Mexican Food That Starts With J (Every Food Covered)

Mexican food is popular and well-loved because of the richness of the flavor. Also, Mexican food involves a variety of fresh and healthy ingredients and a mix of aromatic spices. Thus, it’s not surprising to see many people interested in these types of food. If you’re also curious about Mexican food, it’s why you ended up here.

Below is a list of all Mexican food that starts with the letter J. While there are hundreds of dishes and food that Mexican cuisine has to offer, they only have six foods that start with the letter J. We’ve researched each one to help you understand more and increase your knowledge about Mexican foods.

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Mexican Food That Starts With JPin

Mexican food that starts with J

Below are six Mexican foods that start with the letter J. You can read further below to learn a bit more about each one!

Jicama – Jicama is a root vegetable that has thick, brown skin. Jicama is white inside and tastes like an apple, but not quite as sweet as it. It’s similar to a potato but much lower in carbohydrates. Primarily found in Mexico and Central America, jicama grows on long vines. First, however, its roots are eaten.

Jocoque – In Mexico, Jocoque is a dairy product based on fermented milk, originating from unknown origins, and heavily influenced by Lebanese cuisine.

Jumiles – Jumiles are tiny stink bugs that live in the Taxco region of Guerrero, Mexico. Also, edible hemipterans belonging to the Coreidae or Pentatomidae families can be considered Jumiles. Their diet includes the leaves of the Encina tree. Chumiles are a similar but smaller hemipterans. 

Jamoncillos – Jamoncillos are traditional Mexican candy made from milk and sugar, and it is delicious when topped with Nuéz.

Jarritos – Jarritos is a Mexican soft drink brand founded by Don Francisco “El Güero” Hill in 1950. It is currently owned by Novamex, the largest independent beverage conglomerate in Guadalajara, Jalisco, owned by Hill & Ac. Co. It is also distributed in certain parts of Mexico by Pepsi Bottling Group and Cott.

Jalapeno – Jalapenos are medium-sized chile pepper pods of the species Capsicum annum. The mature jalapeno chile grows to a 5–10 cm length, has a smooth round flesh of 25–38 mm wide, and hangs down. Scoville heat units range from 4,000 to 8,500, depending on the pungency level.

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