Why Am I Craving Cereal? [And What to Do? Explained!]

Cereal is a popular food as breakfast and snacks for many people. It comes in different flavors and kinds, but all of them are treats we would never say no to when offered. Thus, it’s not surprising to see many people crave it from time to time. Still, you may ask:

Why am I craving cereal? If you’re craving cereal, it can mean you need something found in cereal, which is mostly sugar and carbohydrates. Also, it can mean that you are simply hungry or that cereal is your comfort food. Stress and hormonal fluctuations can also be a reason for your cereal cravings.

While it’s easy for us to give in to our cravings, you’ll do better if you understand what causes your cravings first. Your cravings might mean a simple thing, but they can also be a sign of an underlying nutrient deficiency. 

Understanding such a craving is essential, and so we made this article to give you all the information you need about it. This way, you can understand what’s happening to your body and make sure you get the right amount of nutrients and stay healthy.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Why do I crave cereal?

What does it mean when you are craving cereal? A craving for cereal usually indicates that you require carbohydrates or other nutrients. Cereal can also boost your mood or lift your spirits if you’re hungry or in need of a pick-me-up.

Check them out one by one.

Your body lacks carbohydrates.

Cereal is a good source of carbohydrates and sugar, so your cereal craving may be due to your need for these nutrients.

Carbohydrates are essential nutrients for your body to function and do every day tasks. Therefore, if you crave cereal or any food that has a high carbohydrate content, you are more likely to give in to it than ignore it.

You give your body all the carbohydrates it needs to function throughout the day by giving in to your cereal cravings.

Hunger makes you crave.

You can also crave cereal if you are hungry. When you’re hungry, you may crave all kinds of foods, including cereal. Additionally, cereal provides a lot of carbohydrates, which can make you feel full after eating a couple of pieces.

Consuming cereal in moderation is always healthy. When you eat too much cereal, you may consume more carbohydrates than you need, which is not advisable.

Essentially, you may give in to your cravings to satisfy your hunger. Don’t overdo it, however, to avoid complications.

The cereal provides you with nutrients.

Cereal contains carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals, depending on the brand you eat. Even though these nutrients are small, you may still crave cereal if you lack them. In addition to carbohydrates, cereal may provide vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

If you’re suffering from a vitamin deficiency and crave cereal, it will benefit your health to give in to your cravings and eat some. In this way, you can get the nutrients you need, even in small amounts, and satisfy your craving at the same time. 

You need to lift your mood.

Sugar and carbohydrates help the body produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that boosts mood. Consequently, if you’re feeling stressed or emotionally depressed, you may crave cereal to get that serotonin.

Such situations are ideal for giving in to your cravings and eating some cereal to lift your mood. Keep your cereal consumption in moderation, though, to avoid further problems.

You don’t have to worry about giving in and compromising your health as long as you control your cereal intake.

Why am I craving cereal all of a sudden?

The sudden craving for cereal may be a sign that you are hungry or that you need the nutrients cereal provides.

As cereal is high in carbohydrates and fiber, these nutrients may be deficient in your body, and you must compensate for them.

Simply put, if you give in to your cravings and eat some cereal, you will benefit. In this way, you can satisfy your cravings and nourish your body.

Why am I craving cereal all the time?

You probably don’t get enough carbohydrates, fiber, and energy in your diet if you crave cereal all the time. 

If you experience cereal cravings as a result of such deficiencies, you may need to upgrade or adjust your diet.

If you want to solve your problem, you can give in to your cravings. Nonetheless, you should also make sure you consume enough nutrients to prevent cravings in the future.

How to stop craving cereal?

It is essential that you address the cause of your craving for cereal if you intend to stop it. When you crave cereal due to a lack of nutrients, you should include them in your diet.

You should eat more food if you lack energy or are hungry to prevent cravings for cereal. Overall, you’ll find it beneficial to satisfy your cravings while fixing your deficiencies. As long as you consume cereal in moderation, you will be fine.

What to eat when craving cereal?

The best thing to eat when craving cereal is the cereal itself. However, you won’t always have cereal, especially if you suddenly crave it.

In such cases, it is best to find other alternatives. You can generally find foods similar in taste and nutritional value to cereals. Alternatively, it may be another type of bread or food that contains carbohydrates, fiber, or other nutrients.

You can give in to your cravings and eat cereal if you have it or find other alternatives to satisfy your cravings.

Craving cereal during pregnancy

Why are you craving cereal when pregnant? When you crave cereal during pregnancy, you probably need the calories, carbohydrates, or fiber that it provides.

During pregnancy, your body requires more nutrients because your stomach is growing a baby. You may crave cereal because it provides your body with enough nutrients to satisfy your needs.

It will be beneficial to your whole body if you give into your cravings and eat a bowl of cereal. You’ll be fine as long as you eat other healthy foods along with it.

Craving cereal before period

Why are you craving cereal before your period? The nutrients in cereal help you get through your period, so if you crave it before it, you probably need it. 

