In Need of Ideas for Passover? 10 Mouthwatering Recipes to Help

Passover is close! And eventhough we have our traditional meal to serve in these moments, why not surprise them with something else? Here’s 10 ideas for you:

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  1. Trail mix with glazed nuts

“This is an amazing snack/lunch. It’s like “s’mores in a jar”! My kids love it! It’s also good to take on the go – great to take in school lunches or to school. They can even eat it without me mixing in the nuts when they are left alone. I like having things pre-measured when I make food for them, so I can make one recipe for several people. This recipe also keeps well, so I often make this when we are at home or when I’m not around,” said one of our readers.

  1. Tahini kale chips

“My husband made me chips with tahini this weekend because I love them. It was so good! We both enjoyed them. He said he would make it again”, told us one of our readers about this delicious recipe.

  1. Tender carrot salad
  2. Beet and curry salad
  3. Summer quinoa salad

“What a salad! My family liked it very much (even my 8 years old daughter), all the flavors were well balanced, there is nothing missing in this salad… everything is perfect together! It was really tasty. So easy to make too, my 6 years old boy helped me prepare it,” told us proudly one of our fans.

  1. Beets and hummus in layers

And here are some examples of what do our readers think about this recipe:

“I made this layered salad with beets and hummus yesterday and my family loved it. One of my kids said we need to make this more often.”

“We had a wonderful dinner last night. The beet salad is delicious and I’ll be making again soon! We all loved it!”

“I made this recipe as a side salad and it was simply delicious. The beets were tender and the vinaigrette was very delicious. I will make it again.”

  1. Creamy cauliflower soup

One of our fans shared with us his awesome experience with this recipe: “It was so awesome, it got me laid!”

  1. White roots soup

“It looked and smelled absolutely delicious and I felt like I was eating some kind of soup or something, but it tasted soo good. The smooth texture and flavor on my tongue made me want to lick the spoon! I used some cannellini beans in it, but next time will definitely add some mung beans. Thanks so much for sharing such a great recipe!” said one of our most frequent visitors.

  1. Vegetarian tofu meatballs
  2. Chia chocolate pudding

And what did our readers think of this recipe? Let’s find out (more of their experiences can be found directly under the recipe itself):

“It is very delicious and healthy dish. Plus if you don’t like strawberries it’s great with blueberries.”

“This recipe is amazing! My grandma loves chocolate so when I made this she was overjoyed! She has never heard of chia seeds so we had a lot of fun learning about them together.”

“I wanted to let you know how much my husband loves this recipe. He would like me to make it for him on a regular basis. I am making it again today (along with the chia puddings) for two friends who are visiting us tomorrow.”

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