Can You Eat Burgers With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Fourth of July is nearly here, and that means that you should be preparing for a huge load of burgers – let’s face it, that’s simply the most critical part of this day! And luckily, you won’t have to miss it just because you have to wear braces:

Can you eat burgers with braces? Yes, you can eat burgers with braces; however, with that being said, you always have to remember to stay away from any hard to chew on or sticky toppings and also to use some soft bread while preparing it.

But this answer was just a really brief one, and if we actually want to understand this topic, we’re going to have to dive a bit deeper.

So without any further hesitation, let’s just jump right into it!

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Can I eat burgers with braces? 

Fortunately, you can eat burgers with braces, but with that being said, there are some rules you should follow. First, you always have to get a soft bun. In the same manner, you should also stay far away from any exceptionally crispy or chewy toppings because those could damage your braces as well.

How to eat burgers with braces?

Besides picking the right ingredients while preparing it, to eat burgers with braces, it may also come in handy slicing them into smaller pieces. That way, biting into it should be much easier and less prone to damage your braces.

Tips to eat burgers with braces

However, that is still not everything, so here come our last two tips to eat burgers with braces:

Tip 1

First things first, after eating some burgers with braces, you simply have to brush your teeth, no tergiversations. However, since it is more than likely the burger will do a bit of a mess in your mouth, you should do that carefully as well.

Tip 2

But to be honest, not even that will probably be enough. Hence, you will most likely also have to go for some dental floss. Then tie a knot in it, and using this knot, pull all of the remains out of your braces. It was easy, right?

Do burgers get stuck in your braces? 

Even though burgers normally don’t get stuck in your braces, this can happen when you use some exceptionally chewy or sticky toppings. Therefore, remember not to do that, and everything should be alright.

What happens if you eat burgers with braces? 

As we have already touched on above a bit, two things can happen if you eat burgers with braces – first, nothing bad at all. However, when you choose some too crispy bun or use some extremely sticky and chewy toppings, eating a burger with braces could quickly be damaging for them.

How to fix burgers on braces? 

Above, in the tip section, we have covered this one very carefully, so we’ll now take it just quickly. To fix burgers on braces, first, brush your teeth carefully. But since that most likely won’t be enough, you’ll then probably also have to use some dental floss as well.

Are burgers considered a sticky food? 

No. burgers are not considered a sticky food, at least as long as you don’t use sticky toppings. And since those are kind of likely to damage your braces, you should always try to avoid using those.

Can I eat burgers in the first week of braces? 

Even though we’ve mentioned a lot of times they are okay to eat with braces, you still can’t eat burgers in the first week of braces. The reason is that that is precisely when the braces are most likely to get damaged.

Are burgers good to eat with braces? 

While it can’t be said burgers would be good to eat with braces, they are far away from being a bad thing. But remember that this is the case only when you remember to avoid too crispy buns or toppings; otherwise, biting into the burger could easily damage one of the braces’ brackets.

Can burgers damage and break your braces? 

Although burgers can damage and break your braces, this shouldn’t happen when you remember to stay away from any sticky or hard to chew on toppings and buns. Hence, don’t forget to do that and everything should be alright.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat cheeseburgers with braces? 

Yes, you can eat cheeseburgers with braces, but you have to make sure that there is not that much cheese!

Can you eat chicken burgers with braces? 

Yes, you can eat chicken burgers with braces. With that being said, though, remember that you have to stay away from any sticky or crispy toppings, at least if you don’t want to risk the braces getting broken.

Can you eat Burger King with braces? 

Even though you can eat Burger King with braces, we wouldn’t really recommend it to you – fast-food is not a good thing for your teeth, let alone your braces.

Can you eat McDonald’s burgers with braces? 

And the same goes even for McDonald’s – although you can eat McDonald’s burgers while wearing braces, it would be best if you didn’t touch them.

Can you eat beef patties with braces? 

While you can eat beef patties with braces, we wouldn’t really recommend it to you – it is not the best thing you can choose, even just a regular burger will be much better.

Can you eat pork patties with braces?

Yes, you can eat pork patties with braces; but with this in mind, remember that if you were to ask us, we wouldn’t recommend you do this because it is not a very safe thing.

Can you eat sausage patties with braces? 

And the same goes even for sausage patties – yes, you can consume sausage patties with braces, but ideally, you should avoid them altogether.


As long as you make sure to stay away from any exceptionally hard to chew on and sticky toppings, you can eat a burger with braces without any worries. However, just like with any other food, after doing so, don’t forget to brush your teeth carefully and also use dental floss if needed.

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