Can You Eat Shrimp With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Shrimps are undoubtedly one of the most popular seafood all over the world, the United States not excluded. And because of that, many of you will surely be pleased to hear that shrimp can be eaten even if you’re wearing braces:

Can you eat shrimp with braces? Yes, you can eat shrimp with braces; in fact, seafood like shrimp is often considered one of the best things to eat while wearing braces because it is both easy to consume and healthy and nutritious. That said, ensure that the shrimps are not too crispy because that may end up pretty bad.

But this is hardly everything that can be said about this topic, and if we really want to understand it, we’re going to have to dive into it a bit deeper. Let’s not waste any more time then and just get started!

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Can I eat shrimp with braces?

Fortunately, you can eat shrimp with braces, and believe it or not, they’re actually even a pretty solid choice! That’s because, just like much other seafood, they’re very nutritious and healthy while not being too hard to chew on or sticky, and that is precisely the thing you should be looking for while wearing braces.

How to eat shrimp with braces?

Just like with many other things, to eat shrimp with braces, you should most importantly cut them into smaller pieces before actually starting to eat them. Also, always ensure that the shrimps are not too crispy because biting into them might have serious consequences.

Tips to eat shrimp with braces

This is not the only thing to keep an eye on, though – here come our best tips to eat shrimp with braces. 

Tip 1

First things first, after eating shrimps (or any other meal, for that matter) with braces, you simply have to brush your teeth very carefully. The reason is that no remains can stay in your braces if you don’t want them to get damaged, so brushing your teeth is simply necessary.

Tip 2

But to be honest, there are many cases when just brushing your teeth won’t be enough. So what should you do then? Well, get some dental floss, tie a knot in it, and pull all of the stuck remains out of your braces using this knot.

Does shrimp get stuck in your braces?

To be honest, shrimp don’t really get stuck in your braces, which is exactly the reason why they’re a pretty good choice to go with while wearing braces. But with that in mind, cutting the shrimp into smaller pieces is still more than useful before actually eating it.

How to fix shrimp on braces?

Just a bit above, in the section with our tips to eat shrimp with braces, we have talked about this one thoroughly, which means we’ll now take it just briefly – to fix shrimp on braces, you mainly have to brush your teeth and when that isn’t enough, use some dental floss as well.

Is shrimp considered a sticky food?

No, shrimp is not considered a sticky food, but like with pretty much any other food, this may change instantly when you mix the shrimp with some sticky sauce. Hence, always stay away from sauces when eating shrimp with braces, and everything should be alright.

Can I eat shrimp in the first week of braces?

Yes, you can eat shrimp in the first week of braces because even though that time is precisely when the braces are most prone to getting damaged, shrimp is a pretty solid choice to go with. But more about that’s coming in the following answer.

Is shrimp good to eat with braces?

As we have already mentioned, just like nearly every other kind of seafood, shrimp is good to eat with braces! The reason for that is that it is not hard to chew on, yet nutritious and healthy (and tasty for many as well!), and that’s simply the ideal combination.

Can shrimp damage and break your braces?

But with that being said, even shrimp can damage and break your braces. However, this mainly happens only when you prepare them too crispy or use some sauce to dip them in. Hence, remember not to do these things, and there should be no problems.


Believe it or not, you can not only eat shrimp with braces, but they’re even nearly a perfect choice! The reason is that shrimp, alongside other kinds of seafood, are relatively easy to consume yet highly nutritious and healthy. And since that is precisely the combination you should be looking for while wearing braces, it is evident that by choosing shrimps, you won’t lose.

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