Can You Eat Oatmeal With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Can you imagine breakfast without oatmeal? Well, maybe you can, but believe us, there are hundreds of people who definitely couldn’t. Hence, it will surely please a lot of you to know that oatmeal can be eaten even when you’re wearing braces:

Can you eat oatmeal with braces? Yes, you can eat oatmeal with braces; oatmeal is one of the best foods to choose from while wearing braces since it is extremely soft and usually not even that sticky. Because of that, oatmeal seems to be the perfect breakfast choice while you’re wearing braces!

But this answer was just a quick one, and a more in-depth look is without a doubt needed if we indeed want to understand this topic.

Why are we wasting any more time then? Let’s just jump right into it!

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Can I eat oatmeal with braces?

Believe it or not, you can eat oatmeal with braces, and not only that, it is quite a good idea as well! The reason for that is oatmeal is most often very soft and not sticky, which are exactly the things you should be looking for while wearing braces.

How to eat oatmeal with braces?

When you’re wearing braces, you should try to eat wisely in order to prevent your teeth from getting damaged – hence, to eat oatmeal with braces, you should always mix the oatmeal with a bit of milk; however, don’t ever consume it hot, because meals with exceptionally high temperature are not a good thing for your braces.

Tips to eat oatmeal with braces

But that’s not the only thing to keep an eye on – here come our tips for eating oatmeal with braces:

Tip 1

First things first, what you should always do after eating some oatmeal (or, for that matter, any other food, to be honest) while wearing braces is brush your teeth very carefully. However, since oatmeal reasonably softens your teeth, you should wait at least half an hour before doing that.

Tip 2

But nevertheless, just brushing your teeth most likely won’t be enough – and that means you will also have to get some dental floss. When you do that, tie a knot in it and then use this knot as a weird kind of laso to pull all of the stuck remains out of the braces.

What happens if you eat oatmeal with braces?

So as we have already touched on a bit above, if you eat oatmeal with braces, chances are nothing bad at all will happen. The reason for that is oatmeal is a very soft meal just ideal for consuming while wearing braces.

How to fix oatmeal on braces?

Above, in the tip section, we have already talked about this one more than thoroughly, which means we will now take it just briefly – to fix oatmeal on braces, you should always brush your teeth very carefully and when that isn’t enough, also use some dental floss.

Is oatmeal considered a sticky food?

No, oatmeal is not considered a sticky food, at least in most cases. And since it is also extremely soft, it is evident that oatmeal is one of the better food options for you if you’re wearing braces. 

Can I eat oatmeal in the first week of braces?

Yes, you cannot eat oatmeal in the first week of braces because even though braces usually tend to be much more prone to getting damaged at the beginning of the procedure, oatmeal is such smooth food for braces not even this should be a problem.

Is oatmeal good to eat with braces?

As we have mentioned many times in this article, oatmeal is good to eat with braces. Reasons for that include the fact oatmeal is a very healthy food on its own and also that it is a very soft food, which is precisely what you need while wearing braces.

Can oatmeal damage and break your braces?

Although even oatmeal can damage and break your braces, the chances of such a thing happening are extremely low. Because of that, you don’t really need to worry about it – oatmeal is actually an excellent choice for eating with braces.


Since it is one of the softest foods we can think of while simultaneously not being very sticky, oatmeal is an excellent choice to wear while wearing braces. And while that doesn’t mean eating them wouldn’t come with at least a slight chance of something bad happening, believe us, this chance is really, really tiny.

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