Why Am I Craving Chocolate? [And What to Do? Explained!]

We enjoy chocolate every day as it is one of the most widely consumed foods. It has been a staple of practically everyone’s diet since they were young. As a result, there are several reasons why you could feel the need to eat something. Still, you may ask:

Why am I craving chocolate? If you crave chocolate, you may be deficient in magnesium. Cacao and cocoa solids contain a large amount of magnesium, a mineral that is often deficient in the diet. On the other hand, chocolate contains extra sugar components, which aren’t good for your health.

You can enjoy chocolate for a variety of reasons. However, it may help you determine the cause of your desires if you consider all of these factors. As soon as you’ve been through this phase, you’ll be able to manage your emotions.

We’ll go over all of the typical reasons why you’d want chocolate in this post. As a result, you can observe each explanation and decide whether or not it explains why you want such a beverage. This article will also learn how to cope with your cravings while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Why do I crave chocolate?

What does it mean when you are craving chocolate? There are several reasons why you might crave chocolate. First, chocolate may provide the nutrients you need if you are hungry or lacking nutrients. Whatever the reason is, knowing it would give you a better idea of responding to your craving.

Let’s understand each of the common reasons further.

You’re hungry.

Chocolate is an easy way to satisfy your hunger if your tummy grows. Both fat and protein are found in chocolate. Chocolate contains a small amount of protein and a large amount of fat. You may be tempted by chocolate because it makes you feel whole and comfortable.

Fill your stomach with tasty meals made from natural ingredients instead. For instance, quinoa, nuts, seeds, legumes, and avocados are high in fiber, protein, and fat.

You need some sugar.

Chocolate may not be as appealing to your body as carbohydrates or sweets. Further, it contains around 13 grams of sugar, also known as simple carbohydrates. Lactose is natural sugar, and it gives chocolate its slight sweetness.

As well as lactose, chocolate sugar is also called lactose. Chocolate can contain up to 8% lactose.

Lactose is converted into glucose in the human body, a vital sugar. Glucose is the primary energy source for all organs, including the brain. In addition to promoting the growth of good bacteria in your gut, particularly Bifidobacterium, this carbohydrate can also boost the production of short-chain fatty acids.

Substitute healthy carb sources for chocolate sugars to stave off sugar cravings. A few examples are sweet potatoes, oats, and fruit. Here are 19 sugar-fighting foods you might want to try.

You find it comforting.

As a result of moderate withdrawal symptoms, you might crave chocolate. However, you’re not alone. A study found that combining fats and sweets stimulates the brain’s reward centers. Therefore, chocolate might be a “comfort meal” for you.

Lactose, frequently called chocolate sugar, is only about 20% as sweet as cane sugar, but it can still satisfy sugar cravings. Cocoa is also a good source of natural lipids. Chocolate products may also explain emotional eating, such as ice cream. In the meantime, try these healthier comfort foods.

You lack some nutrients.

Chocolate contains 18 of the 22 necessary vitamins and minerals, making it a complete meal. Vitamin A, B-12, calcium, magnesium, and zinc are not manufactured by the body and must be obtained from food.

Chocolate cravings may indicate that you are deficient in one or more of these nutrients. Keep a food diary and consult a registered dietitian nutritionist regularly to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet.

It’s part of your diet.

When you consume the same food or drink every day, your body and brain become used to it. So even when you aren’t hungry, you might find yourself wandering over to the refrigerator anyway.

Such cravings usually last between three and five minutes. Keep busy while you wait for the urge to pass. If you prefer, you may stock up on healthier or more desirable alternatives, such as plant-based chocolate, sparkling water, or tea. If you must have chocolate, choose an alternative.

Why am I craving chocolate all of a sudden?

There are some essential nutrients you are lacking if you suddenly crave chocolate. Our bodies cannot produce essential vitamins and minerals, so we must obtain them from food.

As a result, you may be craving chocolate because you are deficient in specific vitamins and minerals. For example, chocolate cravings are frequently caused by vitamins A and B-12, calcium, zinc, and magnesium deficiencies.

Why am I craving chocolate all the time?

You need enough nutrients to curb your chocolate cravings for your body to function correctly. Chocolate contains nutrients, so your body may indicate you need them by making you hungry.

How to stop craving chocolate?

If you wish to stop craving chocolate, eating it will provide you with the nutrients and feelings you need. Keeping hydrated will keep you from getting thirsty, while eating will keep you from becoming hungry.

Then, once these two issues are resolved, you should ensure that the nutrients you acquire from meals are sufficient for your body. Thus, you can ensure that everything you receive from chocolate is already in your system.

Here are some alternatives to chocolate you might consider if you’re craving it.

What to eat when craving chocolate?

You should find out why you crave something else when you want to eat something other than chocolate.

If you’re thirsty, you should eat water-rich meals. Chocolate also contains sweets, so eat sugary foods. Lastly, if you want vitamins and minerals from chocolate, you’ll need to eat nutritious foods as well.

Fruits, including apples, melon, oranges, and melons, are 89 percent water. Fruit and chocolate contain the same carbs, but the fruit has fiber, delaying absorption and increasing satiety. In addition, fruit contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals rather than chocolate.

If you replace chocolate sugars with nutritious food sources, you may avoid sugar cravings. A few examples of whole-grain foods include bread, oats, sweet potatoes, and fruit. Here are 19 sugar-fighting foods to try.

