Can You Eat Pizza With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

What’s your number one takeout food? Chances are pretty high that it is pizza, at least if you live in the USA! And although things like Chinese or Sushi have lately maybe become nearly as popular as pizza, it will still unquestionably come in handy knowing the answer to this question:

Can you eat pizza with braces? Yes, you can eat pizza with braces, but you have to stay away from any exceptionally chewy or crispy ingredients topping. Additionally, even if you don’t do it normally, you should leave the crust alone this time because it will most likely be too crispy for the braces.

But this was just to put it exceptionally quickly, and if we really want to understand this topic, we’re going to have to dive a bit deeper.

What are we waiting for then? Let’s just jump right into it!

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Can I eat pizza with braces?

Fortunately, you can eat pizza with braces, at least as long as you don’t use any hard to chew or extremely crispy toppings while making it. Another thing you should keep an eye on is the crust, which either has to be exceptionally soft or rather wholly avoided.

How to eat pizza with braces?

We have already touched this one a bit in the previous answer – to eat pizza with braces, you should, most importantly, leave all the crusts alone since biting into the crust could easily break one of your braces’ brackets. Additionally, remember to stay away from sticky or chewy toppings as well.

Tips to eat pizza with braces

Just picking the right kind isn’t the only thing, though – here come our other tips for eating pizza with braces:

Tip 1

The first thing we can recommend you is to make the pizza as thin as possible and not to use as many toppings as you would normally. That way, the chance of your braces getting damaged gets significantly smaller. 

However, making the pizza thin still doesn’t mean you can eat the crust while wearing braces!

Tip 2

And no matter how thin you make the pizza, you should also always brush your teeth carefully after finishing it. Actually, you should be doing that after eating anything with braces to make sure there are no remains stuck in there.

Tip 3

But to be honest, it is somehow likely that just brushing your teeth won’t be enough. Hence, you should also get some dental floss, tie a knot in it, and then use this knot to pull any stuck remains out of the braces.

Does pizza get stuck in your braces?

Even though pizza gets stuck in your braces, it shouldn’t be that bad when you don’t use too much cheese or any other extremely sticky toppings. Nevertheless, you should always brush your teeth after eating pizza with braces, but we’ve already talked about that above.

What happens if you eat pizza with braces?

Believe it or not, nothing bad happens if you eat pizza with braces; well, at least usually. But in some other cases, such as when you use an extreme amount of cheese or some other sticky or crispy toppings, eating pizza with braces can lead to the braces getting broken.

How to fix pizza on braces?

We have mentioned this a couple of times already, so let’s now take it just briefly – to fix pizza on braces, you should most importantly brush your teeth very carefully, and when that isn’t enough, using some dental floss is recommended as next.

Is pizza considered a sticky food?

No, pizza is not considered a sticky food, at least as long as you don’t use any too sticky toppings or an excess amount of cheese. Therefore, remember not to do that, and you can still enjoy pizza even when you’re wearing braces!

Can I eat pizza in the first week of braces?

Unfortunately, you cannot eat pizza in the first week of braces. Why? Well, although it usually is possible, at the beginning of the procedure, the braces are much more prone to get damaged, which means things like pizza should rather be avoided in the first week of braces.

Can you eat pizza with braces on the first day?

And that means it is apparent that you can’t eat pizza with braces on the first day because that’s the most dangerous time for them – when you start to wear braces, your mouth needs to get used to them for a while, and in the meantime, you really shouldn’t be eating anything besides the absolutely safest choices.

Is pizza good to eat with braces?

While it can’t be precisely said that pizza would be good to eat with braces, it isn’t that bad either. Well, at least as long as you don’t use any chewy or sticky toppings and stay away from the crust because that could damage the braces pretty easily; more about that in the following answer, though.

Can pizza damage and break your braces?

So yes, pizza can damage and break your braces; however, this doesn’t happen when you do what you should do. What does that mean? Well, firstly, staying away from any hard to chew on or sticky toppings, but additionally also leaving alone the crust, which is usually far too crispy for the braces.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat pizza rolls with braces?

Unfortunately, you can’t eat pizza rolls with braces because they’re far too crispy, which could be more than likely damaging for your braces.

Can you eat pepperoni pizza with braces?

Yes, you can eat pepperoni pizza with braces; however, with that in mind, remember that you should rather always leave the crust alone.

Can you eat cheese pizza with braces?

Even though you can eat cheese pizza with braces, remember that there shouldn’t be too much cheese because then, the pizza usually becomes sticky.

Can you eat Domino’s pizza with braces?

While you can eat Domino’s pizza with braces, you have to make sure that there are no exceptionally sticky or chewy toppings. Also, don’t forget that you should rather stay away from the crust!

Can you eat thin crust pizza with braces?

Yes, you can eat thin crust pizza with braces; in fact, it is evident that this kind is even more convenient than regular pizza. However, we recommend avoiding the crust itself, even when talking about thin crust pizza.

Can you eat Totino’s pizza with braces?

Yes, you can eat Totino’s pizza with braces. But with that in mind, remember to stay away from the crust and any sticky or chewy toppings.

Can you eat frozen pizza with braces?

While you can eat frozen pizza with braces, you should be even more careful about what kind you’re choosing than with the regular one. The reason for that is frozen pizza is usually much crispier.


Usually, pizza can be eaten even when you have to wear braces; however, there are some rules to keep an eye on. First, you should never eat the crust because that can break one of the braces’ brackets easily. And second, you should never use any crispy or chewy toppings either, because the same goes even for them.



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