Can You Eat Gummy Worms With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Who doesn’t love gummy worms, right? Well, okay, many of us, but kids, they can’t get enough of them! However, what happens when they start to wear braces? Can they still enjoy their favorite treat afterward? Let’s find out!

Can you eat gummy worms with braces? Unfortunately, you can’t eat gummy worms with braces because they’re always either far too sticky or far too chewy. And since both of these things are terrible for braces, it means gummy worms must be avoided if you’re wearing them.

But this is hardly everything that can be said about this topic, and if we want to understand it actually, we’ll have to take a bit more in-depth look.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s just jump right into it!

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Can I eat gummy worms with braces? 

No, you can’t eat gummy worms with braces, and there are even a couple of reasons for that. First, they’re incredibly sticky and also contain a lot of sugar. But additionally, gummy worms are even reasonably hard to chew, which is damaging for the braces as well. 

So simply put, try to stay as far away from gummy worms as possible when you have to wear braces. 

How to eat gummy worms with braces? 

In the previous answer, we have explained why you can’t eat gummy worms while wearing braces. Hence, it is evident that there are no ways how to eat gummy worms with braces. 

Tips to eat gummy worms with braces

As we have explained above, eating gummy worms with braces isn’t a precisely good idea. But if you still decide to do so, at least remember to follow these two essential tips:

Tip 1

First things first, you’ll have to brush your teeth. However, don’t hurry up with it because sugar softens your teeth a lot. Due to that, you should wait at least half an hour and drink a lot of water in the meantime.

Tip 2

But what if brushing your teeth doesn’t really help? Well, then it is time to use dental floss: tie a knot in it and pull all of the remains out of the braces using this knot. 

Do gummy worms get stuck in your braces? 

As you probably could tell, gummy worms are very sticky candy, so there’s more than a big chance of gummy worms getting stuck to your braces. Therefore, try to avoid them while wearing braces. 

How to fix gummy worms on braces? 

First of all – don’t try to pick it with your tongue, it’s not going to work, and the gummy worms will get deeper under braces. Instead, to fix gummy worms on braces, we would recommend using a toothpick and dental floss to pull all of the remains out.

Are gummy worms considered a sticky food?

Yes, of course, gummy worms are considered a sticky food. The reason for that is their high sugar and gelatine content, which may make them delicious but also sticky as hell. Due to that, gummy worms and braces should never be mixed!

Can I eat gummy worms in the first week of braces?

This whole article, we’ve been trying to explain to you that gummy worms should never be eaten with braces. Hence, it is logical that you can’t eat gummy worms in the first week of braces because that is precisely the time when they’re most prone to damage. 

Are gummy worms good to eat with braces? 

No, gummy worms are not good to eat with braces, mainly because they’re one of the most sticky candies you can find. Because of that, we would recommend you rather not to touch them at all with braces.

Frequently asked questions

Can gummy worms break braces? 

Yes, gummy worms can break your braces, and they’re even multiple reasons for that – first, they’re very hard to chew on, which can put excessive pressure on one of the braces’ brackets. Additionally, they’re very sticky, which could, on the other hand, pull one of the brackets out. 

Can I eat Haribo with braces? 

Since Haribos are considered one of the harder kinds of gummy candy, you don’t have to worry that much about them getting stuck in your braces, but on the other hand, they’re more prone to damage your braces while you chew on them. Therefore, you can’t eat Haribo with braces.

Can you eat sour gummy worms with braces? 

As we already acknowledged, gummy worms, including sour ones, are sticky, so you can’t eat sour gummy worms with braces. It could get stuck and cause a lot of trouble, which only goes double for an even more intense tasting sour kind of gummy worms.

Can you eat Trolli gummy worms with braces?

Unfortunately, you can’t eat Trolli gummy with braces. The reason is that they’re far too sugary, sticky, and chewy, which are all extremely bad things for braces. Hence, stay away from them unless you want your braces to break.



Gummy worms are very sugary, making them sticky and extremely hard to chew on. And since those are the two things braces don’t like the most, you, unfortunately, have to stay away from gummy worms while wearing braces.

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