Craving chocolate during pregnancy

Why are you craving chocolate when pregnant? When you crave chocolate when pregnant, your body signals that you need calcium and other nutrients from chocolate.

Calcium has been proven to relieve cramping, bloating, and water retention. Products containing calcium include chocolate.

In a nutshell, it’s a hint that you should follow your desires. If you ignore these signs, you may develop a calcium deficiency, which may damage your pregnancy. Thus, you can consume chocolate or obtain other calcium-rich alternatives.

Craving chocolate before period

Why are you craving chocolate before your period? You may crave chocolate before your period because your body signals that you need the nutrients chocolate contains. For example, it usually needs calcium from chocolate.

In general, calcium helps reduce menstrual cramps and bloating during your period. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to give in to your urges if you believe that you will have your monthly cycle.

Craving chocolate on period

Why are you craving chocolate when you are on your period? When you crave chocolate during your period, it’s because you’re deficient in the minerals that chocolate provides, particularly calcium. Thus, following your craving might benefit you since calcium relieves cramp discomfort.

Don’t overdo it when following your urges. It may nevertheless be beneficial to eat a significant amount of chocolate during your period rather than ignore your urges.

Craving chocolate at night

Why are you craving chocolate at night? When you want chocolate at night, your body might need nutrition, or you might be craving it out of habit.

If you eat the same thing every day, your body and brain become accustomed to it. It’s a habit, and you may find yourself reaching for the fridge even when you’re not hungry.

The good news is that most food cravings are relatively temporary, lasting between three and five minutes. So distract yourself while you wait for the craving to pass. 

Alternatively, stock up on more desirable or healthier options like plant-based chocolate, sparkling water, or tea. Then, instead of chocolate, consider other healthier alternatives.

Craving chocolate when sick

Why are you craving chocolate when you are sick? If you crave chocolate when you’re unwell, you may be deficient in the vitamins and minerals that chocolate provides.

Food is the only source of vitamins A, B-12, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, all of which the body cannot produce. As a result, a desire for chocolate may indicate a deficiency in one or more of these nutrients.

Therefore, if you don’t like chocolate, it’s best to follow your cravings or obtain an alternative meal.

Can you have a chocolate addiction?

Chocolate is unlikely to be an addiction for you. Despite this, there is a possibility that you may feel tempted to eat more chocolate than usual. This is because the consumption of too much chocolate may harm your health, even though chocolate contains some nutrients.

You should limit yourself to one or two pieces of chocolate per day, and no more. These amounts will ensure that you get the necessary nutrients. However, if you eat more, you may impact your digestion and general health.

Is craving chocolate a sign of pregnancy?

Even though pregnant women often crave chocolate, chocolate cravings do not indicate pregnancy. 

Chocolate cravings could be linked to a calcium deficiency or a need for extra calcium during pregnancy. 

In this way, you can determine it’s a typical pregnancy indicator. Nevertheless, you should consult a physician or do your tests to be specific.

Can you eat too much chocolate?

There is such a thing as too much chocolate, and it isn’t good for you. While chocolate is healthy and beneficial, consuming too much of it can be harmful. Additionally, excessive consumption of any substance, even as healthy as chocolate, is harmful.

According to research, eating too much chocolate in one day can lead to death and fractures. Avoid overindulging in chocolate.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some more questions related to this topic. I’m sure you have one or two questions in your head that need to be answered.

What does craving chocolate mean emotionally?

Emotional reactions to chocolate are hard to determine. However, chocolate’s calming effect on the body can legitimate reason to desire it. First, however, you must resist what you perceive to be emotional hunger.

What deficiency causes you to crave chocolate?

It has been stated previously that a chocolate craving indicates nutritional deficiency. Chocolate contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin B-12, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. A chocolate craving may be caused by a lack of one or more of these nutrients.

Why do I wake up craving chocolate?

When you wake up craving chocolate, you’re usually hungry. Chocolate cravings can sometimes be explained by hunger. 

Your body craves fast carbohydrates like refined sugars when it is hungry. For example, most processed chocolate is high on the glycemic index, so it gives you a quick but temporary sugar rush.

Craving chocolate chip cookies

If you’re craving some chocolate chip cookies, you’re usually craving the sugar in them. 

Typical chocolate chip cookie recipes contain sugar, the main ingredient that activates reward and craving centers in the brain. However, cookies also have other addictive characteristics, such as flavor and texture.

In short, it’s a typical craving that you can solve by eating a piece or two. However, when you give in to such cravings, make sure you limit it to small amounts to avoid eating too much sugar.

Craving chocolate and peanut butter

If you’re craving chocolate and peanut butter, you probably miss the texture of both as spreads. In short, it’s a typical craving that you can solve by giving in and eating small amounts. 

Now, when you give in to such cravings, make sure you don’t eat too much since peanut butter and chocolate may have large amounts of sugar that aren’t good for your health if consumed in large servings.


In a nutshell, you may be craving chocolate for several reasons. Perhaps you want something sweet, or maybe you’re hungry. Perhaps it’s because you’re used to eating chocolate as comfort food, or you miss the vitamins and minerals it provides.

There are many reasons why you may desire chocolate. You may be able to identify the factors causing your desires if you know all of them. We hope this article gave you some insight into this subject.



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