Can You Eat Chips With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

To be honest, we can’t think of many snacks more popular than chips – everyone loves them, and that is simply a fact. However, when you need to start wearing braces, getting some chips, unfortunately, becomes a complicated challenge:

Can you eat chips with braces? Yes, you can eat chips with braces; however, you must stick to certain kinds. Those would be Cheetos or Pringles because they are reasonably softer than regular chips. Nevertheless, you should never eat more than one chip at a time unless you want the brackets to break.

But this was just to put it quickly – if we really want to understand this topic, we will have to take a bit more in-depth look.

What are we still waiting for then? Let’s just jump right into it!

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Can I eat chips with braces? 

Even though you can eat chips with braces, it is crucial to stick to certain kinds because others are nearly assured of damaging your braces. Those that are okay to eat with braces would be baked chips, a.k.a. things like Cheetos or Pringles.

How to eat chips with braces? 

Just picking the right kind of the chips isn’t the only thing to do, though – to eat chips with braces, we would recommend you always let them sit and melt on your tongue for a while before you actually bite into them.

Tips for eating chips with braces

But let them sit on your tongue for a while before actually chewing them isn’t the only thing to do; here come our other tips for eating chips with braces:

Tip 1

First thing first, when you eat baked chips with braces, you have to remember not to eat more than just one chip at a time! This is because the biggest problem with eating chips with braces is that they’re so crispy, and while that isn’t the case with things like Pringles, it might be when you put four of them into your mouth simultaneously.

Tip 2

But while that will ensure you won’t break one of your braces’ brackets right away, it doesn’t protect your teeth and braces from small pieces of the chips getting stuck in them. Hence, the second thing you have to do is brush your teeth carefully.

Tip 3

When not even brushing your teeth helps, though, it is time to use some dental floss – to clean your braces using it, tie a knot in it, and then actually pull the remains out using this knot.

Do chips get stuck in your braces?

Yes, chips get stuck in your braces – unlike usually, the reason for that isn’t that they would be sticky, though. Rather it is because chips are very crunchy, and those tiny pieces tend to get stuck as well. 

What happens if you eat chips with braces? 

Well, two things can happen if you eat chips with braces – first, nothing bad at all when you listen to our tips mentioned above. However, if you don’t and pick some wrong kind of chips, like Lay’s, for example, chances are very high that your braces are getting damaged.

How to fix chips on braces?

Above, in the tip section, we have already covered this one thoroughly, so let’s now take it just quickly – to fix chips on braces, you mainly have to brush your teeth carefully. Then, when that isn’t enough, it is time to use some dental floss as well.

Are chips considered a sticky food? 

Even though chips are usually not considered a sticky food, this changes when they get wet. When you mix chips with, for instance, saliva, then their consistency can become really sticky and mushy.

Can I eat chips in the first week of braces? 

No, you definitely can’t eat chips in the first week of braces – as we have already explained, you should ideally stay away from chips completely while wearing braces. And since the braces are always most prone to damage from the beginning, eating chips in the first week of braces is simply not possible, period.

Are chips good to eat with braces?

No, chips are definitely not good to eat with braces because they’re crunchy and crumble, which could damage the braces and even your teeth pretty quickly. Hence, stay away from chips if you wear braces.

Can chips damage your braces?

As we have already mentioned above a couple of times, chips definitely can damage your braces, mainly because of the little crunches getting stuck in there. Hence, try to avoid chips if you wear braces, and if you don’t, at least brush your teeth carefully.

What chips can you eat with braces? 

When you simply can’t stop craving them, remember that the chips you can eat with braces are baked chips. This means things like Pringles or Cheetos, so stick to those (and remember not to eat more than one chip at a time!) and everything should be alright.


Believe it or not, you actually can eat chips while wearing braces; however, you have to keep an eye on some basic rules while doing so. Most importantly, that means choosing the correct kind of chips (which are baked chips like Pringles or Cheetos) and remembering that you can never eat more than just one chip at a time.



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