Can You Eat Lay’s With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

In the past few articles, we talked about how it is with various chips and braces. With things like Pringles and Cheetos, we came to a surprising conclusion that they can be eaten with braces. And even though that may give us some hope, the same will go for Lay’s, sadly, you will have to pass on them if you wear braces:

Can you eat Lay’s with braces? No, you can’t Lay’s with braces because it is more than likely that biting into them will break one off their brackets just like with any other chips. Additionally, a small piece of it could get stuck in the braces and damage them as well.

But this is hardly everything that can be said about this issue, so we’ll now take a bit closer look to actually understand it, shall we?

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Can I eat Lay’s with braces?

Unfortunately, you can’t eat Lay’s with braces because they’re far too crunchy and crispy, which are both extremely bad things for braces. Not only could biting into Lay’s break one of the braces’ brackets right away but there’s also a high chance that some small crumbles will get stuck there, which might be damaging as well.

How to eat Lay’s with braces?

In the previous answer, we have explained why you should rather stay away from Lay’s completely while wearing braces. Hence, there are, unfortunately, no ways how to eat Lay’s with braces – the only thing we can think of is reminding you not to ever eat more than one chip at a time, but we’ll get into that soon.

Tips to eat Lay’s with braces

So now you should understand why it is more than wise to avoid Lay’s completely with braces, but if you for any reason decide not to listen to us, please, at least follow these three essential tips:

Tip 1

The first tip is regarding the way you consume the chips – since snacking on some Lay’s with braces is bad enough on its own, you have to remember at least not to ever eat more than one chip at a time when you do it! Additionally, it can also be helpful to let the chip melt on your tongue for a while before actually biting into it.

Tip 2

The second thing comes after you finish eating the chips because you’ll have to brush your teeth carefully. By the way, since you should be doing this after every meal with braces, we would recommend you snack on the Lay’s during the mealtime because that’ll save you a lot of work.

Tip 3

But what if not even brushing your teeth helps? Well, then you’ll have to use dental floss! First, tie a knot in it and just then pull all of the remains out of the braces using this knot. It’ll probably take a while, but be patient; it’ll be worth it.

Do Lay’s get stuck in your braces?

Yes, Lay’s get stuck in your braces, just like basically any other chips – they’re crispy and crunchy and contain a lot of tiny pieces of salt beside others, and those like to get stuck a lot. Because of all of that, we would simply recommend you not to touch Lay’s while you have to wear braces.

What happens if you eat Lay’s with braces?

Unfortunately, two bad things can happen if you eat Lay’s with braces – first, it is possible that biting into them can break one of your braces’ brackets right away since chips are very crispy. But even if that doesn’t help, it is more than likely that some small crumbles of the Lay’s will get stuck in the braces, which isn’t good either.

How to fix Lay’s on braces?

We have already talked about this one thoroughly above, so let’s now take it just quickly – to fix Lay’s on braces, you mainly have to brush your teeth carefully. But since that probably won’t be enough, it is more than likely that you’ll have to use some dental floss as well.

Are Lay’s considered a sticky food?

No, Lay’s are not considered a sticky food; however, they’re still likely to damage your braces. Why? Well, they’re very crispy and crunchy, which can either brake one of the braces’ brackets right away or damage them when some tiny crumbles get stuck in there.

Can I eat Lay’s in the first week of braces?

Since we have already explained that you should rather not touch Lay’s chips at all while wearing braces, it only makes sense that you can’t eat Lay’s in the first week of braces. The reason is that they’re most prone to get damaged from the beginning.

Are Lay’s good to eat with braces?

No, Lay’s are not suitable to eat with braces; in fact, they’re a pretty bad choice, as we have been trying to explain to you this whole article. That’s because they’re very crunchy and crispy, which are both very inconvenient things for your braces.

Can Lay’s damage and break your braces?

As we have already mentioned a couple of times, Lay’s definitely can damage and break your braces. Because of that, you should ideally avoid them entirely while wearing braces, and if you don’t do that, at least bite into them very carefully and brush your teeth afterward to clean them from the remaining crunches.


Lay’s, just like basically every other kind of chip, are a horrible thing to eat while wearing braces – first, they’re crispy, and that can break one of the braces’ brackets easily. But additionally, they’re very crunchy, which means that they can get easily stuck in the braces as well.



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