Can You Eat Takis With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Takis are rolled corn tortilla chips originating in Mexico that are nowadays known throughout the whole of America for their intense, spicy taste. Unfortunately, precisely that is the reason why you should rather stay away from them while wearing braces:

Can you eat Takis with braces? No, you cannot eat Takis with braces. Every crunchy food that gets easily stuck in your teeth is a killer for braces, and Takis are no exception. And since they are also highly intense tasting, Takis is simply a big no-no when you’re wearing braces.

But this is hardly everything that can be said about this topic – if we really want to understand it, we’re going to have to dive a bit deeper.

So let’s not waste any more time and just jump right into it!

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Can I eat Takis with braces?

Unfortunately, you can’t eat Takis with braces. The reason for that is that they’re very crispy, crunchy, and also intense flavored, which are all horrible things for your braces. Hence, stay away from them unless you want to risk facing some severe problems.

How to eat Takis with braces? 

Even though you should ideally avoid them altogether, when you simply crave them so much there’s no other option, remember that to eat Takis with braces, you should always pick just one piece and let it sit on your tongue and melt it in your saliva for a while because biting it right away could not unlikely break your braces.

Tips to eat Takis with braces

So by now, you should have a decent picture about why Takis shouldn’t be eaten while wearing braces. However, if you for any reason still decide to do that, you should at least follow these essential tips afterward:

Tip 1

As we have mentioned above, when you eat Takis with braces, it is more than wise to let it melt on your tongue for a while. That way, biting into the Takis won’t break your braces’ brackets.

However, it also makes it even more possible some pieces of it will get stuck in your braces. Hence, you should always brush your teeth carefully after!

Tip 2

But since it is more than likely that won’t be enough, it is probable that you’ll also have to use some dental floss afterward. To do that, first, tie a knot in it and use this knot to pull the remains out of the braces.

Do Takis get stuck in your braces? 

Yes, Takis do get stuck in your braces because they’re not only very crispy but also extremely intense flavored. Because of all of that, we really do not recommend eating Takis with braces.

What happens if you eat Takis with braces? 

If you eat Takis with braces, chances are somehow high that they’re getting stuck to your teeth and in the bracest themselves. Since this can cause a lot of damage to your wires, you should always avoid Takis while wearing braces.

How to fix Takis on braces? 

We have already covered this one in the tip section above, so now, just fast – to fix Takis on braces, you should first brush your teeth carefully. However, since that most likely won’t be enough, you’ll probably have to use some dental floss to get all of the remains out of the braces.

Are Takis considered a sticky food? 

Although Takis is not exactly considered a sticky food, they become somehow sticky when mixed with your saliva. But even besides that, they’re very crispy and intensively flavored, which are both terrible things for your braces as well.

Can I eat Takis in the first week of braces? 

Since we actually wouldn’t recommend eating Takis with braces ever, it is evident that Takis are no go in the first week of braces because that is precisely when the braces are most likely to get damaged.

Is Takis good to eat with braces?

As we hope you all understand by now, no, Takis isn’t good to eat with braces. Not only do they get stuck in your braces and teeth quickly, but they are also very crispy, which can simply break one of the braces’ brackets right away.

Can Takis damage and break your braces? 

Yes, Takis can damage and break your braces, especially when you don’t properly care for your braces after doing so. Hence, you should ideally avoid Takis altogether while wearing braces or at least brush your teeth carefully afterward.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat Takis sticks with braces? 

No, you can’t eat Takis stick with braces. Why, are you wondering? Well, they’re very crispy and also intense tasting, and those are both horrible things for your braces. Hence, Takis sticks should be avoided while wearing braces.


The popular Mexican corn chips called Takis are well known for their spiciness and crispiness. But, unfortunately, those two things are also precisely the reason why you should stay away from them while wearing braces; otherwise, biting into the Takis could more than likely damage them.



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