Hungry? Try One of These 5 Healthy Gluten-Free Cookies!

Cookies are awesome and gluten-free cookies are even better! And since I already shared a ton of gluten-free cookies recipe with you, I want to remind you of five of them I consider to be the best ones:

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  1. Chewy white beans cookies

Let’s start with something pretty strange, shall we? There probably aren’t many people who would have come up with this recipe but thank god I don’t belong to that group. Hence, you can try this absolutely awesome thing!

  1. Gluten free oatmeal and quinoa cookies

Not even the second recipe seems quite ordinary, does it? Once again it is delicious, though!

  1. Gluten free sesame cookies

The third recipe is a well-known one, but it was obviously made my way! As you know, I love to be creative in the kitchen, and therefore you may be a bit surprised about how did I actually made those sesame cookies. But trust me that they are tasty!

  1. Vegan chewy molasses cookies

Another chewy cookie recipe, what more can I say? Maybe that this one is (at least in my opinion) a little bit worse than the white beans one.

  1. Gluten-free chocolate chips cookies

And in the end, let’s take a look at one absolute classic, shall we? I again played with the recipe a bit, but it is still a little bit less original than you may be used to from my other ones.

What do our readers think about this list?

“I love all of those but the last one. I am not a big fan of chocolate cookies. I like cookies with some sort of fruit flavor.”

“I totally agree, as long as the fruit is not dried. Dried fruits give me gas and cramps.”

“I, personally, can’t imagine a cookie without walnuts or chocalate chips, but I’ll try them with dried fruits at some point!”

“I like walnuts and chocolate chips and dried fruits in my cookies too! But this is a good list to make people think outside the box.”

“Awesome, tried all of this yesterday! Don’t you have other 5 healthy gluten-free cookie recipes to recommend?” 

“I’m curious how many of the cookies on your list are healthy enough to be considered vegan.”

“These gluten-free cookies are delicious 🙂 I like the chocolate chip cookies and chewy white beans cookies”

“The only cookies in the list I haven’t tried yet is the vegan chewy molasses cookies.”

“I love your list of gluten-free cookies, thanks so much! I’ve tried so many of them, but I’ve never found a dishmate or pair of friends who are also gluten free to help me test the recipes. Any ideas?”

“I have found that it’s difficult to find friends who are also gluten free when you have two young kids. But anyway, I love your blog and you’re the first blogger I’ve found that is not just for someone with celiac disease or gluten allergies, but someone wanting to eat real food made without refined sugar!”

“I don’t believe in “best of” lists because everyone has their own favorite cookies etc.”

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