Due to the breakdown of your menstrual lining, your body needs more nutrients during your menstrual period. If you eat whole wheat cereal, you’ll feel full for quite a while because cereal contains a lot of carbohydrates.

In other words, if you give in to your cravings and eat a bit of cereal, your body will reap the benefits. You will feel a lot better during your period thanks to the carbohydrates, fiber, and iron in the cereal.

Craving cereal on period

Why are you craving cereal when you are on your period? If you crave cereal during your period, you probably need the fiber it contains. Thus, getting whole-wheat cereal will provide you with more fiber.

In addition to preventing bloating, fiber aids digestion during your period. You can indulge in your cravings and eat some cereal during your period. If you have several choices, look for a cereal made with whole wheat to get more fiber. 

Craving cereal at night

Why are you craving cereal at night? When you are craving cereal at night, it means you are not eating enough carbohydrates during the day. Although you need such a nutrient, you shouldn’t give in to your cravings, especially before you go to sleep. 

When you restrict carbs during the day, you’re sure to crave them at night. It’s a classic tale of wanting what you can’t have, and it’s probably one of the most common causes of cravings.

In summary, giving in to your cereal cravings is not a good idea, especially before bedtime. If you want to avoid such instances in the future, get the right amount of carbs during the day so you won’t crave them at night.

Craving cereal when sick

Why are you craving cereal when you are sick? When you’re sick, you probably crave cereal because it can help ease your symptoms. 

Because cereal contains carbs and small amounts of vitamins and minerals, you can satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty. It can even help you cope with your disease and eat even if you aren’t feeling well.

It is important not to overeat cereal, as it will lead to an unbalanced diet. Nevertheless, as long as you eat such small amounts and eat other nutritious foods, you can give in to your cravings without worrying.

Can you have a cereal addiction?

If cereal is consumed in excess, it can become addictive. Cereal addiction is rare, but you might become accustomed to eating cereal more often than usual.

Therefore, you should exercise caution when satisfying your cereal cravings since it may develop into an addiction, which is not healthy.

Is craving cereal a sign of pregnancy?

It is not a symptom of pregnancy to crave cereal. While pregnancy causes stronger desires than usual, it is still insufficient to indicate pregnancy.

During pregnancy, cereal is a common source of cravings. However, anyone can exchange for cereal or other reasons, so it is not a sign of pregnancy.

In order to be sure, you should seek a pregnancy test or visit a doctor rather than viewing your cereal cravings as a sign of pregnancy.

Can you eat too much cereal?

Yes, you can eat too much cereal. Even though cereal contains a significant amount of carbohydrates and fiber, too much cereal will not make you healthy.

Cereals contain a lot of fats and other ingredients that make them harmful to consume on a regular basis.

As a result, you must understand that cereal is not meant to be consumed regularly. You should only take it on rare occasions and not as a regular part of your diet.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about cereal cravings. In the sections below, you may find some information to assist you with your problems.

What does craving cereal mean emotionally?

In most cases, cereal cravings are not the result of an emotional reaction. They are usually the result of nutritional deficiencies. However, in certain circumstances, cereal cravings arise from your enjoyment of eating it.

When this situation occurs, you may interpret the impulse as an emotional reaction or as a self-medication mechanism. Thus, you can indulge your cereal desires and eat some to boost your spirits or find comfort from them.

What deficiency causes you to crave cereal?

Vitamin deficiencies are commonly the cause of cereal cravings, as I mentioned earlier. Since cereal contains carbohydrates, fiber, and other nutrients and calories, you are likely deficient in them. Therefore, you must either give in to your desires or find alternate sources of essential nutrients.

Why do I crave cereal before bed?

If you crave cereal before bed, it means you’re not eating enough carbs during the day. While you need such a nutrient, you shouldn’t give in to your cravings especially when you’re about to sleep. 

Carbohydrate restriction during the day will likely result in cravings at night. The classic tale of wanting something you can’t have probably is one of the most common reasons for cravings.

In short, it’s not a good idea to give in to your cereal cravings especially before bed. The best thing to do is avoid such instances in the future by getting the right amount of carbs within the day so you won’t crave it at night.

What happens if you eat cereals every day?

While cereals are a common breakfast staple and snack, it’s not ideal to eat such every day, especially in large amounts.

If eaten too often, this can contribute to weight gain and health problems, including tooth decay and high blood pressure. But whether it’s puffed, baked, or flaked, cereal can still form part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

The best thing to do is to eat cereal along with a healthy and nutritious diet. As long as you mix it with a balanced diet, you should be alright.


In a nutshell, your cereal cravings can mean many things. For instance, it can be an effect of hunger or a nutrient deficiency. At the same time, it can be due to emotional factors such as hormonal changes or stress. Lastly, it can be a simple need for satisfaction and comfort.

Whatever the reason is, cereal cravings happen and you need to do something about it. While it may only mean a simple craving that you can always enjoy, you may also find yourself needing more nutrients in your body. Thus, you should make sure your body is alright before you munch on your cereal and satisfy your craving. 



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