Can You Eat Caramel With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Even though caramel is basically nothing but melted sugar, it still somehow became one of the most popular confectionery products out there. Every second chocolate bar contains it, and staying away from it is sometimes difficult. Unfortunately, when you wear braces, you don’t really have any other option:

Can you eat caramel with braces? No, you cannot eat caramel with braces; in fact, caramel is often mentioned as one of the prime examples of what you should avoid while wearing braces. The reason for that is that it’s incredibly sticky and hard to chew on as well.

But this answer was just a brief one, so let’s now take a bit more in-depth look to actually understand.

What are we waiting for then? Let’s just jump right into it!

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Can I eat caramel with braces?

While wearing braces, you should try to avoid any excessively chewy and sticky food. Hence, unfortunately, you can’t eat caramel with braces because it is just a melted sugar, making it not only very sugary and sticky but often hard to chew on.

Due to that, caramel is actually even the thing often mentioned as an example of what should rather not be touched with braces.

How to eat caramel with braces?

In the previous answer, we have explained that caramel is very sugary, which makes it one of the generally worst things you could eat while wearing braces. Hence, there are no ways how to eat caramel with braces unless you’re willing to face a severe risk of them getting broken.

Tips to eat caramel with braces

However, if you, for some reason, proceed not to listen to our advice and still eat caramel while wearing braces, at least follow these tips:

Tip 1

The first thing you should do while eating a caramel with braces is melting it – otherwise, the caramel would be extremely hard to chew on, which could quickly break one of your braces’ brackets.

Tip 2

However, maybe even a bigger problem with caramel is how sugary and sticky it is, which can damage your braces as well. Hence, you should at least brush your teeth very carefully when you decide to get some caramel with braces. 

Don’t hurry up, though; since sugar softens your teeth, you should wait at least half an hour before doing so and drink a lot of water in the meantime.

Tip 3

But what to do when not even brushing your teeth helps? Well, then you’ll have to get some dental floss. First, tie a knot in it, and just then, use this knot to actually pull all the remains out of your braces.

Does caramel get stuck in your braces?

Yes, of course, caramel gets stuck in your braces! In case you didn’t know, caramel is basically nothing but melted sugar, which means that it is incredibly sticky. Therefore, you should stay as far away from it as possible while wearing braces; otherwise, they might get damaged easily.

How to fix caramel on braces?

We have already talked about this one thoroughly above so quickly now – to fix caramel on braces, you should first carefully brush your teeth. If that doesn’t help, you’ll have to use some dental floss as well to pull all the remains out.

Is caramel considered a sticky food?

As we have already touched above a bit, caramel is considered a sticky food. Why? Well, that’s pretty simple – caramel is just melted sugar, which means it sticks to basically whatever it touches. Hence, try to avoid it with braces.

Can I eat caramel in the first week of braces?

No, you definitely can’t eat caramel in the first week of braces because caramel should actually be avoided altogether while wearing braces. And since the braces are most prone to getting damaged from the beginning, it is evident that eating it in the first week of braces is simply not plausible.

Is caramel good to eat with braces?

As we have been trying to explain to you this whole article, caramel is definitely not good to eat with braces. In fact, it is precisely the thing you should avoid while wearing braces! That’s because it’s not only extraordinarily sugary and sticky but often also very chewy. And those two things are precisely what braces don’t like.

Frequently asked questions

Can caramel break braces?

Yes, caramel can break braces, and it happens pretty often, too. That is because caramel is very chewy and hard, making it very pressuring for your braces and teeth, too. Because of that, you should ideally stay as far from caramel as possible while wearing braces, or at least melt it beforehand.

Can you have caramel syrup with braces?

Since it is evident that it, unlike classic caramel, isn’t chewy, you can have caramel syrup with braces. But with that being said, we can’t precisely recommend it – caramel syrup is still very sticky and sugary, which could damage your braces.

Can you have hot caramel with braces?

Although you theoretically could eat hot caramel with braces, since that at least isn’t chewy, we still wouldn’t recommend it to you. That’s because even hot caramel is exceptionally sugary, and that could be damaging for your braces. Hence, if you still decide to get some, at least remember to brush your teeth carefully afterward.

Can kids with braces have caramel?

Kids with braces, unfortunately, cannot have caramel. Since caramel is exceptionally sticky and hard to chew on, there is a high chance that eating it would damage your kids’ braces, even by breaking one of their brackets right away, and that could hurt them as well.

Can you eat caramel popcorn with braces?

No, you definitely cannot eat caramel popcorn with braces! As we have explained thoroughly, caramel is a big no-no for braces because it is so sticky and hard to chew on. And both of these things apply to popcorn as well, meaning caramel popcorn must be avoided if you have to wear braces, period.

Can you eat caramel apples with braces?

Unfortunately, you can’t eat caramel apples with braces because they’re extraordinarily chewy and sticky. Due to that, they could easily damage your braces, either by breaking one of their brackets right away or through the pieces of the caramel apples getting stuck in there.

Can you eat soft caramel with braces?

No, you can’t eat soft caramel with braces. Even though there is a slightly smaller chance of your braces breaking right away with the soft caramel, it still exists. And additionally, nothing changes about the fact that it is exceptionally sugary and sticky, which could be damaging for your braces as well.

Can you eat caramel sauce with braces?

Yes, you can eat caramel sauce with braces since it, unlike classic caramel, obviously isn’t chewy; however, if it were upon us, we still wouldn’t touch it. Why? Well, because even caramel sauce is still exceptionally sugary and sticky, that could be damaging for your braces as well!

Can you eat liquid caramel with braces?

And the same goes even for liquid caramel, so yes, you can eat liquid caramel with braces. However, you should remember that it still isn’t a precisely intelligent thing to do, and you should ideally stay away from all kinds of caramel while wearing braces.

Can you eat melted caramel with braces?

Yes, you can eat melted caramel with braces – as we have explained above, the problem with caramel and braces is the deadly combo of being extraordinarily sticky and hard to chew on. 

And since melting it will take away the last thing, eating melted caramel with braces is plausible – however, remember that it still isn’t a good thing to do, and eating more than just a spoonful could be quickly damaging.

Can you eat caramel ice cream with braces?

Although you can eat caramel ice cream with braces, we definitely wouldn’t recommend it to you as long as the caramel is melted. Both ice cream and caramel contain a lot of sugar, so staying away from caramel ice cream is smart while wearing braces.


Since caramel is just melted sugar, it is highly chewy and sticky, making it one of the generally worst things to eat with braces. Often, caramel even gets mentioned as a prime example of what you should rather stay away from while wearing braces because of the extremely high possibility of your braces getting broken otherwise.



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