Can You Eat Pancakes With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

For many people, breakfast equals pancakes, and they can’t imagine the beginning of their day without them. Because of that, there’s a high chance you’ve caught yourself wondering whether or not can you still eat pancakes after you’ve gotten braces – so let’s take a look:

Can you eat pancakes with braces? Yes, you can eat pancakes with braces, because they are pretty soft. However, avoid any extremely sugary and sticky toppings like Marple syrup; if possible, eat just a plain pancake when you’re craving them that much while having braces.

This answer was just a brief one, though, so we’re now going to take a bit more in-depth look at this issue to actually understand it.

Let’s not waste any more time then and just get started!

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Can I eat pancakes with braces?

You can eat pancakes with braces since they are a reasonably soft dessert. But with that being said, you have to remember that you should try to avoid sugary foods when having braces. And since pancakes contain a lot of sugar, it would probably be best if you stood away from them.

How to eat pancakes with braces?

However, if you’re desperate for pancakes, for instance, can’t imagine a breakfast without them, you have to follow some basic rules at least. The most important one is to avoid things like Marple syrup, which can damage your braces very easily.

Tips to eat pancakes with braces

As we have explained above, eating pancakes with braces is possible, but it definitely isn’t the best thing you can do. Hence, to minimalize the damage, we bring you our three tips to eat pancakes with braces:

Tip 1

The first and most important tip regarding eating pancakes with braces is avoiding sugary and sticky toppings like maple syrup or, ideally, any toppings. Yes, we know that’s a lot to ask, but trust us, your teeth and braces will thank you.

Tip 2

The other things come after you once eat the pancakes – first, you have to drink a lot of water to help clean your teeth. The water will remove the sugar remains, which will be very important in the next step.

Tip 3

That’s because the next step is to brush your teeth! And although that might seem like a basic task, you have to keep an eye on one thing, especially when having braces – since sugar softens your teeth, you have to wait at least half an hour before actually brushing your teeth.

Do pancakes get stuck in your braces?

Although pancakes can get stuck in your braces, it doesn’t happen very often, especially if you listen to our advice and don’t use any toppings. But still, if it happens, it is not such a problem since it can be easily fixed by following the tips above.

How to fix pancakes on braces?

And if they’re not going to work? Well, we’ve still got you covered! To fix pancakes on braces, you can also try to use dental floss, which, combined with some patience, is assured to work.

To use dental floss to clean your braces, first, tie a knot in it and then use this knot to actually pul the remains out of the braces.

Are pancakes considered a sticky food?

Pancakes themselves are not considered a sticky food, but you can easily make them one by using maple syrup, cream, or caramel on top of them. Because of that, you should always avoid doing this if you have braces.

Can I eat pancakes in the first week of braces?

Yes, you can eat pancakes in the first week of braces, but we would recommend you not do it to be entirely safe. But if you’re simply not able to, at least avoid things like maple syrup because otherwise, it will end pretty bad!

Are pancakes good to eat with braces?

To be honest, pancakes are not suitable to eat with braces; however, they are not even that bad either. Well, at least when you eat just the pancakes because when combined with chocolate or maple syrup, they are nearly assured to damage your braces.

Frequently asked questions

Now you should have all the answers you were looking for; however, before we indeed finish, let’s specifically answer two fundamental questions we have above touched on just a bit:

Can you eat pancakes with syrup with braces?

As we have explained above, eating pancakes with braces is somehow possible, but there are some things you should avoid, like sticky and sugary toppings. Therefore, you cannot eat pancakes with syrup with braces.

Can I eat maple syrup with my pancakes with braces?

No, you definitely cannot eat maple syrup with your pancakes with braces. Why? Because maple syrup contains a lot of sugar and is also extremely sticky, these are two terrible things for your braces.


Even though eating pancakes while having braces is possible, we wouldn’t recommend you do so because of their high sugar content. But if you simply can’t do it without them, at least avoid toppings like maple syrup or caramel because otherwise, your braces are very likely going to be damaged.



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