Can You Drink Juice With Braces? (Orange Juice, Apple Juice…)

There are different kinds of juices; natural and artificial. All juices contain sugar and some acids, which can harm dental health. But when it comes to braces, it’s better to avoid juices.

Can you drink juices with braces? Yes, you may drink juices with braces, but make sure your intake is moderate. Sugar is the main component in many juices, carbonated drinks, sodas, and fruit juices that are not good for oral health. It’s better to avoid drinks with braces.

If you are curious about what juices you can take with braces and how to take acidic juices. Then, keep going with this article to round off your queries.

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Can you drink orange juice with braces?

You should try not to drink orange juice with braces. Orange juice has a lot of sugar and contains acetic acid, damaging your tooth enamel and causing stains on braces. In addition, orange juice is always tough on your sensitive teeth.

While wearing braces, orange juice consumption can break down the bonds that keep the braces stuck to teeth which, as a result, can break braces brackets.

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Can you drink apple juice with braces?

Natural fruit sugar is as damaging for braces as normal sugar; even you should avoid drinking too much pure juice while wearing braces.

Apple juice is one of the safest juices because it is neutral. It contains less sugar and acid than other fruit juices. So you can drink apple juice 1-3 times a week.

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Can you drink cranberry juice with braces?

Yes, you can drink cranberry juice with braces as it contains chemicals that block cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to teeth. Of course, while wearing braces, it’s best not to drink much, but you can drink with a straw.

Cranberry juice reduces plaque by up to 90%, reducing the sugars in the mouth, making it difficult for acids to generate. Therefore, it can be delivered as a healthy juice for short oral health.

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Can you drink mango juice with braces?

Yes, you can have mango juice with braces, but in a moderate amount. Mango is a really warm fruit. It contains a lot of sugar and a few acids too. So it’s much better to eat this fruit than to drink it.

Mango juice is thick and hard and can leave stains on braces, so it’s better to drink it with a straw. You can have mango juice 1-2 times a week.

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Can you drink fizzy juice with braces?

If you occasionally want to enjoy fizzy juices with braces, then it’s completely fine. Still, too much intake of fizzy juices can be harmful as fizzy drinks contain many sugars, Citric acid, carbonic acid, and phosphoric acid, that are harmful to teeth. The acids can break the enamel of teeth and cause tooth decay.

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Can you drink pineapple juice with braces?

Fresh pineapple juice is great for your oral health. Pineapple is the only fruit that contains bromelain, a useful enzyme for health.

It is good for the healing process and has many other benefits. It surely contains a lot of sugars also, so it’s better to drink in a moderate amount. You can drink pineapple juice 1-3 times a week.

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Can you drink grape juice with braces?

Some fruits are intense in colors and sugars, with which grapes are on top. Yes, you may drink grape juice occasionally but not too often, as juice color can stain your braces and cause them to erode.

In addition, grapes contain a lot of acetic acid and sugars, which are not good for braces.

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Can you drink Jamba juice with braces?

Juices like smoothies and Jamba juices have a lot of sugar and are intense in color. These can easily get inside your aligners and get stuck there.

In addition, Jamba juices can stain your braces and cause them to erode. Therefore, it’s better to avoid such juices or consume them once a week only.

Can you drink lemon juice with braces?

If you want to enjoy lemon juice with braces occasionally, it’s completely fine. But our recommendation is to limit the number of lemons.

Although lemon is diluted, it is still a citrus fruit and can harm the metal and the teeth’ enamel. So it is better not to drink lemonade daily.

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Can you drink fruit juice with braces?

Sugar is the main component in all drinks, beverages, or natural fruit juices. It’s best to avoid fruit juices as sugars and natural acids can also cause great damage to your braces.

It can stain your braces and damage your tooth enamel. If you still want to drink, make sure you use a straw and brush your teeth afterward.

Can you drink diluted juice with braces?

A dilute juice is made of artificial fruit concentrated in diluting the water, squash, sugar, and different acids, which are harmful to your oral health.

It’s best to avoid diluted juices as they can cause damage to your braces and can also break the wires and reverse the strengthening process.

How to drink juice with braces?

If you want to drink juices with braces, choose light-colored juices and natural fruit juices over artificial or sodas to prevent your braces and teeth from staining. Just try to consume less and add some water to your juices so the acidic amount can be reduced.

Remember to wash your mouth thoroughly after drinking with some mouthwash to wash away acidic particles left behind.

Tips to drink juice with braces

Tip 1

The first thing you need to do after drinking juices is to brush your teeth and wash your mouth very carefully. This is because the acids and sugars can be left behind on braces which can cause tooth decay and be harmful to braces, so make sure to brush.

Tip 2

The most important and useful tip here is to use a straw for drinking different juices. Straw helps keep the acids and sugars away from your teeth every time you take a sip. In addition, using a straw doesn’t make direct contact with your teeth, which is much safer.

How often can you drink juice with braces?

Different juices have different amounts of sugars and acids added; most contain citric acid, which can be dangerous for your teeth.

The acid can erode the teeth’s enamel, so it is better to drink it once or twice a week. In addition, it will help your braces get less damage and prevent them from getting stained.

Does juice get stuck in your braces?

No, juices do not get stuck in your braces, but the acids and sugars in juice can be left behind in your teeth and braces. The acids damage the metal of braces and the chemicals used to make them work.

So it’s better not to take a risk and consume acidic juices in moderation. Make sure to wash your mouth thoroughly.

What happens if you drink juice with braces?

As discussed earlier, different juices have different levels of sugars and acids added to them. Consuming too many juices can be harmful, so it’s better to have 1-3 times a week.

Juices containing a lot of sugar and acetic acids can damage your teeth and braces badly. It can erode the teeth’s enamel, as well as it can stain your braces in a bad way. Therefore, your health should avoid these citrus juices as much as possible.

How to fix juice on braces?

If you have acidic juices more often, it will damage your braces. To fix your braces, the first tip is not to drink it, and still, if you want to drink, it is better to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water twice to avoid more damage.

Can I drink juice in the first week of braces?

You can drink healthy juices that are good for oral health, like Apple juice and pineapple juice. But avoid drinking citric acidic juices as they are tough on braces and can damage them.

During the first week, you will already face pressure and soreness on your teeth as the braces gradually align with jaw bones, so avoiding acidic foods is best.

Is juice good to drink with braces?

Yes, juices are good to drink with braces but healthy juices. Juices that are oral health friendly and do not cause any harm to your braces.

Eating solid food is tough with braces, so juices are a good option. Just make sure you use healthy fruit juices with no sugars or acids.

Can juice damage and break your braces?

Acidic foods like lemon, grapes, and oranges are not good for your braces as the amount of acid present in them can destroy the metal of your braces even if you are consuming it in a diluted form.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid such things. In addition, drinking excessive amounts of colored juices will result in staining your braces. It cannot break your braces but will lessen their benefits by making them useless.

Can I drink juice through a straw with braces?

Yes, you can drink juices with braces through a straw; it keeps the acids and sugars away from your teeth every time you take a sip. In addition, using a straw, the acids present in juices do not make direct contact with your teeth which is much safer.


Fresh juices are a great source of vitamins and sugars needed for the body. However, too much sugar and acids can harm your braces while wearing braces. It’s best to use less and try to avoid it.

Most juices, sodas, and lemon juices contain a lot of sugars and citric acids. Citric acid is a highly concentrated acid that can erode your teeth’s enamel, so it is better to avoid these juices if you have braces.

Also, it is better to brush your teeth after drinking lemonade because of the sugars and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water right after drinking.

Find out what other drinks you can drink with braces:


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