Can You Eat Popcorn With Braces? (All You Need to Know)

Can you imagine going to see a movie and not getting some popcorn? If you’re like us, probably not; but if you have to wear braces, you’re either going to have to get used to it or not go to the cinema at all.

Can you eat popcorn with braces? No, you cannot eat popcorn with braces, mainly because there is an extremely high chance it will get stuck in there, and it will be very hard to remove. But even besides that, it is not unlikely that you can also damage one of the braces’ brackets just by biting into the popcorn.

But this was just to put it quickly, and in order to actually understand this topic, we’re going to have to dive a bit deeper.

Why are we wasting any more time then? Let’s just jump right into it!

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Can I eat popcorn with braces?

Unfortunately, you can’t eat popcorn with braces because it is both exceptionally crunchy and crispy, and extremely salty. Additionally, it is more than likely that some small piece of the popcorn will get stuck in your braces, and getting it out of there will be nearly impossible.

How to eat popcorn with braces?

In the previous answer, we have explained that you should stay as far away from popcorn as possible when you wear braces. However, if you crave it very badly, we still have one recommendation to you – to eat popcorn with braces, you should always try to find some hulless kind of it, which is significantly less damaging for the braces than the regular one.

But with that being said, remember that even hulless popcorn is harmful for your braces, and you should ideally stay away from any kind of popcorn.

Tips to eat popcorn with braces

So now you should have a decent picture of why eating popcorn with braces isn’t precisely the best idea. But if you for any reason decide to do so nevertheless, at least follow these two basic tips afterward:

Tip 1

Since popcorn, as we have already mentioned a few times, likes to get stuck in your braces, the first thing you should do after eating popcorn with braces is obviously to brush your teeth carefully.

Tip 2

But brushing your teeth won’t save you entirely, so then it comes time to use dental floss. First, tie a knot in it, and then use this knot to try to pull all of the remains out of the braces. Frankly, there is a high chance not even this will prove to be really helpful, which is precisely the reason why popcorn should be avoided entirely while wearing braces!

Does popcorn get stuck in your braces?

Yes, of course, popcorn gets stuck in your braces, and it happens extremely often as well! And since removing it afterward is pretty challenging, you should never eat popcorn while wearing braces, or at least choose the hulless kind, which is a bit safer in this case.

What happens if you eat popcorn with braces?

If you eat popcorn with braces, chances are they’re getting damaged. The main reason for that is that popcorn likes to get stuck in braces very much, and removing it afterward is often an impossible task. In addition, biting into popcorn can also often result in one of the braces’ brackets getting broken.

How to fix popcorn on braces?

We have already talked about this one thoroughly in the section with our tips, so let’s now take it quickly – to fix popcorn on braces, you should always first brush your teeth carefully. Then, if that isn’t enough, try to use some dental floss as well to get all of the remains out. 

Unfortunately, in many cases, not even that will be much of a help, which is precisely the reason why popcorn should be simply completely avoided while wearing braces.

Is popcorn considered a sticky food?

While popcorn can’t be precisely considered a sticky food (provided we don’t talk about the caramel kind, which is obviously a big no-no with braces!), it still likes to get stuck in braces. 

That’s because it instantly breaks into tiny pieces when you bite it, and those (especially combined with salt) are not rarely extremely hard to remove from the braces. Hence, avoid popcorn while wearing braces if possible.

Can I eat popcorn in the first week of braces?

No, you definitely can’t eat popcorn in the first week of braces because, as we have been trying to explain in this article, you should avoid popcorn altogether while wearing braces! And since braces are most prone to getting damaged at the beginning of the procedure, eating popcorn in the first week of braces is simply a dumb idea.

Is popcorn good to eat with braces?

As we hope you all already understand by now, popcorn is not good to eat with braces, and not only that, popcorn is actually terrible to eat while wearing braces! There are multiple reasons for that, but the most crucial one is the fact popcorn likes to get stuck in braces, which can be very damaging for them.

Can popcorn damage and break your braces?

Yes, popcorn can damage and break your braces, and there are even a couple of reasons for that. First, popcorn is crispy, which can break one of the braces’ brackets right away. But more crucially, popcorn likes to get stuck in the braces very much, which can be very damaging.

Frequently asked questions

Can you eat Smartfood popcorn with braces?

Smartfood is one of the most popular pre-popped popcorn brands in the whole US, but unfortunately, you can’t eat Smartfood popcorn with braces. That is because chances are high that some tiny piece of it will get stuck in your braces if you do so.

Can you eat movie theater popcorn with braces?

No, you definitely cannot eat movie theater popcorn with braces! It is bad enough when classic popcorn gets stuck in the braces, and since the one sold in cinemas is so intensely flavored, this would simply be a catastrophe!

Can you eat Skinny pop popcorn with braces?

Even though Skinny pop popcorn is gluten-free, you still can’t eat it with braces – gluten-free or not, it will still most likely get stuck in the braces, which means you should stay away even from Skinny pop popcorn while wearing braces.

Can you eat soft popcorn with braces?

While it is much less damaging for them than the regular one, you still can’t eat soft popcorn with braces. Yeah, it is nearly impossible that biting into it will break one of the brackets; however, there still is a high chance some crunches will get stuck in the braces.


Popcorn is exactly the thing you should avoid while wearing braces – it is very salty and crispy, and it likes to get stuck in your braces and teeth very, very much. And since all of that is highly damaging for your braces, eating popcorn while wearing them simply isn’t an option. However, if you crave it so much you can’t resist it, you should at least make sure to get some hulless kind of popcorn to minimalize the damage done.



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