Does Pomegranate Make You Poop and Cause Diarrhea? (Explained!)

Pomegranates are healthy fruits packed with nutrients. In addition, pomegranates offer a satisfying taste, so people can’t resist having a piece or two. Yet, if you find yourself having to poop after eating pomegranates, you may wonder:

Does pomegranate make you poop and cause diarrhea? Yes, pomegranates make you poop and cause diarrhea because this fruit contains fiber and sugar to regulate bowel movements, just like other fruits. As a result, the water content also softens the stool, causing you to poop or suffer from diarrhea.

Many people consume pomegranates as part of their diet; however, they can still cause digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion. Understanding why it happens will help you cope with it.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about pomegranates and how they affect our bowels. Therefore, you will know what your body will experience and what you may react to if that ever happens to you.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Does pomegranate make you poop?

Yes, pomegranates make you poop. Moreover, this fruit can alleviate constipation and dehydration. Pomegranates can, however, cause constipation if eaten in large amounts.

Because this fruit is rich in sugar, you should replace water with a small amount of this fruit so that you won’t consume loads of sugar.

Can pomegranate cause diarrhea?

Yes, pomegranates cause diarrhea, but only when you eat many of them. In addition to their high water and sugar content, pomegranates can cause diarrhea if eaten in excess.

As always, it’s not wise to eat this fruit in large quantities since the amount of sugar can be problematic. Instead, you should drink more water instead of eating fruit.

Is it normal when pomegranate makes you poop?

No, it’s not normal when pomegranates make you poop, though it happens from time to time. Those who consume large amounts of fruit have a greater risk of developing this condition.

In contrast, it isn’t normal if you get poop after eating even a tiny amount of it. So make sure your digestion is working correctly to prevent further complications.

Is it normal when pomegranate gives you diarrhea?

No, it’s not normal when pomegranates give you diarrhea. But, generally speaking, pomegranates are safe to consume as long as they are consumed moderately. 

If you have diarrhea after eating small amounts of pomegranate, you might consider reducing your intake. This way, you can detect any underlying digestive problems.

Why does pomegranate make you poop?

Pomegranate makes you poop because of the water, sugar, and dietary fiber they contain. The fibers and sugar in food help regulate bowel movements, while the water softens stiff stools. Pomegranate, therefore, helps you poop when you are constipated and have trouble pooping.

Why does pomegranate give me diarrhea?

Pomegranates can cause diarrhea even if you do not have constipation since they are high in sugar, water, and fibers.

When you do not have constipation, sugars and fibers help regulate your bowel movements, leading to diarrhea. Furthermore, the water can loosen your bowels, leading to watery stools, a sign of diarrhea.

What to do if pomegranate makes you poop?

Consuming pomegranate juice might cause you to poop if it causes you to do so. Therefore, if you eat pomegranates on occasion, limit your intake.

What to do if pomegranate gives you diarrhea?

If you experience diarrhea from eating pomegranates, you must consume other solid foods. Otherwise, you will overburden your digestive system. 

Furthermore, you will benefit from reducing fruit consumption. Rather than consuming more sugar and fiber, you will consume less.

How fast does pomegranate make you poop?

When pomegranates are consumed, they can make you poop. It takes about 2-3 hours for the laxative effects of pomegranates to take effect and cause you to poop. 

In this case, you can eat some of the fruit and some water, particularly if you have trouble going to the bathroom. You can also ease constipation with the fruit.

Does pomegranate help with constipation?

When you suffer from constipation, pomegranates can provide laxative effects to the consumer.

Pomegranates are primarily composed of sugar, fiber, and water. Loose stools may result from these things softening the stool and regulating the bowel movements. 

In summary, pomegranates can relieve constipation pain and is safe to consume for those who suffer from it. You should, however, drink plenty of water while consuming it.

Does pomegranate make your poop smell?

Yes, pomegranates make your poop smell. Pomegranates generally make your poop smell like any other fruit. However, if you consume a lot of fruit, your poop will smell like fruit and vegetables. As a result, you should consider reducing the amount of pomegranate juice you consume to understand it better.

Does pomegranate make you fart?

Yes, pomegranates make you fart. Pomegranates contain a lot of fiber, which can cause gas and bloat. Thus, when consumed in excess, they can cause you to fart. However, it is safe to consume this fruit in moderation as long as you consume it.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about pomegranates and their effects on poop and diarrhea. We have answered them here to help your concerns.

Does pomegranate change stool color?

Yes, pomegranates change stool color. It may seem like a problem, but it’s perfectly normal, so you have nothing to worry about. If you consume pomegranate, your stool will become black if it has a dark color.

Do lots of pomegranates make you poop more?

Yes, lots of pomegranates make you poop more because they contain nutrients to relieve constipation. Additionally, they are laxatives. 

You won’t feel the effects until you’ve consumed at least an 8-ounce cup of coffee. Pomegranates tend to make you poop more in general. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t overdo it, as it will increase the amount of sugar you receive.

Is pomegranate a natural laxative?

Yes, pomegranate is a natural laxative. However, pomegranates aren’t as powerful as those other fruits. It generally helps to eat more pomegranates to prevent dehydration. Furthermore, pomegranate juice may relieve constipation as well. 

Pomegranate is not more effective than water, as there is no scientific evidence to support that claim. You can prevent constipation most effectively if it is avoided every day.

Does pomegranate cause bowel movements?

Yes, pomegranates cause bowel movements because this fruit contains large amounts of fiber that can stimulate and regulate bowel movements. Thus, it can cause bowel movements, especially when consuming such foods in large amounts.

Does pomegranate make you poop red?

Yes, pomegranates make you poop red. Pomegranates can also turn your poop red because of their dark red color. However, you shouldn’t be concerned if such an event occurs since it is perfectly normal. Once your body has processed all the pomegranates, your poop will return to its natural color.

Does pomegranate make you poop black?

Yes, pomegranates can make you poop black. Due to its dark color, this fruit can also affect the color of your stool. If you consume these fruits, your stool will become darker.

It may look concerning, but there’s nothing to worry about, and it’s completely normal. You will get back to normal stools as soon as your body processes any fruit left in your stomach.

Does pomegranate make your poop green?

No, pomegranates do not make your poop green. However, due to the deep red color of pomegranates, your stool will not look green after consuming them. Therefore, you should suspect that another food or drink you consume is causing this.


In a nutshell, pomegranates make you poop and cause diarrhea. Like other fruits, this fruit contains fiber and sugar, which help regulate bowel movements. Additionally, the water content of the stool can soften it, resulting in poop or diarrhea.

Pomegranates are popular among many people, but they can also cause digestive problems, such as diarrhea and loose stools. The best way to handle it is to figure out why it occurs.

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