Can You Eat Doritos With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Doritos are probably the most famous tortilla chips all around the world – for a lot of people, the term Doritos has even become a synonym for tortilla chips in general, simply because of how extremely popular they are! And due to that, it is more than likely that at least some of you are wondering:

Can you eat Doritos with braces? Unfortunately, you cannot eat Doritos with braces – since they’re so incredibly crispy, not only could the pressure required to bite them damage your wire, but it could also break one of the braces’ brackets.

But this is hardly everything that can be said about this topic, so let’s now take a more in-depth look to actually understand it, shall we?

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Can I eat Doritos with braces?

No, you can’t eat Doritos with braces because these worldwide famous tortilla chips are incredibly crispy and crunchy, which are both horrible things for braces. First, there is a high chance that you’ll break your wire simply by biting into the Doritos, but even if that didn’t happen, it’d be nearly assured that some small piece of the Doritos will get stuck in the braces instead.

How to eat Doritos with braces?

But if you simply can’t stop craving them, at least remember that to eat Doritos with braces, you can never get more than just one Dorito at once! Additionally, you should always leave the Dorito to sit and melt on your tongue for a while before actually biting into it.

With that being said, though, keep in mind that it is a bad choice to do anything besides not touching the Doritos at all, period.

Tips to eat Doritos with braces

However, if you for any reason decide not to listen to us and still get some Doritos with braces, please, at least follow these two tips afterward:

Tip 1

The first and undeniable thing you should do after eating some Doritos with braces is to brush your teeth carefully – even when biting on the Doritos itself doesn’t break your braces, there is still a high chance they’re getting damaged due to some crunches getting stuck in there, meaning brushing your teeth is simply a necessity.

Tip 2

But to be honest, just brushing your teeth probably won’t make that much of a difference. Therefore, it will most likely also be needed to use dental floss – first, tie a knot in it and then pull all of the remains out of your braces using this knot.

Do Doritos get stuck in your braces?

Although they are not precisely sticky, Doritos get stuck in your braces. The reason for that is that they’re very crunchy, and the tiny pieces tend to get stuck in braces as well. Because of that (and also the fact that they’re exceptionally crispy), you should undoubtedly avoid Doritos if you wear braces.

How to fix Doritos on braces?

Above, we have already explained this one thoroughly, so we’ll now take it just briefly – to fix Doritos on braces, you mainly have to brush your teeth very carefully. But since that probably won’t be enough, you’ll also have to use dental floss to get all of the remains out of the braces.

Are Doritos considered a sticky food?

No, Doritos are not considered a sticky food; however, that doesn’t mean eating them with braces would be possible. The biggest issue with Doritos is their crispiness, due to which one of the braces’ brackets will likely break.

Can I eat Doritos in the first week of braces?

In this whole article, we have been trying to explain to you why Doritos are extremely bad to eat with braces in general. Therefore, it is more than obvious that you can’t eat Doritos in the first week of braces because that time is precisely when the braces are most likely getting damaged.

Are Doritos good to eat with braces?

No, Doritos are not good to eat with braces; in fact, they’re one of the worst things you could choose! They’re very crispy, crumble, and have intense flavor, which are all highly terrible things for your braces.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat crushed-up Doritos with braces?

No, you definitely can’t eat crushed-up Doritos with braces – as we have been explaining to you this whole article, the biggest problem with eating Doritos with braces is the fact they’re so crunchy and can, therefore, get stuck in there. And this is, even more the case with crushed-up Doritos, so stay away from them as well.


Doritos are definitely the most popular kind of tortilla chips in the whole world – unfortunately, though, when you need to start wearing braces, you cannot enjoy them any longer. The reason is that Doritos are incredibly crispy and crunchy, which can both quickly end up with your braces getting damaged.



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