Why Are Honeycrisp Apples So Expensive? (Top 2 Reasons Explained)

Apples are one of the fruits we enjoy snacking and adding to several baking and cooking recipes. As a result, the demand for this specific fruit is steady, if not growing. One of the types of apples that stands out is Honeycrisp apples. However, they are a cut above the rest, especially with their high price. So, you may wonder:

Why are Honeycrisp apples so expensive? Honeycrisp apples are so expensive because of the thorough handling and proper care that comes with the apples. This care results in good-quality apples that are a cut above the rest. It’s also why these apples are famous and high in demand.

Honeycrisp apples are apples of good quality that are well-sought out by many consumers. Since most consumers are willing to pay double or even triple the price, they can enjoy these good-quality apples. Still, as someone on a tight budget, understanding the value of these Honeycrisp apples is essential to know if they are a good value for money.

In this article, we will explain the top two reasons why Honeycrisp apples are so expensive. This way, you can understand the value of these apples and see what you will get when you pay the higher price should you go for them. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Are Honeycrisp apples expensive?

Yes, Honeycrisp apples are expensive. The high price generally comes from the high demand and the thorough care and handling from planting, harvesting, processing, and packaging. While the demand affects the price more because the care and attention are given to this apple results in better quality products.

Why are Honeycrisp apples so expensive?

Here are the top two reasons why Honeycrisp apples are so expensive. You can look below to understand why these apples have such a high price and value.

High demand

One thing that makes Honeycrisp apples so expensive is the growing demand due to their popularity. However, since many people are willing to pay for high-quality apples, the Honeycrisp apples tend to be one of their options.

Due to the high demand, the supply gets pressured to offer more, and since production and harvest are limited, the price for these apple increases.

Many consumers of Honeycrisp apples don’t mind the higher price over regular apples as long as they enjoy good quality products.

Hence, the price has something to do with the growing demand while the supply chains don’t offer too much.

Proper care and handling

Besides the high and growing demand, Honeycrisp apples are also getting expensive because of the resources necessary to supply and process the apples.

These resources include everything necessary from planting, harvesting, processing, and packaging. 

In short, while the growing demand slightly affects the price of Honeycrisp apples, their high price is mainly because of the thorough handling and care for each apple until they reach the hands of the consumers. 

How much do Honeycrisp apples cost?

Generally, Honeycrisp apples can cost around $3 to $4 per pound. So if you’re buying a 40-lb box of these apples, expect to pay around $53.

If you buy these apples on sale, you can enjoy a pound for around $2 to $3. Also, you can enjoy lesser prices when you buy wholesale or in bulk.

Are Honeycrisp apples worth the money?

Yes, Honeycrisp apples are worth the money. When you consider the apples’ quality and look for the best options, you can get a good value for money with Honeycrisp apples.

What makes these apples worth the money is that these are the only ones with the stems clipped, so they don’t end up puncturing the skin of the other apples. 

Also, these apples’ overall quality and handling are way better, ensuring the best condition that will always be satisfying to enjoy.

Honeycrisp apples are so popular since they are trendy in the agricultural phenomenon. Many consumers are willing to pay double or even triple the price of typical apples to enjoy this variant.

Many people may think that Honeycrisp apples are only expensive because they are trendy. However, these apples are expensive because of the processing since they are difficult to grow and prepare until they are ready for consumption.

What is special about Honeycrisp apples?

What makes Honeycrisp apples special is that each apple comes with a satisfying taste. These apples are grown and processed with utmost care that it’s not like easy grown, stored, and shipped apples.

In short, if you’re looking for a good-quality apple and are willing to pay extra for it, you can always enjoy some Honeycrisp apples.

What apple is better than a Honeycrisp?

If you find Honeycrisp apples too expensive or can’t find an available one, you can always find other alternatives.

For instance, you can get a Cosmic Crisp which is a better alternative to Honeycrisp. This apple is a classic bred which thrives in the state of Washington. It’s a cross between Enterprise and Honeycrisp.

This apple boasts of its large size, juicy flesh, and red color. Many people enjoy it due to its well-balanced flavor and satisfying texture.

With such a quality, you can enjoy it as a snack or as an ingredient in cooking and baking.

What is the most expensive type of apple?

The most expensive type of apple is the Sekai Ichi apple. This apple is so expensive that it costs $21 per piece. 

What makes them expensive and sets them apart from other apples is that they are hand pollinated and washed with honey. Also, each piece is hand-stamped, ensuring the best quality for consumers to enjoy.


In a nutshell, Honeycrisp apples are so expensive due to the thorough handling and proper care that these apples receive. A quality apple is the result of this care. As a result, Honeycrisp apples are also very popular and in high demand.

The Honeycrisp apple is one of many consumers’ best apples sought out. Unfortunately, most consumers are willing to pay double or even triple the price for these good-quality apples. However, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s essential to know the value of these Honeycrisp apples before purchasing them.

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