Can You Eat Gummies With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Even though gummies are often considered to be kids’ candy, it often seems adults love them even more! However, it can’t be denied that kids go crazy for them either. Unfortunately, that can be a bit of a problem when they start to wear braces:

Can you eat gummies with braces? No, you cannot eat gummies with braces because they’re very chewy and sticky. And since that could easily break one of the braces’ brackets, it seems like you’ll have to say goodbye to your favorite treat for a while now.

But this was just to put it quickly – if we really want to understand this topic, we’re going to have to dive a bit deeper into it.

So without any further hesitation, let’s get started!

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Can I eat gummies with braces? 

Unfortunately, you can’t eat gummies with braces. Why, are you wondering? Well, gummies, just like every other gummy candy, are well known for sticking to teeth and braces as well. That alone would be damaging enough, and since they also contain a huge amount of sugar, gummies and braces simply can’t go together, period.

How to eat gummies with braces? 

In the previous answer, we have explained why you should avoid gummies while wearing braces unless you want them to get broken. Hence, the only way to eat gummies with braces is to take just a tiny amount of it and pray it will turn out well to the gods.

Tips to eat gummies with braces

So now you should understand that gummies and braces should stay as far away from each other as possible. However, if you decide not to listen to us and still eat some gummies while wearing braces, at least follow these tips afterward to minimalize the damage done:

Tip 1

The first thing you should do after eating gummies with braces is to drink a lot of water. While it may seem irrelevant now, it will soon prove to be very helpful because drinking water helps clean the teeth from the remaining sugar.

Tip 2

And since sugar softens your teeth, it needs to get at least somehow away before you brush them. And yes, that is exactly what we’re going to be doing now – when you decide to eat some gummies with braces, brushing your teeth carefully afterward is more than crucial. 

Tip 3

But to be honest, just brushing your teeth most likely won’t be enough – since gummies tend to be very sticky, you’re probably going to have to use some dental floss. So first, tie a knot in it and then pul all of the remains out of the braces using this knot.

What happens if you eat gummies with braces? 

If you eat gummies with braces, pretty bad consequences may occur – first, one of the braces’ brackets could easily break due to the pressure from chewing on them. And additionally, it is also more than likely that the gummies will get stuck there; more about that can be found in the next paragraph, though.

Do gummies get stuck in your braces? 

Yes, gummies get stuck in your braces; in fact, they’re well known for doing that. The reason is that they’re extremely chewy, and since that is often the cause behind things like unexpectedly breaking brackets, we would recommend you to avoid gummies while wearing braces.

How to fix gummies on braces? 

Above, in the tip section, we’ve already talked about this a lot, so just briefly now – to fix gummies on braces, you first ought to brush your teeth carefully. Then, if that isn’t enough, you’ll also have to use some dental floss.

Are gummies considered a sticky food? 

As you could tell by the first bite, yes, gummies are considered a sticky food. And precisely due to that, you should stay as far away from them as possible while having to wear braces.

Can I eat gummies in the first week of braces? 

Since you should avoid them entirely while having to wear braces, it is evident that you can’t eat gummies in the first week of braces because that’s exactly when they’re most prone to getting damaged. 

Are gummies good to eat with braces? 

As we have been trying to explain to you in this article, gummies are not suitable to eat with braces. Quite the contrary, they’re one of the worst things to eat with braces, mainly because they’re so chewy.

Frequently asked questions

Can gummy bears break braces?

Due to the fact they’re very chewy, gummy bears can break braces, either simply by putting excessive pressure on one of the brackets or by breaking it when the gummy bear gets stuck in there.

Can I eat Haribo with braces?

No, you can’t eat Haribo with braces because you should stay far away from any gummy bears in general. The reason is that they’re exceptionally chewy and sticky, which is damaging for braces.

Can you eat fruit snacks gummy with braces?

Even though it may seem like they are a better choice than regular gummies, you can’t eat even fruit snacks gummy with braces. That’s once again because they’re far too chewy and sticky, which could damage your braces easily.

Can you eat lifesavers gummies with braces?

No, you cannot eat even lifesavers gummies with braces. Why, are you wondering? Well, because they’re very chewy and sticky, that could be very damaging for the braces.

Can you eat vitamin gummies with braces?

Believe it or not, you can’t eat even vitamin gummies with braces because they’re chewy as well, maybe even more than the regular candy ones.

Can you eat melatonin gummies with braces?

And the same goes even for melatonin gummies – since they’re once again maybe even more hard to chew on than regular gummies, you should definitely avoid melatonin gummies while wearing braces.

Can you eat soft gummies with braces?

However, things get a bit complicated when talking about soft gummies – as the name suggests, those are not as chewy, which means that you can eat soft gummies with braces. Remember that we still wouldn’t recommend it to you, though.

Can you eat motts gummies with braces?

Although they can be healthy in some cases, you, unfortunately, can’t eat motts gummies with braces because they’re far too chewy and sticky, which could be damaging for your braces.

Can you eat gummy candy with braces?

As we have already mentioned a hundred times above, you can’t eat gummy candy with braces. But why, do you wonder? Well, mainly because gummy candy is, in its nature, tough to chew on, and that could damage your braces reasonably quickly.

Can you eat gummy food with braces?

Generally speaking, no, you can’t eat gummy food with braces because it is usually far too tough and sticky. So even though there are some exceptions, it seems that it would be best if you simply avoided it altogether.


Gummy bears, also known simply as gummies, are trendy candy. However, since they’re very chewy and sticky, it, unfortunately, isn’t plausible to eat them with braces. Well, at least provided that you don’t want them to get broken.



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