in a diluted form.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid such things. In addition, drinking excessive amounts of cold drinks will result in staining your braces.

Can I drink Sprite through a straw with braces?

Drinking Sprite with a straw can be a safe option with your braces. This is because it prevents the direct contact of lemonade with your braces, but still, it is better to keep a balance while you are drinking cold drinks to avoid any problems in the future. Consume occasionally in a moderate amount.


Sprite contains a lot of soda, which is acidic; it contains sugars, acidic, and citric acids, an unhealthy drink people like to have.

It’s hard for a cold drink lover to cut it off from the diet suddenly. But it’s better to cut it off; try to consume less if you can.

Sprite does not only stain your braces, but it can also harm your braces and cause oral health problems. The acids can damage your braces, make them lose, and be less effective.

So if you still drink Sprite and other cold drinks, be extra careful, brush your teeth, and wash your mouth thoroughly.

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