Can You Eat Smarties With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Smarties are an extremely popular candy, especially among kids and young people. And because of that, it is without a doubt that there are a lot of braces-wearing Smarties lovers. However, can they still enjoy their favorite treat? Let’s find out!

Can you eat Smarties with braces? No, you can’t eat Smarties with braces. The main reason is that Smarties are pretty hard to chew, which means they could easily break one of the brackets. Hence, if you’re wearing braces, you should avoid Smarties if possible.

But this was just to put it exceptionally quickly, so we’ll now take a more in-depth look to actually understand this topic.

What are we waiting for then? Let’s just get started!

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Can I eat Smarties with braces?

What kinds of should be avoided while wearing braces? Well, those that are either highly sticky or hard to chew. Hence, it is evident that you cannot eat Smarties with braces since they fall under the second category. 

And because of that, chewing on some Smarties with braces could easily result in one of the braces’ brackets getting broken; and that isn’t something you would like to happen, right?

How to eat Smarties with braces?

In the previous paragraphs, we have explained to you why eating Smarties with braces is something you shouldn’t be doing. Hence, there, unfortunately, aren’t any ways how to eat Smarties with braces unless you want them to get damaged.

The only thing you could try is to just suck on the Smarties instead of actually chewing them; however, that wouldn’t only take away a better half of the experience, but it still doesn’t fix the problem about the small parts of the Smarties getting stuck in your braces either.

Tips to eat Smarties with braces

Now, you should understand that eating Smarties with braces really isn’t a good idea. But if you still decide to do so, please, at least follow these our three tips afterward:

Tip 1

After eating some Smarties with braces, you should first make sure that the braces didn’t get broken; since the biggest problem with mixing Smarties and braces is that it could break one of their braces, making sure that it didn’t happen is absolutely crucial.

Tip 2

After that, it’s all well-known and straightforward because now it’s time to brush your teeth. However, you should wait at least half an hour before doing so because sugar softens your teeth. To help the sugar get out, you should drink a lot of water in the meantime.

Tip 3

What to do when not even brushing your teeth helps, though? Well, then you’re going to have to use dental floss! To do so, first, tie a knot it and just then actually pull the remains out using this knot as though it was some weird kind of lasso.

Do Smarties get stuck in your braces?

Yes, as we have already touched above a bit, Smarties get stuck in your braces. But with that being said, it must be pointed out that this isn’t even the biggest problem with them – the more important thing is that Smarties are very hard to chew on, which means one of your braces’ brackets could get broken when you eat them.

How to fix Smarties on braces?

However, they still can get stuck there, which obviously isn’t anything pleasant for you. So what to do about it? To fix Smarties on braces, you should first brush your teeth carefully. But since that most likely won’t be enough, then you’ll also have to use some dental floss.

Are Smarties considered a sticky food?

No, Smarties are not considered a sticky food; however, that doesn’t mean eating them with braces would be possible. That’s because the problem regarding Smarties doesn’t lie in how sticky they are, but instead in how chewy they are because that could break one of your braces’ brackets right away.

Can I eat Smarties in the first week of braces?

As we have already explained thoroughly, Smarties should never be mixed with braces. Therefore, it is evident that you cannot eat Smarties in the first week of braces because that’s precisely when the braces are most prone to get broken; that could happen very easily while chewing on some Smarties.

Are Smarties good to eat with braces?

No, Smarties are not good to eat with braces; in fact, they’re a pretty bad choice to go with. That is because they’re very hard to chew, which means that they could easily break one of the brackets of the braces. And additionally, the small pieces of sugar and chocolate falling out of the Smarties could get stuck in your braces.


While wearing braces, you should, besides others, try to avoid any exceptionally hard to chew food because it could easily break one of your braces’ brackets. Because of that, you, unfortunately, cannot eat Smarties with braces because they’re tough to chew; and even if they weren’t, there’s also the fact that the tiny pieces of sugar are nearly sure to get stuck in there.



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